Advertisers of New York: Raul Aliaga, Culture ONE World

Advertisers of New York: Raul Aliaga, Culture ONE World 1

Loving the Movies

When I was a kid in Spain I wanted to be part of the movies as a writer, actor or producer.

Driving to Work

I drove my friend to a job interview where they were looking for people who spoke several languages so I got the job as well. We worked for Nation’s Bank during the Olympic Games introducing the Visa cash card. That was my first taste of working in marketing.

Getting an MBA

After my job at the Olympics I went back to school and got my MBA in International Business.

Conversations & Companies

Brands want to have one to one personalized conversations with their audience, to achieve that in a creative way, and to do it in an environment that is aligned with their brand. And companies are interested in developing the kind of content where brands can have those conversations safely.

Meeting Expectations

In order to have one to one conversations you need to know exactly who your audience is, where the audience is within the consumer journey, and what kind of message you need to provide them.

Communication Fundamentals

Leveraging predictive analytics within the social, digital, and voice space is fundamental in helping us to be able to have that communication in real time and at scale. As the industry evolves more and more, we’ll be able to know who we are talking to exactly.

Everyone’s Competing

I was surprised to see Walmart and Target at the NewFronts. By having shoppers insights, connected TV, shoppable apps and media partnerships they are taking a step further to competing with the big guys in the digital space.

Following eCommerce

Target and Walmart have realized that to push the envelope they have to leverage their data, and that the way to do it is through OTT and media partnerships like Walmart with their Vudu platform and Nickelodeon.

Finding Community

When I came to NY I found the international community. We all got to live here in NY and enjoy experiencing new things together.

Drinking from a Porrón

I went to a Spanish restaurant in Mercado Little Spain last week with some friends where we drank Cava from a traditional glass pitcher called Porrón. It was fun but you really need to practice how to drink from it or it ends up all over you!

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