Advertisers of New York: Mackenzie Patterson, Mindshare

Advertisers of New York: Mackenzie Patterson, Mindshare

As part of the 2019 NewFronts in New York City, IAB is highlighting the decision makers, shakers, and movers having an impact in the digital advertising and media industry. Read about Mackenzie Patterson, Associate Director at Mindshare:

Growing Up

I wanted to be a soccer player… a princess… a fashion designer, I think it changed on a weekly basis.

Rewatching Favorites

I didn’t really think much about advertising when I was a kid but I was big into Disney movies. I have a habit now of rewatching a lot of the same things. I just watched the West Wing for the second or third time.

A Case Study for an Interview

I was in a class in college that was set up like a student run advertising agency for a case competition. I was in the media component of that and it sort of just went from there. I used the project from that class in my first interview.

Attention Paid at the NewFronts

It’s been a great week with a lot going on. I was impressed at the attention paid to the content that all of the different partners and hosts are going to be putting out.

The Big Picture

Brand Safety was touched on by almost everyone in different ways depending on their presentation. That was a big one.

The Video Factor

There’s a lot of information about how we are going to be able to create a true cross platform video strategy. It’s not that people aren’t watching, it’s just that they’re watching differently. And so I think using that to guide our thinking and our strategies going forward, and then in turn to inform how we’re creating the ads in format or even just subject matter. That will be an important factor.

The Attention Challenge

I think just capturing the attention of a consumer. There’s so much out there!

When in New York

I’m here most often for work, so that’s what I spend most of my time doing, but there’s a couple of workout classes I always like to go to when I’m here and I like being able to walk everywhere.

East Coast West Coast

I think the mindsets are a bit different, because here I feel like you’re always kind of going, going, going. Once I’m done with work in LA I usually like to go home and kind of unwind, but here it seems that is less of the way it goes.

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