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Top Takeaways For Publishers And Advertisers From IAB’s First Mobile Programmatic Town Hall

Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

MoPub interviewed IAB’s Benjamin Dick, Director, Data & Ad Effectiveness, on industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more.

MoPub: IAB held its first “Mobile Programmatic Monetization” Town Hall, which invited participants to have a collaborative discussion around best practices and tactics for mobile monetization. What was the objective of the event?

Benjamin Dick: People in our industry love to joke about how it’s always “the year of mobile,” but 2016 was truly a banner year for mobile revenue. IAB reported in our 2016 full year revenue report that revenue from mobile programmatic activity is finally just about on par with revenue generated from desktop activity.

That might seem odd given that mobile media consumption had long ago surpassed desktop. What makes up the gap, you ask? It’s a combination of mobile clearing prices and the overall value of user sessions. On the first point, there are some differences between mobile web and in-app regarding yield, but broadly speaking the value of mobile impression opportunities in either environment are usually a fraction of desktop impressions. This is compounded by a second issue for publishers: the lower volume of impression opportunities per user’s mobile session, compared to what is common in desktop.

IAB has a role to play in helping both the supply and demand side reach the full potential of mobile programmatic. Right now the goal is to simply start the conversation with relevant stakeholders and begin to document the business and technical aspects of the problems publishers are facing. We’re confident that attention from IAB and industry members over the next 6-12 months will establish a strong foundation for substantive guidance and best practices in early 2018.

MoPub: What kinds of companies were represented?
BD: We wanted to hear from a diverse cross-section of the programmatic community and organized participation from advertisers, publishers, SSPs, and DSP.

In addition to educating ourselves on the core issues, we also wanted to build awareness of the friction around mobile programmatic monetization, its broader implications for the industry, and get people talking about it back in their respective offices. There are a lot of other topics that are (understandably) getting attention -fraud, fake news, etc – but this story seemed to be underrepresented.


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