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IAB Weighs In on Hawaii Privacy Bill

IAB Weighs In on Hawaii Privacy Bill

On February 24th, IAB submitted a letter to the Hawaii State Legislature in opposition of a recently proposed privacy bill, HB 2572. Along with other leading advertising trade associations, IAB provided feedback on certain provisions of the bill that would harm the ad-supported internet without providing privacy benefits to consumers. In particular, we highlighted the following concerns regarding the proposed law:

  • The significant expansion of the definition of “personal information” goes beyond any existing privacy law and captures information that poses no risk to consumers.
  • The opt-in requirement for “internet browser information” would negatively impact Hawaiian’s internet experience.
  • The terms limiting different price or service differences could impact businesses in their efforts to provide consumers with the loyalty and rewards programs they enjoy and expect.
  • The data broker registry requirements could encompass virtually any entity doing business in Hawaii.

While the outcome of the proposed privacy law in Hawaii remains uncertain, IAB will continue closely monitoring privacy developments in Hawaii and across the U.S.

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