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The Digital Video Market in France

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The IAB France released its study on “The French and digital video,” conducted by Médiamétrie, on May 24.

According to the study, 70% of Internet users consume video on a digital screen at least once a month and 37% every day or almost. This consumption is facilitated by the continued growth of number of homes with equipment. Indeed, 35.8% of homes are now equipped with 4 screens (TV, PC, Mobile & Tablet).

Of the 3 devices (PC, Tablet and Mobile) 41% of users prefer platforms dedicated for video and 25% platforms replay. Live TV is more specific to the computer while the use of video through social networking is more about the mobile and tablet.

15-24 year olds prefer sites dedicated to video (36% on computer and tablet, 41% mobile) and social networks (19% Computer 28% mobile and 22% of tablet).

The use of video has become native for consumers 15-24 years: 95% of them use video at least once a month; but it nevertheless affects the whole population, 71% of 25-49 years consume and 54% of 65 and over.

Regarding video advertising across all devices, the video viewers want to have a say on advertising as they do on the content and want shorter advertising (mainly mobile). The challenge for advertisers is to adapt each campaign depending on the device.

The Digital Video Market in France (in French)

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