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IAB Opposes CCPA Amendment SB 561

Brad Weltman Promoted to VP, Public Policy, IAB 1

On April 2nd, IAB and other leading advertising trade associations sent a letter to California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson stating our opposition to California Senate Bill 561 – a proposed amendment to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If passed, Senate Bill 561 would 1) substantially expand the private right of action provision to cover any violation of the CCPA without requiring a consumer to suffer any harm as a condition of bringing suit, 2) remove businesses’ incentive to remediate and rectify alleged violations by doing away with the CCPA’s 30-day cure period, and 3) strike the provision of the law that allows businesses to seek compliance advice from the California Attorney General, thereby eliminating an important source of guidance for businesses to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the CCPA.

IAB strongly believes that Senate Bill 561’s substantial changes to the CCPA will reduce rather than advance consumer privacy by making compliance activities more difficult and more litigious, while diverting significant resources away from consumer protection.

Read the Letter Here

View the Text of SB 561 Here

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