5 Questions to Evaluate Your Customer Identity Providers

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Customer Identity Providers

Prior to engaging any identity provider, a marketer should clarify two critical items below:

The desired use cases and goals (i.e. What does success look like?)

Provide the prospective solution provider with a description of the use-case(s) upfront so that buyers and sellers are aligned. Here are some examples of use cases:

  • Onboard offline customer list and reach those individuals across screens
  • Retarget site visitors
  • Target devices within 5 miles of my retail locations

Definition of key terms, such as “uniques”, “identity”, etc.

Definitions and terms can vary across parties, therefore, it’s best to understand how the buyer and seller are defining these terms to make sure that all parties are on the same page.

For instance:

  • Unique households
  • Unique cookies
  • Unique device associations

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