Digital Trends: Consumer Usage of Digital and its Influence on Ad Revenue Half Year 2017 Update

The Half Year 2017 ad revenue numbers are out:  Digital Ad Revenue has grown 23% from the previous year to $40.1 Billion for the first Half Year of 2017.  Of this amount, 54% of ad revenue was from mobile advertising.  This is no surprise, given that two-thirds of all time spent online was from consumers using smartphones and tablets.  In total, 253 million Americans accessed the internet via computer or mobile device in June 2017, spending 1.3 trillion minutes online.  860 billion of those minutes were via mobile.  Read this report to get context behind the numbers in the form of consumers’ usage of digital media.  This half year update offers insights on consumer usage, ad revenue and purchase influence in video, audio, and social media on desktop, mobile web and apps and how those have trended from mid-year 2016 to mid-year 2017.  It further ranks the top sites in each format in terms of number of visitors and time spent online.

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