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The IAB Rising Stars are brand-friendly ad units that tap into the breadth of cutting-edge technology available today, providing new tools that resonate with consumers and serve as powerful vehicles for advertisers.

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Rising Stars Infographic | Rising Stars Brand Effectiveness Presentation

IAB Display Rising Stars Outperform Traditional Display Ads Across Key Brand Effectiveness Metrics

IAB Rising Stars Outperform in Universal Interaction Rate and Time. Download the Research: Phase 1 |Phase 2
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IAB Issues Final Digital Video Rising Stars Style Guide & Technical Specification
November 21, 2013

IAB Unveils Winners of First-Ever Digital Video Rising Stars Competition
February 25, 2013


The IAB Rising Stars: Getting It Done
by Peter Minnium, IAB

The IAB Rising Stars: Study Findings and Industry Recommendations
by Eric Franchi, Undertone

IAB Rising Stars Ad Interaction Research Phase 2
September 2012

IAB Rising Stars Ad Interaction Research Phase 1
February 2012