IAB 2017 Audio Day: Key Marketing Strategies for 2017

New York, NY · 02.08.17
1:30 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST

More than 150 invited brand and agency marketers attended the 2017 IAB Audio Day on February 8, 2017. The purpose of the day was to educate attendees on the excellent strategic opportunity that digital audio offers. Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, opened the afternoon event with remarks about digital audio’s relevance and efficacy for today’s marketers, followed by a presentation from Anna Bager, SVP and General Manager, Mobile and Video Centers, IAB, on “Digital Audio’s Value Proposition.” The full program featured a neuroscientist discussing audio’s impact on the brain, chats with agency and brand executives, and panel discussions on the power of podcasts and the maturation of the programmatic audio marketplace.

Watch Video Highlights from the 2017 IAB Audio Day:

IAB 2017 Audio Day: Key Marketing Strategies for 2017

Introduction & Digital Audio’s Value Proposition
Randall Rothenberg, IAB and Anna Bager, IAB
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The Power of Audio
Dr Amy Belfi, Cognitiv e Neuroscientist – Dept of Psychology, NYU
Audio is an especially powerful tool for eliciting some of our strongest emotions and memories. It has the power to startle us and to evok e physical sensations such as the goosebumps you get when you hear a powerful ballad or the sharp wince when you hear nails on a chalkboard. Dr . Amy Belfi, a Cognitiv e Neuroscientist at New York University presents research and ideas related to her research on the impact that audio, and music in particular, can have on neural systems.
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Advertiser Perspective with Mediavest & NYPR
Anjali Martin, VP/ Strategy Director, Mediavest|Spark & Dana Elmquist, Director Corporate Partnerships, New York Public Radio
Dana Elmquist of NYPR will discuss the integration of digital audio into a holistic media mix wi th Anjali Martin of Mediavest|Spark for major clients including New York Life and TD Ameritr ade. Anjali is a leader at both Publicis and in the industry for her bold strategy and in vestments, and discusses her seasoned viewpoints of the medium both within the agency context and on at the client level, including how she evaluates success in an emerging medium, and thoughts on how digital audio can serve as the centerpiece of campaigns for both Brand and DR marketers.
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Brand Effectiveness and Podcasting
Velvet Beard, VP/Analytics, Podtrac; Doug Keith, Consultant, Future Research Consulting; & and Greg Roseto, Associate Audio Group Manager, Horizon Media
Podcasts present dynamic and powerful opportunities for advertisers to reach listeners that are upscale, educated, mobile, and highly engaged. Advertising opportunities range from subtle brand support to custom content, integrations, and host endorsements. Learn how advertisers are engaging consumers and utilizing new technologies to drive awar eness, consideration and purchase with podcasts.
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Audio Is Everywhere
Les Hollander, Spotify, & Ian Geller, Spotify Video
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Advertiser Perspective with MediaCom & Pandora
Tamara Alesi, Managing Partner (Integrated Planning Strategy), MediaCom & Priscilla Valls, VP National Vertical Sales, Pandora
Priscilla Valls talks with Tamara Alesi as she shares her perspectives on digital audio campaign strategies.
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Programmatic Audio: Maturation and Marketplace Adoption
Benjamin Dick, IAB; Tim Sims, The Trade Desk; Michael O’Neil, Triton Digital; Sandie Milberg, Varick Media Management
According to eMarketer, 2015 was the first year that programmatic investment became the “new normal” in digital advertising. Certain formats–notably display, video and native channels– matured more quickly than others within automated environments while others, including programmatic audio have had more limited widespread adoption to date. Now those barriers are fading, opening up exciting new opportunities for brand marketers within programmatic channels. This session explores the maturation of programmatic audio: how the marketplace has matured, RTB vs PMP Buying models; Targeting, Scale and Inventory; Measurement and attribution against branding KPI’s, and more.
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Advertiser Perspective with Brown-Forman & iHeartMedia
Jason Loehr, VP Global Media & Insights, Brown-Forman & Carter Brokaw, President, Digital Revenue & Strategy, iHeartMedia
Brands with a sound strategy are the ones who win—this session centers on creativity in marketing with digital audio, its ability to evoke emotion, and how brands can harness this influence to create big moments to connect with consumers. Carter Brokaw, Brown-Forman, and Jason Loehr, iHeartMedia, sit down to discuss how brands can create, innovate and win with digital audio.
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Audio’s Creative Energy
Chris Smith, Writer/Brand Creative Group Head, The Richards Group
Who says you need 60 seconds to tell a great story? Award-winning writer, creative director, lecturer, and comedian Chris Smith shares his perspective on how to do more with less using the power of audio.
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