Understanding IAB Compliance Programs

Understanding IAB Compliance Programs 2

Consumer privacy legislation and regulation, measurement, brand safety, supply chain efficiency, transparency, and consistency in operation are just some of the significant industry issues addressed by IAB and IAB Tech Lab Compliance Programs.

Demonstrate your dedication to a bigger and better interactive advertising industry. Adopt the Compliance Programs that apply to your business. In addition to our mandatory code of conduct for members, IAB and the IAB Tech Lab operate several corporate compliance programs.

IAB also presents digital advertising professionals with the opportunity to achieve certification of core digital industry knowledge. Get yourself or your team certified through this professional certification program.

To learn more or apply for compliance recognition, please refer to the programs below for further details:

Technical Specifications Compliant Companies

Visit IAB Tech Lab for more details on the technology compliance programs — including compliance for Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST), Video Player Ad Interface Definition (VPAID),  Video Multiple Ad playlist (VMAP), Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID), Real Time Bidding (OpenRTB), SafeFrames, etc. — and to view the current list of technology compliant companies:

Technology Compliance Programs  Technology Compliant Companies

TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) – formerly known as IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG)

The Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) are a set of business transparency disclosures made by publishers and intermediaries about the quality of their inventory to the Buy-Side.  The IQG have been updated to incorporate programmatic requirements and OpenRTB Specs for partners to make real-time disclosures about their inventory prior to or during a digital ad transaction.  Buyers are also invited to make certain disclosures about their creatives.

For more information about the IQG Program, please click here or email [email protected].

TAG’s IQG Program

IAB Code of Conduct

A set of best practices and guidelines members must adhere to in order to maintain membership or to join the organization. Currently, this is limited to the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. These principles establish a system that provides consumers notice about the use of data and choice about participating in behavioral advertising.

Applies to: Adherence to the Code of Conduct as this is a condition of membership in the IAB. Those members that engage in behavioral advertising need to abide by the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Read the Code of Conduct

IAB Measurement Guidelines

For information on measurement compliance, please click here.

Measurement Protocols and Guidelines

IAB Professional Certification

IAB Certification programs establish and measure the baseline digital industry knowledge required for digital advertising professionals. Created by industry subject matter experts and a leading test development company, the certification programs are managed by an independent Certification Commission.

For more information on the IAB Professional Certification, click here.

IAB Professional Certifications