IAB Video Symposium 2018

May 7, 2018 Convene, 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY

As a result of innovation in digital video and OTT, consumer prime time has evolved beyond just the living room. This year’s Video Symposium reflects new ways of thinking about direct-to-consumer engagement with sight, sound, and motion, and focuses on new approaches and insights into how consumers are interacting with video content and advertising across multiple devices and platforms. Publishers, agencies, and brands will learn strategies for creating and monetizing video designed for increasingly mobile, moment- to-moment consumers.

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IAB Video Symposium 2018 214Anna Bager, Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives at IAB kicked off the 2018 IAB Video Symposium. Bager stated that with 56% of adults now owning a streamable tv, we are seeing growth in ad spend in video. In fact, 60% of all ad spend is now in video. We are seeing key times to reach consumers, a time we call Personal Prime Time, which we consider points of greatest engagement.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising and Client Partnerships, of NBCUniversal took the stage in a session titled “Overcoming Video’s Legacy” and explained that while there is a lot of discussion about brand safety, it’s not something you need to worry about when you have premium content. On the other platforms there are concerns for the safety for the consumer and for the society as a whole. What is happening with your data? With my data?

She continued that there are three main parts of this social contract: Responsibility, Transparency, Accountability and introduced CFlight as the future of measurement, delivering impressions added across channels and screens.

Yaccarino quipped, “TV isn’t going anywhere. It’s going everywhere.”

“Current measurement doesn’t reflect the brand’s investment in premium content. We are going to see different success metrics for different industries, putting the focus on outcomes.”

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214In the next session titled “How to Tell Brand Stories with Impactful Video”, Sydney Levin, Executive Video Producer of T Brand Studio, The New York Times opened with her success ideals. “Tell authentic stories. Understand what the story is and find the right subject to illustrate it. Video helps make the intangible tangible. The world is digital, digital is social, social is mobile, and mobile is video.”

Sara Holmgren, VP Integrated Brand Marketing of Macy’s introduced some work from Macy’s. “Both brand love and commitment are connected to consumer engagement. We expect our video to be emotionally engaging. inspiring and driving value. It is important for us to pull an idea all the way thru the execution.”

Kristen Hartley, Worldwide Content Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment of IBM Originals interjected with her thoughts on the way to captivate on mobile in her most recent campaign. “We were Facebook first AND mobile first. We worked on how to tell a wonderful story that looked beautiful. That’s what it takes to Stop the Thumb Scroll.” You have to move beyond data. You have to use your instincts and be visually engaging in the first 3 seconds.

Levin agreed. “We are living by a lot of FB stats. 3 seconds. ¼ of a second to make a memory.”

Holmgren added this insight, “Marketing is an uninvited guest. But with video they have the choice to engage. It all starts with a consumer insight rooted in a brand truth.”

“Be willing to take chances.” Hartley added. “Look at the data and understand what’s their next best action? Hyperpersonalize your audience. Partner with great people. Partner with people who will push you and will always have your brand in mind.”

“Every brand is looking for growth. They want consumers to buy more, engage more, just be more present with everything you are.” Hartley continued.  “For IBM it’s about where you are in the world. It’s about what you can do. Enabling people to do the best things they can do, while telling a unique human narrative.”

“Video success is both visually arresting and evokes an emotion” capped Holmgren.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214The following session was titled “Beyond the Measurement Morass: What Metrics Matter”. Helen Katz, Senior Vice President, Global Director, Data & Contracts at Publicis Spine and Andrew Snyder, SVP, Head of Video at Meredith Digital spoke highly of the CFlight and the idea of cross platform measurement. Katz applaud the MRC effort for duration weighted effort. “We need to continue the effort to standardize this.”

Echoing the IAB Direct Brand Economy mantra, Eric John, Deputy Director of Video at IAB explained “Enterprise value is fueled by data.”

Snyder interjected, “We’ve been using data to better understand consumer intent. We have seen signals that 50% of people who view video are in-store later. We have to make it easier to reach people on each platform and measure it.”

Katz explained that to her, “strive for progress not perfection. Keep testing and moving forward. Ask did it drive intent? Sales? Agencies are coming to the table as outcome based. Moving beyond impressions, duration, and viewability to actual sales/performance. But traditional metrics don’t go away. They are needed for consistency across channels.”

“If it’s not a buyer/seller conversation, it’s not going to work,” concluded Snyder.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214Eddie Revis, Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Development at Chobani took the stage in a session called “The Ultimate “Flip”: Chobani’s Fusion of TV & Digital”. He started with, “We have to talk about the importance of creativity not just delivery. Be obsessed on creative and targeting. Doing it better. When we put our valuable dollars in the market we have to be disciplined.”

It is important to link online and offline. At Chobani there’s a dedicated brand creative in-house. It is a creatively lead organization. So they ask, where is the audience and what will motivate them to take that activity we want them to do? Their first step is to map out every possible touchpoint.

100+ versions for the most recent campaign created in house. If it’s not working, we kick it out. Revis admitted, “You have to not fall in love with your own stuff. It’s sad to see some of your kids leave, but at the end of the day you have to drive product.”

Revis explained, “We are using video to build awareness, upper funnel; to break thru in a different way; to refine the audience. We are testing shorter forms of video. We just want to tell the story better. It becomes more hard hitting. And we can optimize messages in real time, both incentive and message testing. What is great is that creative doesn’t have to do everything for everyone.”

Optimization is the key to using video well and Chobani is using multi-touch attribution as their key optimization/measurement tool. This is a work in progress and it is too soon to report on results.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214In the next session “OpenAP State of the Market”, Bryson Gordon, Executive Vice President, Data Strategy at Viacom introduced the idea, “We have to do better than female, 18-49. There’s an activation gap between what brands know about their customer and how they can activate against their specific knowledge. We have to be able to sse all the data brands collect to get to the right audience.”

OpenAp is more than a consortium, it is like a software company. Every 6-8 weeks engineers push out new features. And they are building a plan based in reality across all publishers and maximize de-duplicated reach.

“We are aligned in what the vision of the marketplace looks like and we are also aligned on getting there quickly,” Gordon explained. “We are moving away from tonnage to data science.”

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214Lauren Wiener, CEO at Tremor Video DSP was next on stage in a session called “Taking Back Control in Our Brand Safety Focused World”. She stated that 75% of brands have experienced brand safety issues this year, but only 26% have done anything about it. There are three parts to this concern. Supply chain (Ads.txt verification). Combat Fraud. Brand Safety.

It was suggested by the audience that when questioning brand safety, his brand assumes that consumers know ad targeting isn’t perfect. Users would blame the platform not the brand.

The Town Hall discussion indicated that Fake News is beyond news we don’t agree with, it can be truly damaging. Your brand can be highjacked and marketers think they are advertising somewhere and they aren’t. Interestingly, you can really drive traffic with fake because fake can be way more interesting than truth. A key part of the solution is to use IAB taxonomy and remember that context matters.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214The next session was called “The Rise of E-Sports in the Direct Brand Economy”. Mike Sepso, Major League Gaming & Senior Vice President at Activision Blizzard introduced Esports as the first live sport that has emerged in a post-TV era. Authenticity is key in the space. The Overwatch League sponsorship deals and integration into the broadcast, gets thru ad blocking but even harder to measure. Franchises are set up similar to NFL but the overall league is modified to be global because it is a global event. Sepso’s advice? “Go with the big players in this emerging marketplace.”

Manuel Neto, Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Marketing at Hearts & Sciences interjected, “Big advertisers are coming to gaming, but a concern is brand safety, especially with guns, is important.”

Sepso explained, “The way Esports fans behave is the way all consumers will behave in the future.”

“The Future of TV and Skinny Bundles” was the final session. Brett Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Nexstar said that it’s not the distribution that is creating the disruption. It’s the content. ATSC 3.0 changing the transport layer to be IP based, like OTT and can deliver content like OTT delivers. With this technology, broadcasters will better be able to understand viewers preferences and deliver better choices.

IAB Video Symposium 2018 214Scott Alexander, COO, LKQD, Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO, XUMO and Will Richmond, Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze took the stage and discussed Skinny Bundles as a growing part of the market, even to goliaths like ATT. It is changing the way consumers consume television. There is a trend where TV is being democratized by streaming tv.

Distribution and creation have been disrupted. Who is creating content is growing and how consumers are consuming is changing too. This means monetization models are also changing. Lots of sports are going to Direct to Consumer channels, but more broadly-based content might need to be ad supported because this content lacks the driven consumers you see in sports. The question we need to ask is, “How can we take the premium nature of tv and combine it with the digital aspects of the Cloud?”

Topics to be Discussed

The role of creative in connecting with consumers
Blockchain for video: implications for brand safety and new levels of transparency / trust
Beyond the measurement morass
Getting in the game with E-sports
What ATSC 3.0 means for television
How the emergence of virtual MVPDs is changing TV
OpenAP State of the Market


Scott Alexander 1 Scott Alexander Chief Operating Officer

Scott Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, LKQD

Scott Alexander 1

Scott joined LKQD Technologies in 2015 as Chief Operations Officer. His leadership spans every operational facet of the company including internal employee operations and external client engagement. Scott brings a decade of experience in digital media and brand marketing to LKQD, previously working at Oakley as Director of Digital Marketing and Global Product Manager at Red Bull Media House, where he was instrumental in the launch of Red Bull TV. At LKQD, Scott leverages his expertise to ensure the company continues to efficiently scale its operations and remains focused on customer success.

Anna Bager Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives

Anna Bager, Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives, IAB

As EVP of Industry Initiatives at IAB, Anna Bager spearheads the strategic oversight of the digital media and marketing industries’ most vital and fastest growing platforms which include mobile, digital video, audio, measurement, and data. Under her leadership, she brings together and drives growth for three of the organizations’ paramount centers of excellence: The IAB Mobile Center, representing the mobile marketing, advertising, and media marketplace; The Digital Video Center, encompassing Advanced TV, OTT, and The Digital Content NewFronts, and The Data Center, developing consumer identifiers, data quality, industry benchmarks, and tools for data activation and automation. She is a driving force in building a one-stop shop for producing thought leadership, innovation, research, and best practices for these thriving industries.

Prior to joining the IAB, Bager was heading business intelligence at Ericsson Multimedia and head of research at Ericsson’s Business Consulting unit. Earlier, she was Research and Consulting Manager for IDC EMEA. Anna has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including being named “Most Important Women in Mobile Advertising” for Business Insider, and one of the “Top Women in Media” by Folio Mag for the past consecutive five years.

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Bryson Gordon Bryson Gordon Executive Vice President, Data Strategy

Bryson Gordon, Executive Vice President, Data Strategy, Viacom

Bryson Gordon

Bryson Gordon is Executive Vice President, Advanced Advertising, Viacom. He leads the development of innovative data products such as Viacom Vantage, the industry leading advanced TV advertising platform, as well as integrated marketing and social data products. He also oversees the Marketing and Partner Solutions Insights group, which measures audience insights and analytics for the company’s advertising partners. Additionally, his purview encompasses exploring continued investment opportunities for Viacom’s data platform through strategic partnerships.
Previously, Gordon served as the Senior Vice President of Data Strategy at Viacom. Under his leadership, Vantage’s portfolio expanded to include new offerings, including Vantage Instant Audiences, Vantage Target Discovery and Vantage Studio Edition. He established Vantage as the market leader in predictive targeting and guided its adoption by many of the world’s largest advertisers. Gordon has been at the forefront of the transformation of television advertising through advanced applications of data science for audience targeting, measurement and attribution analytics.

Prior to joining Viacom in 2015, Gordon spent more than a decade at Microsoft leading consumer marketing, product management, and business incubation teams across Windows, Xbox, Office, Microsoft Store, and Surface. Within the Surface business, he created an Audience Marketing discipline that defined high-value influencer-segments, establishing data-driven pathways to fan cultivation. Earlier in his career, he led Consumer Product Management at McAfee Security, helping develop and market the company’s direct-to-customer subscription services.

Gordon holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario and an MA from Cambridge University.

Kristen Hartley Kristen Hartley Worldwide Content Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment
IBM Originals

Kristen Hartley, Worldwide Content Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment, IBM Originals

Kristen Hartley

Kristen is a Worldwide Content Director for IBM’s Originals storytelling group. She leads social, campaign, event, client and partner video creation. In 2017 she created a multi-award winning campaign that increased VLRC and tripled engagement.

Since 2001 Kristen has produced for television and digital in the areas of comedy, news, lifestyle, documentary, sports, music, travel and live events. Throughout her career she has led branded and original production at top media companies such as Scripps Networks, Rainbow Media, Discovery Communications, IBM, AOL, HuffPost and Verizon. She’s created shows with top talent such as Kristen Bell, Beyoncé, Jerry Seinfeld, Bobby Flay, and Matt Damon.

In 2016, the original series she created at AOL and Huffington Post earned over 400 million unique views, the most significant series viewership in each publisher’s history. Her recognitions and awards include Ad Week, Cynopsis, Shortys, Tellys, Webbys, and an Emmy nomination.

In her non-existent spare time Kristen is a wife, mom, a cook and a philanthropist. She is on the board of Funny For Fido, a 501c3 where she produces live celebrity comedy shows benefitting independently operated dog rescues across the country.

Kristen holds a B.A. in TV, Radio & Communications from Southern Methodist University.

Jed Hartman Chief Revenue Officer
The Washington Post

Jed Hartman, Chief Revenue Officer, The Washington Post

Jed Hartman is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of The Washington Post. Named to the position in December 2014, Hartman oversees the print and digital advertising teams, the conferences business and targeted products, which include Capital Business, Capital Insight, Express, El Tiempo Latino, WP Magazine, and all special sections. He is also responsible for leading The Post’s advertising innovations and development of custom ad solutions.

Previously, Hartman was the Worldwide Group Publisher of Time Inc.’s News and Business titles. In this position, he oversaw global ad sales and marketing for Time, Time.com, Fortune, Fortune.com, Fortune Conferences and Money and Money.com.

Hartman played a major role in the 2014 re-launch of Time.com, Fortune.com and Money.com, which included a number of innovations in ad units, viewability, and native advertising. He also expanded Fortune’s conference business by bringing in record sponsorship dollars and helping to expand events internationally. Hartman was named Publisher of the Year in 2014 by MIN. Under Hartman’s leadership, Fortune was also named #6 on the 2012 Advertising Age A-List and to the 2012 Adweek Hot List.

Previously, he was Worldwide Publisher of Fortune, Fortune.com, Money and CNNMoney.com. Prior to joining Time Inc., Hartman served as publisher of The Week and TheWeek.com from November 2007 to April 2010. Under his leadership, The Week was one of only a few media properties to achieve extraordinary advertising growth in 2009 and was included in both the Ad Age A-List and the Mediaweek Hot List that year. Hartman also oversaw the sales and marketing for both the launch and re-launch of TheWeek.com and led the site to profitability in its first year.

Prior to The Week, Hartman spent nine years at Time Inc. He began as an account manager for FORTUNE and was promoted to Sales Director for the FORTUNE/Money Group in 2001, where he managed the New York sales team until 2007.

Hartman sits on the Executive Committee of the DCN and on the Board of Directors of the IAB.

Hartman earned a B.A. in Government, with a double minor in Art and Music, at St. Lawrence University. He lives with his wife and daughter in Greenwich, CT.

Sara Holmgren 1 Sara Holmgren VP Integrated Brand Marketing
Macy's, Inc

Sara Holmgren, VP Integrated Brand Marketing, Macy's, Inc

Sara Holmgren 1

Sara Holmgren is an experienced retail marketing expert with a deep passion and understanding for the customer. She thrives on delivering compelling content stories to customers that drive brand affinity and bottom line sales. Over the course of her 18 year career she has led product marketing teams, mobile media strategy, social content and media, omni channel marketing strategy, and now leads the work of campaign and brand marketing integration at Macy’s Inc. Sara influences the marketing department’s thinking and strategy across analytics, content, media mix, creative to create the most valuable experience for the customer and best representation of the brand.

Brett Jenkins 2 Brett Jenkins Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Brett Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Nexstar

Brett Jenkins 2

Brett Jenkins joined Nexstar from Media General where he was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the company’s IT and engineering functions for both broadcast and digital businesses. Prior to Media General, he was Vice President Chief Technology Officer of LIN Media from 2011 to 2014. He has held technology positions at ION Media Networks and executive positions for Thales Broadcast & Multimedia and Thomson.

Early in his engineering career at Thales, Mr. Jenkins managed modulator and exciter technology and development for what was then the new digital broadcast TV standard. He was the lead US engineer in a global team responsible for the development of Digital Adaptive Pre-correction technology. Thales received an Emmy award for pioneering this technology in 2003. Mr. Jenkins currently serves on the Board of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), an international, non-profit organization that develops standards for digital television.

Eric John- sp Eric John Deputy Director of Video

Eric John, Deputy Director of Video, IAB

Eric John- sp

Eric John, Senior Director, Mobile, works with media companies, publishers, and marketers to help grow their mobile business through industry standards, research, and buyer/seller best practices. He brings nearly 15 years of technology marketing and partnership development to this position.

Prior to joining IAB, Eric led digital strategy and initiatives for the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) where he helped launch their cross-platform Magazine Media 360° reports. Prior to MPA, he served as head of Digital Services at the Alliance for Audited Media, delivering certified publisher metrics and platform audits to IAB and MRC standards. In addition, he has held senior management and product marketing positions with Nokia, Yahoo, and DoubleClick.

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Helen Katz Helen Katz Senior Vice President, Global Director, Data & Contracts
Publicis Spine

Helen Katz, Senior Vice President, Global Director, Data & Contracts, Publicis Spine

Helen Katz

In her current role, Helen Katz oversees global data and contracts for Publicis Spine, part of Publicis Groupe. She is a trusted industry expert on data quality and reliable measurement within the arenas of addressable TV and precision video.

A 17-year Publicis Groupe veteran, Katz has served in various strategic research capacities for Starcom, Zenith and GM Planworks – the holding company’s former division devoted to the General Motors business. In 2009, she was integral to the Publicis Groupe team that launched The Pool – a unique research consortium that aimed to identify the next new ad formats across various channels such as online video, mobile/tablets and more. Prior to joining Publicis Groupe, she was Vice President, Media Research Manager at DDB Needham.

She began her career as an advertising professor at Michigan State University, and is currently an adjunct professor at DePaul University. She has published numerous articles in industry and academic journals, as well as three textbooks on advertising and media, the most recent of which is The Media Handbook (6th edition, 2016). She is the ex-officio Chair of the Executive Committee of the Media Rating Council. Katz is also the recipient of the Advertising Research Foundation’s “Great Minds” award for research innovation and Jay Chiat’s Strategic Excellence Silver Award for innovation.

Katz has a master’s degree in advertising and a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Illinois, and was an undergraduate English major at the University of London.

Sydney Levin Sydney Levin Executive Video Producer, T Brand Studio
The New York Times

Sydney Levin, Executive Video Producer, T Brand Studio, The New York Times

Sydney Levin

Sydney Levin is currently the executive video producer at T Brand Studio, where she leads a team that creates docu­-style linear videos and VR films for clients.

Previously, Ms. Levin served as the head of homepage video at AOL.com. At AOL, she grew video consumption from 50,000 views a day to more than 10 million. Before she realized the Internet was going to be a hit, she was a magazine editor. In her spare time, she moonlights as a horoscope writer. She sees big things in your future.

Laura Molen Laura Molen Executive Vice President, Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group

Laura Molen, Executive Vice President, Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal

Laura Molen

Laura Molen serves as Executive Vice President, Lifestyle and Hispanic Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal. In this role, Molen has strategic oversight of all advertising sales initiatives for Bravo, Oxygen, E!, Sprout, Telemundo and Universo. Molen reports to Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Client Partnership and Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal.

Molen joined the company in February 2013 as Executive Vice President, Cable Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal, overseeing sales of NBCUniversal’s impressive cable entertainment networks – including the No. 1 cable network USA, Syfy, E!, Esquire Network, Chiller, Cloo and WWE.

From 2011-2013, Molen served as Executive Vice President of Network Sales for Univision Communications Inc., a leading media company serving Hispanic America. In this role, Molen led all advertising sales and marketing operations for Univision Network, TeleFuture Network and Univision Cable Networks, to an unprecedented approximately $2 billion in revenue.

Prior to joining Univision, Molen served as Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships for VH1 Ad Sales and Marketing at MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom. In that role, she led the network’s sales organization into cross-platform solutions and spearheaded strategies to bring advertisers into original programming. In 2010, Molen led VH1’s rebranding to advertisers and audiences, which resulted in one of the most successful upfronts in the network’s history.

Molen also previously served as vice president, National Sales Manager for both VH1 and Spike TV. Molen was a 16-year veteran of Viacom, also holding several positions within UPN and Paramount Domestic Television. Before Viacom, she held account executive positions at E! and Turner Broadcasting’s CNN/Headline News. She has also worked on the advertising agency side in buying roles at McCann Erickson and Grey Advertising.

Laura is a graduate of the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Manuel Neto Manuel Neto Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Marketing Sciences
Hearts & Science

Manuel Neto, Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Marketing Sciences, Hearts & Science

Manuel Neto

Manuel Neto is an international leader with over 12 years of experience in media, business intelligence, analytics and marketing science at both agencies and “client side”. He is currently leading the Marketing Science team at Hearts & Science, where he’s responsible for implementing and transforming the measurement framework, test & learn practices, and story-telling approach to one of the nation’s largest advertiser.

Colin Petrie-Norris 1 Colin Petrie-Norris Chief Executive Officer

Colin Petrie-Norris, Chief Executive Officer, XUMO

Colin Petrie-Norris 1

As CEO of XUMO, a streaming television company, Colin believes that getting content to television needs to be democratized. Colin has successfully pioneered partnerships with the world’s largest television manufacturers to revolutionize the way consumers watch TV. With traditional cable TV viewership declining, he recognized the need to change things up. As a result, he spearheaded an initiative that combined broadcast (RF) channels with over-the-top (OTT) content creating a viewing experience that put content and the viewer first. An intelligent and intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates smart TVs, smartphones and set top boxes, XUMO currently boasts over 140 free channels from today’s most popular digital networks and publishers.

Eddie Revis Eddie Revis Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Development

Eddie Revis, Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Development, Chobani

Eddie Revis
Will Richmond 1 Will Richmond Editor and Publisher

Will Richmond, Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze

Will Richmond 1

Will Richmond is editor and publisher of VideoNuze, a widely followed online publication which provides daily original analysis and curated news for online video decision-makers available and VideoNuze iQ, a comprehensive hub for video industry research data.

Will also hosts and produces VideoNuze’s annual Online Video Advertising Summit and SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Advertising Summit, which thousands of industry executives have attended over the past 6 years. Will also produces the annual two-day NABShow Online Video Conference in Las Vegas.

Will has worked in the broadband, cable TV, content and Internet/technology industries for over 20 years. He is an acknowledged thought-leader in the fast-growing online video area whose insights are sought out by C-level industry executives, venture capitalists, journalists and others. LinkedIn named Will as one of the top 10 media writers of 2015.

Earlier in his career, Will spent 8 years at Continental Cablevision (then the 3rd largest U.S. cable TV operator), where he was VP, Business Development and part of the founding team of Continental’s pioneering broadband Internet access service “Highway1”. Subsequently he served as VP, Business Development for CMGI’s iCast and for Narad Networks. He was also the founder of PoliticalWag.com, a popular political discussion/community site.

Will serves on the board of overseers and chairs the Emerging Media and Technology Committee of WGBH Boston, the largest producer of TV programming and online content for PBS. In addition, Will is an adjunct professor in the Boston University College of Communication’s graduate program in Media Ventures. Will has a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Randall Rothenberg - Staff Randall Rothenberg Chief Executive Officer

Randall Rothenberg, Chief Executive Officer, IAB

Randall Rothenberg - Staff

Randall Rothenberg is the President and Chief Executive Officer of IAB, the trade association for interactive marketing. IAB represents over 500 leading interactive companies. Its members include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, The New York Times, Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, CBS, Cars.com, Yelp, and scores of other ad-supported digital media companies, which are responsible for selling more than 86 percent of online advertising in the U.S. To support the growth of the interactive advertising and marketing industries, IAB serves as the industry’s public policy and lobbying organization, market and consumer research center, training and development base, and hub for the development of technical standards and operating best practices. IAB has 40 affiliate associations around the world.

Randall led the IAB from 2007 through 2010, and rejoined the association in March 2011, after a stint as Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Time Inc. Prior to his IAB role, Randall was the Senior Director of Intellectual Capital of Booz Allen Hamilton, the international strategy and technology consulting firm, where he oversaw business development, knowledge management, and thought leadership activities, and directed the award-winning quarterly business magazine strategy+business, Strategy+Business Books, www.strategy-business.com, and other electronic and print publications published by Booz Allen for senior business executives. Previously, he served as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Prior to Booz Allen, he spent six years at The New York Times, where he was the technology editor and politics editor of the Sunday magazine, the daily advertising columnist, and a media and marketing reporter. For 10 years, he was a marketing and media columnist for Advertising Age, and he continues to blog on the subject at www.randallrothenberg.com. Randall is the author of Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story (Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), a critically-acclaimed chronicle of the birth, evolution, and death of a single advertising campaign.

Mr. Rothenberg received an undergraduate degree in Classics from Princeton and currently lives in New York City.

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Marni Schapiro 3 Marni Schapiro Director of Retail Advertising

Marni Schapiro, Director of Retail Advertising, Snapchat

Marni Schapiro 3

Marni Schapiro is the Director of Retail Advertising at Snapchat. Prior to joining Snapchat in early 2015, Marni spent close to a decade leading various teams at Google, including Consumer Packaged Goods, Entertainment and Specialty Retail. She was a part of Google’s first dedicated YouTube and Display management team, focused on scaling a new player into a multibillion dollar platform. Marni started her career as a media planner and spent years in print advertising at Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. She is a mom to three young kids and lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with her husband.

Mike Sepso Mike Sepso Major League Gaming & Senior Vice President
Activision Blizzard

Mike Sepso, Major League Gaming & Senior Vice President, Activision Blizzard

Mike Sepso

Michael “Mike” Sepso is a world leading entrepreneur and executive in the esports and gaming industry. As an entrepreneur, he was instrumental in the creation of the esports industry itself and continues to be a key figure in what is now a fast growth, multi billion-dollar segment of the sports entertainment business. A successful entrepreneur, public company executive, CEO and spokesperson, Sepso is a unique mix of visionary, dealmaker and operator with an unparalleled global network in the esports industry he helped create.

Mr. Sepso was an early pioneer in esports when, in 2002, he founded Major League Gaming with Sundance DiGiovanni. The company went on to become the largest and most powerful independent esports league in the world and achieved many of the industry’s important first milestones, including launching the first professional esports circuit, securing the first televised series with NBC Sports and building and launching the first OTT broadcast platform for premium esports content.

In 2015, Activision Blizzard’s (ATVI) CEO Bobby Kotick turned to Sepso to launch the company’s first esports and media division. As Senior Vice President and head of the new division, Sepso galvanized ATVI’s various esports programs into what is now the largest and most successful esports organization in the world. Within four months of launching the division, Sepso oversaw the acquisition of MLG, at the time the largest acquisition of an independent esports business.

In his role as the leader of ATVI’s new division, Sepso designed the original blueprint for the company’s new esports league structure, brought to life in the form of the Overwatch League, the world’s first global, franchised esports league. Following the launch of the league, Sepso oversaw commercial operations for all ATVI esports, including landing the largest sponsorship deals in the history of the industry.

Andrew Smith 1 Andrew Smith SVP, Product Strategy

Andrew Smith, SVP, Product Strategy, Grapeshot

Andrew Smith 1

Andrew is Grapeshot’s SVP of Product Strategy, focusing on exploring new opportunities around video, mobile, and media partnerships. Previously, he oversaw the commercial product and operations teams at VICE Media. With over 20 years of experience in digital media, Andrew’s areas of expertise include audience data, advertising and revenue operations, programmatic technologies, interactive advertising design, and the productization of innovative digital media technologies.

Andrew Snyder SVP, Head of Video
Meredith Digital

Andrew Snyder, SVP, Head of Video, Meredith Digital

Andrew Snyder is the Senior Vice President/Head of Video of Meredith Digital. In this role, Snyder oversees the company’s digital video business, including digital programming and production, business affairs and studio operations, as well as video revenue strategy. Prior to holding this role, Snyder served as VP of Sales of Meredith Corp and, previously, of Time Inc. Prior to joining Time Inc., Snyder held sales leadership roles at Yahoo!, Discovery Communications and ESPN.com, and served as CRO for Associated Content, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2010 for $100 million.

Abbey Thomas Abbey Thomas Chief Marketing Officer
Tremor Video DSP

Abbey Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer, Tremor Video DSP

Abbey Thomas

Abbey Thomas is the chief marketing officer for Tremor Video DSP. She is responsible for linking the company’s product innovations to its customer-focused operations in order to build the brand, increase awareness and drive revenue for the organization. In her previous role, she oversaw the entertainment and automotive verticals for Tremor Video and was the founding member of the vertical strategy at the company. Thomas also spearheaded an exclusive category for TV retargeting, which allows brands to own the modern day living room by connecting their digital messages directly to the TV screen. She is based in Santa Monica, CA.

Auto Draft 78 Lauren Wiener CEO
Tremor Video DSP

Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP

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Lauren Wiener is the CEO of Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica Company, which provides software for video advertising effectiveness by employing patented all-screen technology to make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers, and deliver maximum results for buyers. Prior to Tremor Video DSP, Lauren was president of buyer platforms at Tremor Video, where she led business strategy, revenue generation and marketing for the company’s demand-side platform. Her two decades of experience partnering with the world’s leading brands on the buy-side and sell-side inform her strategic vision of developing data-driven software solutions for video advertising effectiveness. In previous roles, Lauren was a key driver of innovation and revenue growth at fast-growing media and technology companies, as well as a corporate development expert and strategy consultant at several premier global firms. She lends her expertise to various boards of directors, with current positions on the Internet Advertising Bureau (Chairman of the Board 2016 to 2017) and the International Radio and TV Society.

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Linda Yaccarino Linda Yaccarino Chairman, Advertising and Client Partnerships

Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal

Linda Yaccarino

Linda Yaccarino is Chairman, Advertising and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal. In this role, Yaccarino oversees all advertising sales and market strategy for the company’s entire portfolio of premium video content, including broadcast, cable and digital. She reports to Steve Burke, Chief Executive Officer, NBCUniversal.

Since joining the company in 2011, Yaccarino has transformed NBCUniversal Advertising Sales. Her groundbreaking “one portfolio” plan amplified NBCUniversal’s enormous power and reach by combining the company’s broadcast, cable, and digital assets into one unified organization

Under Yaccarino’s leadership, NBCUniversal’s 2017 Upfront was the most successful since Comcast bought the company—taking in more than $6 billion. Her portfolio strategy drove gains in broadcast, cable, and digital sales; resulting in NBCUniversal leading the marketplace for the third consecutive year. She also organized the industry’s first “State of the Industry Forum” as a place for top decision-makers from across the industry to have a provocative dialogue about the current state of the media business.

In addition to bringing NBCUniversal “all together,” Yaccarino has propelled it into the future, solidifying its status as a technology-driven content company by pioneering a suite of cutting-edge data, analytics, and consumer targeting tools. In 2016, she announced the company’s Audience Studio, marshaling the full strength of a comprehensive suite of data products created under her watch: The Audience Targeting Platform, the NBCUx programmatic offering, and “NBCU+ Powered by Comcast”, which leverages NBCUniversal’s industry-leading assets to empower clients to make better data-driven decisions. Yaccarino also forged innovative distribution and content partnerships with AOL and Snapchat, which expanded NBCUniversal’s digital footprint, alongside its investments in trailblazing companies such as BuzzFeed and Vox Media.

Prior to joining NBCUniversal, Yaccarino served as Executive Vice President and COO of Turner Entertainment Advertising Sales and Marketing and Acquisitions. During her tenure, Yaccarino continually grew Turner Entertainment’s business year-over-year and was a principal architect of the company’s “broadcast replacement” initiative, which elevated Turner Entertainment Networks to a premium position within the marketplace. She was also instrumental in developing and enhancing “inContext,” the industry’s first-ever contextual platform that helps feature the right ad, in the right place, at the right time.

Among her many industry honors, Yaccarino has been recognized at the top of The Adweek 50 Power List, by Variety’s “Power Women of New York” and The Hollywood Reporter’s “Women in Entertainment: Power 100” multiple years in a row. She has also been named one of the “Ten Most Powerful Women in TV” by Adweek and as a “CEO of Tomorrow” by Business Week. Additionally she was honored by the UJA Foundation’s Mac Dane Award for Humanitarian Excellence in 2017. Yaccarino sits on the boards of ascena retail group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNA), the Ad Council, Young Audiences New York (YANY), Girls Lounge, and the ACLD. Her community and professional affiliations include active involvement with WICT (Women in Cable & Telecommunications) and Penn State University, where she is on the Dean’s Advancement Council in the College of Communications.


Ryan Bricklemyer 1 Ryan Bricklemyer Director of Product Management, Video

Ryan Bricklemyer, Director of Product Management, Video, Verve

Ryan Bricklemyer 1
Andrew Capone Andrew Capone SVP, Marketing & Business Development
NCC Media

Andrew Capone, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, NCC Media

Andrew Capone

Andrew Capone currently serves as Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development for NCC Media. In this role, Capone oversees NCC’s Strategic Business Development efforts as well as Corporate and Sales Marketing, Content Development, Cable Network Relations, Corporate Communications, PR, Social Media and Promotions. He also launched NCC’s Multicultural, News and Sports Sales teams.
Capone has more than 30 years of experience in media sales, marketing and executive management. Prior to NCC, he spent 12 years rising through the ranks at NBC Television. There he held a variety of posts, including SVP Marketing for the NBC Television Network, and executive sales and marketing roles for CNBC Europe and Asia, and the NBC Television Stations. His experience extends to digital media and e-commerce, with prior leadership roles at streaming video innovator Microcast, USA Networks Interactive and GSI Commerce.
Capone is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he serves in an advisory role on The UM President’s Council. He is a Licensed Race Marshal for the Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Races, where he goes each year to participate in something even more harrowing than the media business.
About NCC Media: NCC Media provides national, regional and local marketers with advertising solutions that allow them reach today’s consumers in premium television and digital content on every screen. NCC Media proudly represents every major US cable, satellite and telco service provider, and is jointly owned by three of the nation’s largest; Comcast, Spectrum, and Cox. Our nationwide team of over 500 people and our commitment to constant innovation and growth make NCC Media your first and best choice for reaching connected consumers.

Eric Cavanaugh 2 Eric Cavanaugh Senior Vice President, Digital Marketplace Intelligence
Publicis Media

Eric Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketplace Intelligence, Publicis Media

Eric Cavanaugh 2
Jason DeMarco Jason DeMarco Vice President Programmatic & Audience Solutions
A+E Networks

Jason DeMarco, Vice President Programmatic & Audience Solutions, A+E Networks

Jason DeMarco

Jason DeMarco joined A+E Networks in July 2012 to establish a programmatic monetization strategy. During his tenure, A+E Networks has been a market leader in adopting new technology and creating partnerships that bring the best in content, data and systems to market. Jason continues to focus on automation across all platforms and data enabled revenue.

Eric Hoffert 3 Eric Hoffert SVP, Video Technology

Eric Hoffert, SVP, Video Technology, AppNexus

Eric Hoffert 3

Eric Hoffert has more than 25 years of experience developing digital media, mobile and enterprise software products at Apple Inc., Spotify, ATT Bell Labs, JW Player and new ventures. At JW Player, Eric was CTO and EVP of Product, leading video engineering and product development. At Spotify, Eric served as Video Architect for the leading streaming music service. At Apple, he managed Apple Computer’s Multimedia Communications Group, where he co-founded the QuickTime software project and led development of the first real-time software video compression algorithm running on the QuickTime multimedia standard. The patented QuickTime technology he developed has been downloaded more than a billion times. Prior to joining Apple, Eric was a research scientist at ATT’s Bell Laboratories. Eric has also worked as a digital media consultant for Disney, SONY, Viacom, VICE Media, TiVo, Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, PG and Unilever. He has published multiple papers, lectured widely around the world and holds 25 US patents with 18 additional patents pending.

Eric holds a B.S. in Computer Science from New York University, a B.S. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Cooper Union and an M.S. degree in Computer Science from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.

Charles Hsu Charles Hsu VP of Media

Charles Hsu, VP of Media, Operam

Charles Hsu
Adam Irlando Adam Irlando Vice President, Platform Partnerships

Adam Irlando, Vice President, Platform Partnerships, Telaria

Adam Irlando

With deep experience in premium media, video and mobile, Mr. Irlando leads the team responsible for strengthening Telaria’s DSP partner relationships in North America. Mr. Irlando is a veteran of the digital media industry, with more than a decade of experience serving in pivotal revenue roles at major media companies like The New York Times and Tronc’s Spanfeller Media Group. Previously, Mr. Irlando was at Kargo where he served as Vice President of Programmatic. Prior to Kargo, Irlando served as Vice President of Client Engagement within GroupM’s programmatic media company, Xaxis. While at Xaxis, Irlando is credited with establishing the company’s direct business and helping launch its performance division, Light Reaction in the US.

Mr. Irlando has a B.S. from Indiana University and is currently an MBA candidate at The Fox School of Business at Temple University. Adam lives in New Jersey with his wife Kate and their son Colin

Frans Vermeulen 1 Tracy Kalfas SVP/Group Director, Local Broadcast

Tracy Kalfas, SVP/Group Director, Local Broadcast, Initiative

Frans Vermeulen 1
Megan Latham 2 Megan Latham Global Head of Advertising Operations

Megan Latham, Global Head of Advertising Operations, Bloomberg

Megan Latham 2

Megan Latham is the Global Head of Advertising Operations for the Bloomberg Media Group, Bloomberg L.P.’s global multi-platform media organization that comprises web, mobile, television, digital video, radio, print magazines and live events platforms. She oversees planning and campaign management, pricing and inventory, programmatic, trafficking, ad technology and ad product innovation.

Since joining Bloomberg in May of 2015, she transformed the ops organization to be fully cross- platform and rebuilt both the structure and all processes around how the team works, both internally and externally. Building on that foundation, she expanded upon market-leading ideas, insights and ad products for all of Bloomberg Media’s properties while driving superior, measurable results for their media partners. Megan’s goal is working with her Global Ad Operations Team to show how Bloomberg Media is the leader in cross-platform, digitally-led media programs, product offerings, customer service and technology.

Frans Vermeulen 2 Kirk Linden SVP Advanced Ad Platforms, Ad Sales & Operations

Kirk Linden, SVP Advanced Ad Platforms, Ad Sales & Operations, AMC

Frans Vermeulen 2

Kirk Linden is the SVP, Advanced Platforms Ad Sales and Operations for AMC Networks, where he leads Ad Sales innovation across all emerging platforms. Previously, he led brand management for WebMD for seven years. Kirk’s areas of expertise are in ad sales, operations, brand management, business development, market research and product development.

Mark Rotblat Mark Rotblat Chief Revenue Officer
Tubi TV

Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi TV

Mark Rotblat

Mark Rotblat is the Chief Revenue Officer of Tubi TV, the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the country. As CRO, Mark is responsible for driving revenue through sales and partnerships globally.

Mark comes to Tubi TV from Adobe Systems where he was Sr. Director of Agency Sales & Activation for the Adobe Advertising Cloud. Leading up to his work at Adobe, Mark was part of TubeMogul’s founding team in 2007, which held its IPO in 2014 and subsequently was acquired by Adobe for $540M in 2016. At TubeMogul, Mark held a variety of roles with the company including Marketing, Business Development, and various Sales leadership positions, where his responsibilities included driving sales strategy, communications and execution with agency partners as the SVP of Agency Sales. Mark previously worked in Marketing and Business Development at Healthline, a top 10 health publisher, and before that was a management consultant to healthcare organizations at Stockamp & Associates.

Mark holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a BS from Duke University, and is based out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Michelle Swanston, Michelle Swanston SVP of Operations

Michelle Swanston, SVP of Operations, TruOptik

Michelle Swanston,
Frans Vermeulen Frans Vermeulen COO

Frans Vermeulen, COO, TruOptik

Frans Vermeulen

Frans Vermeulen is a technology and media/advertising growth executive with a 20-year track record of successful exits and leading large teams. He is a highly visible and frequent speaker at worldwide industry events (e.g., IAB, CES, DMEXCO, Broadcasting & Cable, Variety, Future of TV, Gabcon, MediaPost) and is an active advisor and investor in various early stage companies.

Frans was recently appointed as the COO of Tru Optik where he is responsible for growing Tru Optik’s revenue, commercial enterprise and global expansion. Prior to Tru Optik, he was at Comcast, where Frans was focused on global advertising strategy, related technologies, partnerships/corporate development and the acquisitions of ThisTechnology, Adazzle, VisibleWorld and StickyAds.tv. Frans joined Comcast from FreeWheel where he was one of the company’s first employees. He also has held key executive positions at aCerno (acquired by Akamai), Cendant, and DoubleClick (acquired by Google). A graduate of Boston College, Frans also holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business

Rachel Williamson 1 Rachel Williamson General Manager

Rachel Williamson, General Manager, Gamut

Rachel Williamson 1


8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast and Networking

9:15 am - 9:30 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:30 am - 10:00 am

Overcoming Video’s Legacy

Despite an industry call for action last fall, there continue to be concerns around legacy measurement processes and other considerations. Linda Yaccarino provides a state of the industry and shares her perspectives on how to move forward by innovating and creating commonalities.

10:05 am - 10:25 am

How to Tell Brand Stories with Impactful Video

Video is an incredibly powerful medium with which to tell brand stories, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. From branded longform documentaries to short 6-second “snackable” content, there’s a multitude of ways to bring a narrative to life. In this conversation, Sydney Levin, Kristen Hartley, and Sara Holmgren share how they approach branded videos, focusing on how they pick the right approach to maximize completion rates and best practices for grabbing viewers’ attention. Learn about the importance of the creative strategy and partnership to ensure the content and distribution methods meet KPIs, and discover how success is defined and measured.

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Networking Break

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IAB Video Symposium 2018 16

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Beyond the Measurement Morass: What Metrics Matter

No one said establishing common metrics for content and advertising across platforms would be easy, but surely there are steps that can move us more quickly from where we are today, toward a consistent framework that enables comparability of video advertising across various forms of media. Learn about the industry’s top priorities when it comes to measurement in 2018. In this conversation, an agency and publisher highlight what’s fixable and where we go from here.

11:35 am - 12:05 pm

The Ultimate “Flip”: Chobani’s Fusion of TV & Digital

The modern living room has transformed captive television viewers into second-screen multitaskers, making it more difficult than ever before for marketers to reach and engage these increasingly distracted consumers. In this informative discussion and creative showcase, you will learn (and see!) how Chobani has successfully navigated this fragmented landscape through smarter audience targeting combined with compelling, cross-screen video creative that adapts and evolves as viewers travel along their customer journeys.

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm


The Weapons of Mass (Media) Destruction
Room: The Library

Today’s consumer wields an arsenal of weaponry, but none more powerful than the remote control. Consumers’ fingers are on the buttons, ready to launch, with no advanced warning; we have cable apps, cloud DVRs, OTT, Smart TV, and streaming video of every stripe. And smuggled, on miniaturized, advanced devices, from their living rooms to gyms, commuter trains, airplanes, even conference rooms. In this frightening future, how will marketers survive? Who will save us from this advertising apocalypse?

Andrew Capone, SVP, Marketing & Business Development , NCC Media
Eric Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketplace Intelligence, Publicis Media

Sponsored by

NCC Media


From Start To Success: Transacting In A CTV World
Room: The Hub

CTV represents the best of both digital video and TV – precision targeting in a premium video environment. This workshop, conceived as a dynamic conversation between Adam Irlando and Megan Latham, examines the mechanics and workings of the CTV ecosystem with the goal of advancing an understanding of how to best transact in this environment.

Adam Irlando, Vice President, Platform Partnerships, Telaria
Megan Latham, Global Head of Ad Operations, Bloomberg

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Moving the Theater to the Living Room: Programmatic advertising for movies, film, and television on OTT
Room: Innovation Space

Movies are a big business with film marketing a key ingredient for success; its similarly key to get the word out on new TV shows. To connect with moviegoers and TV lovers, it’s important to reach them wherever they may be engaging with film and TV content. Advertisers need to rise above the fray, cut through the clutter, and be heard amidst the noise. Connected TV offers a great opportunity to reach desired audiences of cord cutters and pay TV users alike.  Agencies and brands are using programmatic to reach consumers on new video platforms in increasing numbers. This discussion includes buyers and sellers of movie/TV advertising on Connected TV. Learn about the challenges and opportunities in building this new marketplace, delighting consumers and delivering on KPIs for advertisers and publishers alike.

Jason DeMarco, Vice President, Programmatic & Audience Solutions, ‎A+E Networks
Eric Hoffert SVP, Video AppNexus
Charles Hsu, VP of Media, Operam

Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi TV
Michelle Swanston, SVP of Operations, TruOptik

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AppNexus 1

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Networking Lunch

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm

Breakout Sessions

Not All OTT is Created Equal: Content vs. Audience vs. Scale vs. Measurement
Room: Innovation Space

In a competitive market with overwhelming options, how does one assess the value of their OTT options? Measurement has typically been the table stake for buying in the past, but with OTT the stakes may be changing. Take a look behind the curtain to examine the OTT matrix of evaluating audiences, targeting, measurement, buying, and inventory with colleagues from publishing, agencies, and vendors in the space.​

Tracy Kalfas, SVP/Group Director, Local Broadcast, Initiative
Kirk Linden, SVP Advanced Ad Platforms, Ad Sales & Operations, AMC
Rachel Williamson, General Manager, Gamut
Frans Vermeulen, COO, TruOptik


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Unmasking the Challenges of Location-Powered Mobile Video
Room: The Hub

Video is one of the best mediums for brands to tell their stories to consumers. We also know those consumers are spending more time than ever before on their mobile devices, particularly in-app. Verve believes location, powered by Movement Science, is the best way to understand and target them. In this presentation, Ryan Bricklemyer discusses the challenges and opportunities in combining video, in-app, and location to meet the needs of brands and their consumers.

Ryan Bricklemyer, Director of Product Management, Video, Verve

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2:35 pm - 2:50 pm

OpenAP State of the Market

2:50 pm - 3:00 pm

Taking Back Control in Our Brand Safety Focused World

In January, IAB published its 2018 outlook for advertisers, elevating brand safety as a preeminent focus area in the year ahead. Many of us now recognize that taking steps to ensure brand safety and protect against ad fraud is imperative, but how many of us are adopting a truly strategic and holistic approach to safeguarding our brands? Lauren Wiener talks about the innovative ways that advertisers and publishers are harnessing data and technology to solve these important industry-wide issues, and how we all have a responsibility to take action now to ensure greater safety in ad spending.

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Town Hall: Brand Safety for Publishers and Brands: Parsing the Real from the Fake

Join your peers in a debate and discussion to help chart the path forward.

  • What are the main problems in the video advertising ecosystem that are contributing to fake news, fake users, fake domains, or simply the wrong ad showing up in the wrong content or context?
  • Is viewability verification still an issue?
  • What solutions appear promising in the brand safety space?
  • How does block chain provide a potential protocol to improve transparency between buyers and sellers?

3:40 pm - 4:05 pm

The Rise of E-Sports in the Direct Brand Economy

Competitive gaming audiences are growing rapidly, and the advertising opportunity is exploding as brand marketers recognize the built-in fanbase of e-sports. The key is to navigating the terrain with an audience that traditionally “tunes out.”

4:05 pm - 4:25 pm

Face Forward Case Study with Snapchat and E!

Last fall, Abercrombie & Fitch looked to change brand perception and make its stores the go-to shopping destination for 21 to 24 year olds. It also looked to bring more customers into its locations with an advertising campaign sure to resonate among its intended audience. A&F turned to Snapchat and E! to spread the word on its new brand message. Hear more on what made this partnership a success from NBCUniversal’s Laura Molen and Snapchat’s Marni Schapiro.

4:30 pm - 4:50 pm

The Future of TV and Skinny Bundles

Part One: Broadcast Goes IP: Learn what ATSC 3.0 means for television.

Brett Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Nexstar

Part Two: Discover how distribution is evolving with greater choice for consumers, the emergence of virtual MVPDs, and new ways of packaging content.

Scott Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, LKQD
Colin Petrie-Norris, Chief Executive Officer, XUMO
Will Richmond, Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze




4:50 pm - 5:00 pm

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Cocktails



IAB Video Symposium 2018 17

Peter Adams

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Marketing Dive

Claire Aktinson

Senior editor, media

NBC News Digital

Scott Alexander



Lauren Alpert

Campaign Manager

Zenith Media

Glenn Anderson

Vice President


Vishak Nag Ashoka

Director Of Growth Engineering


Ben Assor

SVP, Strategy

Healix Global

Jay Baum

Head of Global Partnerships

Tremor Video DSP

Brian Belanger

Product Manager

Conversant Media

Anna Berger

Manager, Global Paid Media

Marriott International, Inc.

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Alysia Borsa

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ipg mediabrands

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Eric Cavanaugh

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Jeremy Cohen

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Bob Coon

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Rob DeMars

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Marketing Architects

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Holly Dunn

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Tremor Video DSP

Ray Erickson

VP, Video Sales & Partnerships

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Carli Evilsizer

Brand Manager


Vanessa Farrar

Revenue Solutions Director, Video

Rubicon Project

Danielle Feller

Account Executive, Buyer Platforms

Tremor Video DSP

Roy Firestone

Sr. Director, Product


Anthony Flaccavento

Chief Revenue Officer

Tremor Video DSP, Inc.

Ben Flores

Manager, Advanced Advertising Solutions

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Annie Fong-Anderson

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Rose Fung

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Austrian Tourist Office Inc.

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Executive Director, Educational Effectiveness

Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Adam Gleicher

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David Glicksman

Digital Director

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Chumi Gonzalez

Marketing Manager


Peggy Gradel

Director of Integrated Media


Dan Gross

Data Partnerships Manager

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Sean Halbmaier

Senior Manager Advanced Advertising, Digital


Frank Henderson

Group Supervisor


Dave Hennedy

Technical Account Manager

Tremor Video DSP

Jeremy Hines



Laura Hinkel

Account Executive


Rachel Hirschl

SVP Digital Media

Lockard & Wechshler Direct

Treven Ho

Sr. Product Manager


Eric Hoffert

SVP, Video Technology


Sara Holmgren

VP Integrated Brand Marketing


Simon Honc

VP Global Data Science

[m]PLATFORM by GroupM

Peter Horn

VP Agency & Brand Relations


Matt Horton

VP, Partnerships

Publicis Media

Mehdi Hosseini

Director of Data Science

[m]PLATFORM by GroupM

Hilary Hugin

Manager, Media Investment & Connections Planning


Adam Irlando

VP Platform Partnerships


Brett Jenkins


Nexstar Media Group

Leona Jones

Account Director


Stephanie Kang

Director of Digital Marketing & eBusiness


Helen Katz

SVP Global Director, Data & Contracts

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Laura Kavanagh

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Director, Digital Platform Partnerships

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Catherine Kennedy

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1-800 Flowers

Tom Kertesz

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Daniel Kestin

Video Solution Consultant


Michael Kiselak

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Account Executive – AdX


Ethan Koehler

Dir Digital Video Sales NBC & Telemundo


Jay Kulkarni


Theorem Inc.

Seth Ladetsky



Sue Lai

Director, Product Management


Laurie Larson

SVP, Group Director, Media

Healix Global

Megan Latham

Global Head Advertising Operations


Edward Leahy

Director, Data Sales & Solutions


Kristen Leidelmeijer

Marketing Events Manager


Joseph Lerner

Director of East Coast Sales


Sydney Levin

Executive Video Producer and Creative Director

T-Brand Studio

Carlin Lie

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


Ilyse Liffreing

Digital Marketing Reporter


Helen Lin

President, Digital Investment

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Adam Liss

Video Partnerships

Google Inc.

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Vice President Corporate Development

Marketing Architects

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Owner-NY Office

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Mark Marshall

EVP, Ad Sales

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Jesse Math

Group Director

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SVP Media Sales


Simon Mayfield

Director, Communications Planning


Ed Mazzella

VP – Ad Sales, New York

Comcast Spotlight

Sarah McCarthy



Dana McGovern

Vice President, Sales

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Kevin McGurn

Chief Sales Officer


Paul McLenaghan

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Christine Mormile

Media Supervisor

Greater Than One

Brian Morris

Business Development


Courtney Morrison

Associate Director, Strategic Research

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Rena Moskovic

VP, Account Director Digital

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Aine Mullen

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Tara Mumford

Associate – Advertising


Katrin Naelapaa

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Trade Commission of Spain / Wines from Spain

Timothy Negrov

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Alyssa Nejaime

Video Sales Specialist

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Olga O’Donnell

VP Operations & Technology Partnerships

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Maureen O’Donoghue

Account Executive, Buyer Platforms

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Michelle Ogle

Senior Director, Global Paid Media

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Conor O’Malley

Digital Video Specialist

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Nicole Ou-Yang

VP Brand & Advertising


Oliver Parman

Director of Technology & Operations

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Digital Editor

The Drum

Brian Shin

Growth Manager


Jeffrey Silverstein

Managing Director


Michelle Smith

Senior Director, Product Management


Rick Song



Stephanie Spelbrink



Peter Stabler

Internet/Advertising Equity Research

Wells Fargo Securities

Marcus Startzel

Senior Vice President, Marketing Development


Ray Stearn

Media Director


Greg Steinmetz


Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb

Tom Stevens

SVP, News Ad Sales

NBC Universal

Allan Storman

Director of Content and Communications


Heather Talty

Director, Ad Operations

IPG Mediabrands

Abbey Thomas


Tremor Video DSP

Scott Townsend

Business Development


Michael Tripodi

Vice President & Director, Digital Investment

Evergreen Trading

Elizabeth Twersky

Associate Media Director, Digital

Horizon Media

Kevin Vail

Manager, AdOps

IPG Mediabrands

Kimberly Venedam

Integrated Media Manger


Frans Vermeulen

Chief Operating Officer

Tru Optik

Nichole Verost

Associate Director, Communications Planning


Sami Walters

Account Executive, Buyer Platforms

Tremor Video DSP

Eric Warburton

VP Ad Operations

Horizon Media

Tim Ware

RVP, Agency & Brand Partnerships


Takuya Watanabe

President and CEO

Media Japan Network

Sascha Weis

VP Sales


Alex Weprin

Editor, Digital News Daily


Lauren Wiener


Tremor Video DSP

Lauren Wiseman

Senior Sales Director


Menashe Wodinsky

Head of Paid Media, Digital

B&H Photo Video

Jarrett Wold

Director of Technology & Platforms


Calvin Wong

VP, Global Sales


Linda Yaccarino

Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships


Claudio Zibenberg

Media Manager


Maddie Zingeser

Global Events Manager



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