Learn How IAB is Making an Impact on our Industry

IAB is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the digital industry through workforce development initiatives. We are committed to fostering and growing the pipeline of diverse and skilled professionals and to being the convening force in the industry to sustain its health and vibrancy.

IAB continues to champion the goal of increasing racial, ethnic, gender and economic diversity in the digital marketing and media industry. We have multiple initiatives to help drive change in our industry.

IAB Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Board

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Board will steer the direction of our initiatives and act as advisors and thought leaders to shape the conversation on diversity and equity in the industry and in the workplace.  This year’s focus will be on allyship, leadership diversity, and pay equity. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board meets three times per year.

IAB Equity & Inclusion Council (f/k/a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force)

The Equity & Inclusion Council will continue to focus on systemic workplace discrimination and outdated retention/recruitment practices. This year’s focus will be on allyship, leadership diversity, and pay equity.  The council is broken into two working groups; business leaders and human resources/D&I leaders. Topics are discussed through the lens of human resources management and business/team leadership and we work toward creating actionable takeaways to drive change in our industry. The Equity and Inclusion Council meets quarterly.

IAB Women Visionaries

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate women visionaries and empower the next generation of female leaders in digital media and marketing. Women Visionaries is the premier leadership initiative that features lessons from industry luminaries with actionable takeaways that are timely, important, and action-driven.

Women Visionaries will hold a series of events throughout the year:

  1. Annual Leadership Meeting Women in Leadership Breakfast
    • Discussion moderated by Anna Bager, EVP Industry Initiatives
  2. Women Visionaries: Leadership Lessons for the Modern Workplace
    • Annual flagship conference on April 2
  3. Direct Brand Summit Networking Breakfast
    • Brand executives and founders will share their secrets to success and leadership lessons
  4. Women Visionaries Town Halls 3x
    • Interactive sessions dive into hot topics in leadership that are action-driven and impactful

Our goal is to build a community of people who believe that advancing a women’s trajectory helps change the workplace for the better.