Recertification What Qualifies

Recertification is required every two years. IAB Certified Professionals must earn 24 credits to recertify.

Qualifying Activity Credits Documentation Required
Professional development classes, Seminars, Webinars, Training 1 credit for each full hour Certificate of Attendance or Registration Confirmation
Industry Conferences 1 credit for each 2-hour period Receipt or proof of registration
Participation in industry task force with defined output (e.g. development of new standards, industry white paper) 4 credits per task force Letter from industry group
Presentations at industry meetings, guest lectures, participation on a panel 4 credits per presentation Copy of program; Date and location of presentation; evaluations, if applicable
College/University programs 5 credits per semester-long course3 credits per trimester- or quarter-long course Name of educational institution;Course Title(s) and Syllabus;Name of Instructors;Semester/Trimester/Quarter Completed
Participation in IAB Certification Item Writing/Review Workshop* 2 credits per in-person workshop
Published Works (articles published in third-party digital media journal, magazine, newsletter, industry blog) 3 credits per publication Copy of article, date, publication name

Learn more about earning and submitting credits:

  • Please submit your proof of credits (screenshot, PDF, Word Doc) in your Certification portal:
  • Do not email IAB Certification with documentation.
  • All attachments for proof of credit must be 750 KB or smaller to upload into the IAB portal.
  • Other types of learning and thought leadership activities not listed above may be considered by the Commission.
  • Certificants are responsible for tracking and reporting their recertification activities and will be required to submit appropriate documentation (transcripts, certificates, etc.) for each CE activity.
  • All credits claimed must be earned during the certification cycle and credits may not be carried over into the next recertification cycle.
  • Certificants are responsible for conducting an ongoing assessment of their continued competence in digital media sales, and measuring their own knowledge and skill level against the requirements for certification.
  • Candidates for recertification will be asked to refer to the respective Certification Exam Blueprint (Sales, Ad Operations, Data) to ensure that Continuing Education activities submitted for recertification have a direct link to the content domains of the exam.
  • *Exam Committee members who write test items cannot sit for the examination for no less than 2 years after their term ends. Members must complete 24 hours of Continuing Education in order to satisfy recertification, where each in-person workshop qualifies for 2 credits.

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