Recertification FAQs

Why Does IAB Certification Require Recertification?

Certification across every professional discipline (from medicine to finance) requires recertification every few years. This process is based on the philosophy of continued competence and demonstrates that the individual is staying educated on industry changes and trends.  Recertification is critical in digital advertising since the industry and technology evolve at such a rapid pace.

When Do I Need To Recertify?

You must complete the recertification process within two years of taking your Certification exam.

What Do I Need To Do To Recertify And How Do I Get Started?

As outlined in the IAB Recertification Handbook, all candidates must demonstrate continued work in digital media sales, as defined as a minimum of 12 months total employment out of the previous 24 months.
IAB Digital Media Sales Recertification Handbook
IAB Digital Ad Operations Recertification Handbook
IAB Digital Data Solutions Recertification Handbook

You can earn recertification by choosing one of the two options below:

1) Accumulate 24 continuing education credits via conferences, learning sessions, webinars, training, etc. It’s easy to earn credits. Credits must be related to the competency requirements of the respective certification examination. See what qualifies.


2) Retake the exam. You should apply at least three months before their certification is due to expire in order to have sufficient time to schedule and take the exam in a test window.

How do I Submit Proof of Recertification Credits?

1)  See what qualifies here and what documentation is needed for proof
2)  Submit your proof of credits (screenshot, PDF, Word Doc) in your Certification portal
3)  All attachments for proof of credit must be 750 KB or smaller to upload into the IAB portal

I Watched a Prerecorded Webinar – How Do I Submit Proof of Completion?

Take a screen shot of the webinar at any point during the video.  Save the screenshot as a PDF or JPG under 750 KB in size.  Attach this to your CE Credit while entering your self-reported continuing education.

My Continuing Education (CE) Credits Aren’t in My Portal

The recertification support team will periodically transfer the credits from your Continuing Education Tracker to your Recertification Application.  If you still do not see your credits in either section, please contact the team [email protected]

My Certification Expired, Can I Still Recertify?

In many cases, we are able to offer a grace period so that you can maintain your credential while working towards your recertification.  Contact us [email protected] request an extension and learn more about the grace period.

How Much Does Recertification Cost?

Recertification fees are $175 for IAB Members and $225 for non-IAB Members. This includes $50 non-refundable application fee. There are many free ways to earn recertification credits.

Ask your employer if they will cover your Recertification fee.

What Happens If I Don’t Recertify?

If you do not submit an application or contact us before your expiration date, your credential will not be valid. IAB will revoke any use of the certification designation, including the use of the badge on social media profiles or email signatures.

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