IAB Programmatic Symposium

May 17, 2017 New York

Fake news, fraud, brand safety breakdowns, measurement chaos, and other examples of supply chain failure—among the biggest issues in our industry—are consistently laid at the doorstep of programmatic technologies and operations.

The sold-out one-day IAB Programmatic Symposium – Be Clear Now: Transparency, Brand Safety, and Growth in an Automated Era convened buyers and sellers to address how we can work together to solve these and other challenges. They helped shape the future of the industry by having their voice heard at more agenda-setting town halls than ever before. These dynamic town halls allowed attendees to take part of conversations that set the industry agenda on transparency, brand safety, and growth. No other industry event boasts this kind of content.



  1. Brand safety and transparency are critical to sustained growth in digital advertising
  2. The industry has matured and we are in a “post-programmatic” era in which the majority of digital advertising media buys are automated in increasingly complex ways. Specific processes, tasks, and technologies involved in automation need to be clarified
  3. Mobile advertising is a key driver of programmatic growth
    • 67% of time spent online is on a mobile device and mobile programmatic spending reached $15.45 billion in the U.S., 69% of all programmatic digital display ad spending
    • Yield increases, especially in mobile– users have moved to mobile experiences and advertisers need to make those connections across devices
    • Mobile and cross-device identity is critical
    • Developing proprietary mobile ad products and figuring out your product strategy in mobile may drive better mobile monetization (if scale can be achieved) and enhance the consumer experience
  4. Other growth channels include Audio, DOOH, IoT, OTT, and Native on Mobile
    • The future of media buying will be leveraging omni-channel insights and delivering your message holistically across devices, increasingly with automated capabilities
  5. The demand for transparency in the digital supply chain has reached a fever pitch, in particular as it relates to automation, inventory quality or other attributes, pricing, and fraudulent transactions or bad actors:
    • Brands and publishers can assure a transparent programmatic supply chain by using the Authorized Digital Sellers, ads.txt file: IAB Tech Lab encourages publishers to place the ads.txt file on their site to communicate authorized sellers of their inventoryIAB Programmatic Symposium 42
    • Advice to publishers on what to do next: consider pricing and inventory transparency practices, avoid working with bad actors, share  what you can to support broader industry efforts to combat fraud, and stay informed
    • Brands start requesting that their partners be TAG certified against fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group and IAB will make TAG registration mandatory for members to fight fraud and improve brand safety
    • Publishers, DSPs, and SSPs also need to be transparent about pricing–from first price vs. second price options, header bidding, fee transparency, etc.
    • Fee/cost transparency is also critical: IAB has created a Programmatic Fee Transparency Calculator for media buyers and publishers
    • Header bidding is a technology that increases competition for publishers’ inventory. It has created some complexity as well as some efficiencies, but it is also enabling more fairness and actual revenue going to the provider
    • Blockchain and Open RTB tools will help solve the current challenges around transparency and measurement to sustain the growth of automation:
    • The evolution of OpenRTB is seeking to address transparency and trust
    • NYIAX is the first guaranteed advertising media contract exchange running on blockchain technology and informed by proven practices from financial markets
  6. Concrete actions can be taken to ensure brand safety:
    • The industry needs to continue to be vigilant about keeping exchanges accountable to safeguard their clients, holding supply and exchanges accountable
    • Agencies can develop a risk profile for each client and/or product as it relates to brand safety and evaluate
    • Advertisers are encouraged to read carefully their contract(s), to clean their list of suppliers, and to use buying platforms that support ads.txt
  7. Data quality and identity resolution are key for inventory quality
  8. Attribution is the next priority
    • Marketers are encouraged to move beyond last-touch attribution, which is about recency vs. real value, to multi-touch attribution (MTA) implementation and other measurement practices
    • Marketers can guarantee brand safety by visiting ads.txt and only buying inventory from authorized resellers
  9. Storytelling and creativity continue to drive advertising, no matter the platform
    • Dynamic creative and innovation is progressing in audio DOOH, OTT, etc.
    • The IAB dynamic content ad standard provides guidance and examples
    • With native advertising, not all webpages are created equal so it’s important to execute diversified ad formats and then determine what will ultimately work best in the target environment
    • Ad effectiveness, marketing intelligence, and technological advances such as facial recognition help boost creative options
  10. The consumers’ perspective is critical; treat your audience as you would want to be treated when being served advertising, with no intrusive or disruptive ad formats
    • View the IAB New Ad Portfolio for guidelines and recommendations on better user experience across screens
  11. Last but not least, organizational alignment and staffing are critical to a sustained growth
    • The talent pool is broadening on the agency and brand side
    • No longer are hiring managers exclusively finding talent with liberal arts backgrounds—today agencies and brands are looking at engineering schools and interdisciplinary programs that mix design, technology, and computer science


Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President, Data & Ad Effectiveness, and General Manager, Data Center of Excellence, IAB, welcomed a full room of senior executives to the IAB Programmatic Symposium in New York City. The new one-day interactive format encouraged attendees’ participation around the theme of “Be Clear Now: Transparency, Brand Safety, and Growth in an Automated Era.

IAB Programmatic Symposium 28Buchheim kicked off the day by noting that programmatic technologies and data are truly foundational in digital advertising and marketing today. The Outlook for Data 2017: A Snapshot Into the Evolving Role of Audience Insight released in January showed that programmatic media buying for established and emerging formats is among the top priorities for this year. The Data-Centric Organization: Transforming for the Next Generation of Audience Marketing, a whitepaper from the IAB Data Center of Excellence, the DMA and Winterberry Group, also validates that data is becoming increasingly central in guiding organizations and continues to reshape digital marketing. Yet, there is a crisis of confidence within the industry demanding transparency and brand safety to support continued sustainable growth.

“We are phasing out the term ‘programmatic’ due to its ambiguity,” said Buchheim. Processes need to be clearly defined and platforms better understood in the “post-programmatic” era. Buchheim presented An Evolving Framework for Advertising Automation outlining key processes, platforms, and people to facilitate more meaningful communication among buyers, sellers, and technology vendors, and to support consistent benchmarking, evaluation, negotiation, and activation. The document provides an updated point of view on what digital advertising automation means in 2017 with the full range of processes that can be automated. And Buchheim also emphasized the importance of trust and transparency in an automated era. Feedback on this new framework is welcome via email at [email protected].

PubMatic also announced the release of its Quarterly Mobile Index Report for Q1 2017, which identifies major trends in programmatic mobile advertising. Key highlights include over 50% YOY increases in eCPMs for both mobile header bidding and private marketplaces, along with insights for publishers and media buyers around mobile video and app inventory.

Keynote Michael Barrett, President and CEO, Rubicon Project, talked about “Doing it with the Lights On: The Future of a Well-Lit Marketplace.” The speech from P&G Mark Pritchard, earlier this year at the 2017 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, was a “wakeup call” sounded to the programmatic industry of its shortcomings. IAB Programmatic Symposium 30After 10+ years of trial and error, “We need to grow up,” said Barrett. “If we don’t display speed, leadership, and teamwork, others will dictate our standards, new processes, and value.” We need to make changes and understand the true value of technology, automation, data, and targeting – the one-to-one promise of digital advertising fell short in the past, but now we are able to target and infuse campaign with data and more exciting formats. Where to begin? Language is important and so is transparency around auction dynamics, around the ad tech tax, around pricing, and with consumers. Barrett also encouraged all to join TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) to take a first step against bad actors. There is a lot of money at stake, nearly 80 percent, or $32.56 billion, of the U.S. digital display dollars will go to programmatic systems this year, according to eMarketer, and automated ad buying market share expected to rise to 84 percent by 2019. For Barrett: “We will have a more transparent market or it will cease to exist.”

Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, asked Barrett about brands beginning to force the issues around programmatic. IAB Programmatic Symposium 29Rothenberg noted that one of the biggest challenges for marketers in understanding programmatic buying and selling is the technical ignorance of the teams who are not fully versed in the supply chain. With some of the recent issues around bad actors and fraudulent ad buys, brands went dark as a flight to safety, but this is not the solution. The combination of the YouTube story with adjacency issues and fake news stories transitioned the debate away from brand safety into consumer safety, which is less of a vague issue – it is the big shift. TAG certification and MRC accreditation are first steps, yet new demands are coming down the pipe – now attribution will be back to the front burner. Barrett also mentioned the industry effort to be more open source in nature. With fewer players and maturation, it is time for cohesive action. Demand for transparency is way too big now to be ignored – if we don’t figure it out ourselves, others will – it goes from pricing to not working with bad actors, sharing that information, and beyond.

In the following morning session about “Now Entering the Post-Programmatic Era,” Buchheim asked Tim Mahlman, President of Platforms, AOL Inc., and Jack Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, [m]PLATFORM, GroupM about how their organizations, as publisher and agency, are reshaping their operations, teams, and marketplace positioning, as well as the areas of least/most progress in transparency and brand safety. IAB Programmatic Symposium 41For Smith, there has been more complexity as we mature and integrate people, processes, and technologies. Decisioning is the area where he has seen the most progress as we can now take decisions at the time of opportunity and educate more clients. This is not only about transparency, but also about processes and cleaning up the supply chain instead of adding layers. Verification companies happened because we didn’t clean ourselves up. For Mahlman, the least progress was in reporting as each technology vendor or seller has their own reporting. With the merger at AOL happening in a few weeks, the goal is to maximize the success from both companies on the buy and sell side, said Mahlman, taking the best of both assets to build omni channel, first party data, and predictive modeling. Smith said that WPP, GroupM and Xaxis need different skill sets and talents so they are looking in engineering schools or mixing computer science with design and arts, focusing on data strategy and system integration. Transparency and measurement are the most important for GroupM’s Smith who partners with many companies for brand safety efforts.

In the next town hall, Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology & Ad operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, Jeremy Hlavacek. Vice President, Global Automated Monetization, The Weather Company, and Doug Lauretano, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Media.net, encouraged publishers and advertisers to debate about header bidding and how its rise and evolution impact transparency. They addressed questions whether header bidding reshapes relationships within the supply chain, and what the implications are for transparency; how ad exchanges and other demand sources can prepare their businesses to compete in the new header bidding landscape; and, how a shift or evolution toward server-to-server implementation can impact the transparency that header bidding has forced. The industry executives in the audience participated actively and voiced their diverging point-of-views and challenges. Header bidding’s technology has increased competition for publishers’ inventory. It has created some complexity, but also more fairness and actual revenue going to the provider. Hlavacek said that “It feels like programmatic is in therapy – we are wondering what we did in the past and what we will do in the future…” Change needs to happen. The proliferation of intermediaries has caused some problems and also opportunities. Frustrations are real but reading contracts more closely and doing the mathematics are key. The shakeout will continue and should be positive.

Maggie Mesa, Vice President, Mobile Business Development, OpenX, kicked off the next session by sharing data on how mobile is driving the growth of programmatic. 67% of time spent online is on a mobile device, yet mobile CPMs lower. Mesa presented four pathways to monetize mobile better and increase yield: data enrichment, increased competition and access to unique demand, diversified ad formats, and quality assurance. Mesa was then joined by Kavata Mbondo, Vice President, Digital Revenue Strategy & Operations, Time Inc., and Matt Minoff, Chief Digital Officer, Meredith Corporation to discuss how mobile publishers can increase yields with automation. For Time Inc’s Mbondo, diversified formats are important. Meredith’s Minoff said that there is more advertiser demand for video inventory than there is high quality supply out there. Meredith’s Recipes app is the most sticky but tougher from a monetary standpoint with SDKs and downstream challenges to monetize app vs. mobile web. Mbondo said that “Data is critical” in driving performance – cross-device measurement is a challenge, but it is getting better, and identity is critical in mobile.

Next, were three breakout town halls about transparency, brand safety, and growth, followed by a networking lunch and three workshops on The Connected Consumer; Quality, Brand Safety, and Transparency for Programmatic Video and Connected TV, and Programmatic Radio – It’s Time to Get Smart About Audio. Buchheim summarized the key findings about transparency, brand safety, structure, people, and tools as moving target.

The afternoon session about Emerging Supply Sources: The Growth of Native, Audio, OTT, and DOOH started on Programmatic Native with Tim Sims, VP, Inventory Partnership, The Trade Desk. He described five steps for success in native advertising, adapting to how we are now consuming media. The world of media advertising has changed drastically since the first AT&T clickable banner in 1994: how we buy and sell media is drastically changing and automated purchasing is a big driving force. How we are consuming media and engaging with advertising has also changed with cord cutters, iPads, Apple TVs, mobile phones, and more. Being able to have a conversation and delivering a story is key. We have to think holistically and take the consumer’s perspective, engaging without interrupting their day with an embedded native ad. Sims recommends to do your homework: native assets are flexible, but not all the pages are laid out the same and the ad success depends on how well it blends in the environment. Managing your assets across devices is a main friction point in native. And understanding your data is incredibly important in omnichannel media consumption and buying for optimum ROI. Last, native is largely mobile with projections of 65% smartphones by 2020, mobile is crucial. Engaging and not interrupting is key.

Then Les Hollander, Global Head of Digital Audio Monetization, Spotify, talked about audio as part of the emerging supply sources. Digital audio has been growing: In 2016, there was $1.1 Billion spent in audio advertising making the category significant enough to be tracked by IAB. Mobile audio is particularly a strong revenue driver with $892 mobile audio vs. $205 desktop audio. We know that audio works, said Hollander, quoting a study with Nielsen that shows that audio ads drove a significant increase in brand metrics and brand recall across programmatic audio.  Ubiquity allows to connect to users and optimize on the fly, data integration, and innovation with buying across dynamic creative and voice activation. People are looking for unique data integration. Music is a mirror of moods and a proxy for real time behavior. It uniquely reflects who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re feeling through ongoing connectivity. Streaming intelligence helps predict people’s behavior through music. Hollander gave some examples of behavior data used to serve contextually relevant ads such as The North Face waterproof Apex Flex rain jackets with a weather triggered song release appearing in cities where it’s raining. Programmatic audio allows to serve contextually relevant information. “You can close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears” concluded Hollander.

Next, Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV, Hulu, took the main stage to talk about connected TV and started by saying that we call it “Advanced TV” at Hulu, and we don’t use the word “programmatic” as it has too much a connotation of desktop inventory. “We look like a linear TV online” and have all the subscription-level data, leveraging the growth of the addressable marketplace. Between 2008 and 2017, everything has been shifting towards OTT in the living room with represents now about 75% of Hulu’s consumption. Mobile is still a growth engine, but desktop is only 9% of the overall Hulu premium video consumption. Data driven targeting and media automation is at the core of Hulu’s offering. Hulu doesn’t discriminate if the buy comes from automated through advanced TV or if it comes from a direct buy – all inventory is available via the automated platform through Hulu’s advanced TV rules of engagement. Hulu has a pod exclusivity rule with only deal ID per client per pod with an agreed upon price. We deliver “safe, fraud free, highly viewable ads primarily consumed on a big screen TV,” said Fleming. With the launch of Hulu Live, Hulu provides more choice and personalization, offering dynamic ad insertion in Live TV, incorporated with overall advanced ubiquity to provide the right message to the right user at the right time.

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) has been growing double digits said Cecilia Lang, SVP, Digital Sales, Outfront Media, showing smarter outdoor creative that is scalable with screens communicating with each other. Lang showed some cool outdoor examples with the Samsung Galaxy S8 whale taking over Time Square’s screens and JetBlue combining real-time data with flight tracking data to make New Yorkers “stop and look up.” Dynamic creative is scalable and digital is growing with the ability to blur lines between the physical and the digital world. DOOH is the best media amplifier for search, social, and mobile, said Lang, brands are combining it with social amplification. Canvases are all becoming digital and collecting data allowing for data powered ads such as facial recognition. Art meets science. DOOH offers smart really intelligent creative, the ability to amplify against all media and now it is all powered by data.

Sims asked Fleming, Hollander, and Lang if they considered their business to be emerging channels or the new phase of traditional channels. For Spotify’s Hollander, audio is evolving from one-to-many to a one-to-one medium, re-imagined through data and creativity. The challenge sometimes is when talking to traditional media buyers and planners, their brain is wired in a certain way, thinking one-to-many instead of one-to-one. So, we have to bring them to all the digital possibilities. For Fleming, Hulu is redefining TV with a growing slate of originals: “we are a new TV company with digital sensibility.” DOOH feels really new and fresh to Lang, but we are still telling great stories, just on a different platform. For Hollander, implementing post-delivery verification, providing deeper reporting, firing the ad tag at the end of the spot instead of the middle, and further requirements are all part of the growing pains while developing the platforms. Hulu is bringing more creativity with some rich media look and feel experiences to the living room. And creative is also a huge part of the transition in DOOH.

Next, Katie Fiore, Head of Conversion Optimization, Syzygy, a data-driven performance agency, explains how to use automation to evolve measurement and attribution. Multi-touch attribution is more valid than last touch because last touch is based on recency vs. real value. Fiore shared a case study from a global client to show how to win at attribution. The challenge was to grow the pie, not just the slice and generate incremental transactions. They chose a platform that focused on the incrementality goal and used the cooperative game theory as methodology, similar to Black Jack. Anything above the baseline is incremental. Fiore recommends to educate the publishers first on new methodologies and approaches and to provide access to the data for full visibility and benchmark KPI’s then test and learn the framework. Fiore’s three key strategies were to shift spend to the most incremental placements, to feed the incremental funnel – taking a leap of faith with multi-touch vs. last touch, and to protect incrementality when budgets are cut. Increased conversion while decreasing cost per acquisition and increased upper funnel vs. lower funnel. They scaled through conversion data automation, pre-bid incrementality indices, and dynamic messaging. Key learnings are to never stop validating, find an evangelist or internal champion to convince others and bring them all onboard, while dedicating the right resources.

Neil Richter, Co-Chair, IAB Tech Lab OpenRTB, explains Ads.txt, a simple solution to a complex problem to eliminate the effectiveness of counterfeit inventory and for more digital supply chain transparency. Common fraud scenarios are a complex topic: we are not talking about bots, but about how fraudulent actors get money out of the system through counterfeit inventory, traffic selling and trading, or flat out made for ads sites. Counterfeit inventory is prevalent, yet hard to eliminate, due to transparency issues. Header bidding made it a little more complex, but you need to get curious and take a close look at your data and supply paths, said Richter. Misrepresented inventory is like a fake Rolex, and traffic blending is like Kona coffee blending with a lot of unauthentic coffee instead of pure Kona grains. We are introducing the Ads.txt file of Authorized Digital Sellers in the programmatic supply chain: the file can easily be hosted at the publisher’s website, like robots.txt, and provides a list of authorized sellers.

For the last session of the day about The Future of Transparency: Blockchain, Contracts, and Currency, Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, asked Richard Bush, Chief Product and Technology Officer, NYIAX, to explain their agreement with Nasdaq as the world’s first guaranteed advertising media contract exchange. NYIAX (New York Interactive Advertising Exchange) announced their relationship with Nasdaq in March 2017. NYIAX is a blockchain-enabled media trading platform running in the cloud and powered by Nasdaq. This is the first exchange to be deployed in the cloud and also run on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a secure, synchronized and immutable record of transitions, distributed, ideally decentralized system that can itself also be programmed to trigger transactions automatically. this is a mechanism that enables the transfer of assets between two parties, how they interact and records all transactions. This is a trusted network to transfer things. NYIAX aims to transform ad inventory into standardized and durable securities.

Dennis Buchheim ended the day with some closing remarks on how the digital advertising industry can be explained as –“it’s complicated, it’s disruptive” and we have some things to figure out together. This is our version of automation. Transparency is good in family therapy. We have to be specific on what we communicate and how – with the right tools such as ads.txt, blockchain, and others to help sustain the growth. This is not all doom and gloom, but rather a call-to-action, concluded Buchheim, who invited all attendees to continue the discussions around networking cocktails.

Walk Away with Actionable Insights that Answer:

How can brands and publishers assure a fully transparent programmatic supply chain?
What must marketers do for themselves to guarantee brand safety?
How should programmatic be redefined in 2017?
Where does the money go – and how can premium publishers get more?
What do marketers need to know about the header bidding debate?
How do last-touch attribution and other measurement practices facilitate fraud?
How is the evolution of OpenRTB seeking to address transparency and trust?
How can mobile publishers make programmatic work?


Michael Barrett 1 Michael Barrett President & CEO
Rubicon Project

Michael Barrett, President & CEO, Rubicon Project

Michael Barrett 1

Michael was most recently chief executive officer and president at Millennial Media (NYSE:MM), a leading independent mobile ad technology company. In October 2015 AOL/Verizon acquired Millennial Media in an all cash deal. Previously he has served as president and founder of Ichabod Farm Ventures LLC, a private investment firm he established after working as executive vice president and chief revenue officer of Yahoo.

He earlier worked at Google, where he led integration efforts following the acquisition of Admeld Inc., where he served as CEO. He has also served as executive vice president and chief revenue officer at Fox Interactive Media, as executive vice president of sales and partnerships at AOL Media Networks and in senior sales positions at GeoCities and Disney Online. He majored in economics at The College of the Holy Cross and serves on the boards of MediaMath, MightyTV and The College of the Holy Cross.

He and his wife, Cheryl, have three children, Stephanie, Anne and Christine.

Dennis Buchheim 8 Dennis Buchheim SVP & GM, IAB Tech Lab
IAB Tech Lab

Dennis Buchheim, SVP & GM, IAB Tech Lab, IAB Tech Lab

Dennis Buchheim 8

Dennis Buchheim is SVP and GM of the IAB Tech Lab, overseeing product, engineering, membership, and operations teams for the digital advertising industry’s global technical standards-setting organization. Prior to Tech Lab, Dennis was SVP of Data & Ad Effectiveness for IAB, after 12 years leading advertising technology product teams at Microsoft and Yahoo. Earlier in his career,
Dennis worked for Apple, Oracle, and two startups, including one he co-founded. Dennis holds degrees in Computer Science and Business Economics from Brown University.

Richard Bush Richard Bush Chief Product and Technology Officer

Richard Bush, Chief Product and Technology Officer, NYIAX

Richard Bush

As Chief Product and Technology Officer at NYIAX, Richard spearheads the ongoing development of the NYIAX platform.

Richard has more than 15 years experience in the advertising technology industry. He comes to NYIAX from IPONWEB, a key infrastructure provider in the media trading ecosystem, where he was the General Manager of its Publishing Solutions business. In this role, he guided custom projects for industry players to market, and working with teams across the globe — Japan, EU and the USA — built new products and custom platforms specifically tailored to clients’ unique business models.

Richard has also served as the VP of Product and Technology at AOL Networks, and as the original programmer and developer of content management and web publishing software for many of the Reed Business Information’s web properties.

Richard currently resides in the Greater New York City area.

  • Social:
Doug Fleming 1 Doug Fleming Head of Advanced TV

Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV, Hulu

Doug Fleming 1

Doug Fleming is the Head of Advanced TV at Hulu where he is responsible for leading Hulu’s efforts within the emerging advanced television environment and designing and developing Hulu’s digital video offerings. Previously, Fleming was a programmatic publisher and video strategist at Prohaska Consulting. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Digital Sales at USA Today Sports Group where he led the East Coast Multimedia Sales team. He also held a role at ESPN as the Director of Audience Sales where he led the newly created private marketplace sales group overseeing ESPN’s Private Ad Exchange Marketplace. In his role, he created and deployed communication strategy to the advertising marketplace in regards to ESPN’s programmatic strategy. In addition, Fleming has worked in various sales and ad operations roles at ESPN and Walt Disney Internet Group.

Alanna Gombert Alanna Gombert SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager
IAB Tech Lab

Alanna Gombert, SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab

Alanna Gombert

Alanna Gombert is VP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and Deputy General Manager, IAB Tech Lab.

Before joining IAB, Gombert was CEO of Gombert Consulting, a full service digital media consulting agency and she is Founder and Co-chair for the IAB Programmatic Council.

Prior she was Head of Digital Sales and Strategy at Condé Nast and founder of CatalystDesk, Condé Nast’s digital media trading platform. Gombert joined Condé Nast in March 2013 from Google by way of Admeld, where she ran the trading desk, agency, and demand-side platform relationships and helped grow RTB from an idea to a killer business.

Prior to Admeld, Gombert worked at Right Media, the first online advertising exchange, where she focused on ad selection algorithms and market dynamics. Right Media was acquired by Yahoo in 2007. Her early career included stints with Nielsen, DoubleClick, and the finance world with JP Morgan Chase and Commerzbank. Advertising has allowed her to travel the world, and she has experience in international markets, including EMEA, APAC, and Latin America.

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Les Hollander 1 Les Hollander Global Head of Digital Audio Monetization

Les Hollander, Global Head of Digital Audio Monetization, Spotify

Les Hollander 1
Cecilia Lang Cecilia Lang SVP, Digital Sales
Outfront Media

Cecilia Lang, SVP, Digital Sales, Outfront Media

Cecilia Lang
Tim Mahlman Tim Mahlman President of Platforms
AOL, Inc.

Tim Mahlman, President of Platforms, AOL, Inc.

Tim Mahlman

Tim has more than 20 years of online advertising experience living in Asia, Europe and the United States specializing in Digital advertising platforms, data analytics and programmatic exchange based technology. As President of AOL Platforms, Tim’s role is to oversee all of the Demand and Supply Side engineering, product and business divisions that comprises of One DSP, One SSP, OneTV, AdTech, and Convertro.

Tim came to AOL from the acquisition of Vidible where he was the founder. As CEO, he oversaw the Video Content Exchange Platform that streamlined the way video content owners syndicate their content to publishers. While incubating Vidible, Tim was an Entrepreneur in Residence with Greycroft Ventures, advising portfolio companies such as Klout, Livefyre, elicit and Collective Media.

Past experience includes serving as the Vice President of Network Sales at Yahoo! where he was responsible for overseeing the $500M+ performance display advertising division. While at Yahoo!, Tim lead the team to create innovative audience buying strategies, which produced best in class scale and efficiency for Advertiser’s marketing spend. He also guided Yahoo! in growing its non-guaranteed inventory by 4x.

Tim came to Yahoo! through the acquisition of BlueLithium, a leading data-driven performance marketing company where he served as Chief Revenue Officer overseeing the Global business. Tim built the business side of BlueLithium from the ground up and grew the revenue from $100k/month to $4M/month in less than 2 years.

Before joining BlueLithium, Tim was Chief Operating Officer of Winstar Interactive, a premiere site specific representation company that was acquired by Interep. Tim oversaw all day to day business and operations that grew profits by 50% over 2 years. Following the acquisition of CLIQNOW! to 24/7 Media in 1998, where Tim was the Director of Sales, he joined 24/7 Media as US Vice President of Sales and later went on to become the Senior Vice President of APAC, based in Hong Kong.

Tim lives in the Bay Area, with his wife and two daughters.

Auto Draft 164 Kavata Mbondo VP Digital Revenue Strategy and Operations
Time Inc.

Kavata Mbondo, VP Digital Revenue Strategy and Operations, Time Inc.

Auto Draft 164

Kavata Mbondo, vice president of revenue strategy and operations at Time Inc., oversees digital revenue operations, including ad operations, ad product, ad tech, programmatic sales strategy and yield management across more than 25 of Time Inc.’s premium properties.

Kavata was previously vice president of yield management and programmatic strategy, with responsibility for working with Time Inc.’s digital properties to develop optimal inventory and pricing strategies as well as manage and cultivate a booming programmatic business. Kavata began her career in digital advertising in 2006 and has previously worked at CBS Interactive and MTV Networks.

A native of Kenya, Kavata graduated with a B.A. in business with honors from Chestnut Hill College and earned her master’s degree in economics and women’s studies from New York University. Kavata lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children.

IAB Mobile Symposium 4 Maggie Mesa Vice President, Mobile Business Development

Maggie Mesa, Vice President, Mobile Business Development, OpenX

IAB Mobile Symposium 4

Maggie Mesa is Vice President of Mobile Business Development at OpenX, where she heads a team responsible for leading mobile partnerships. Maggie brings over ten years of experience building publisher partnerships and helping publishers to monetize great content to OpenX.

Maggie began her digital advertising career as an Account Executive at Etology and since then has led publisher development teams at AdBrite, Inneractive, and most recently at Manage.com, a DSP and mobile publisher platform.

Auto Draft 146 Matt Minoff Chief Digital Officer
Meredith Corporation

Matt Minoff, Chief Digital Officer, Meredith Corporation

Auto Draft 146

Matt Minoff is the Chief Digital Officer at Meredith Corporation, where he is responsible for the company’s long-term digital strategy and corporate development of digital advertising products and technology. Matt joined Meredith Digital with the acquisition of Selectable Media in January 2014, where he served as CEO. Before joining Selectable Media, Matt was an investment banker at Allen & Company, where he worked on capital raises and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Allen & Company, he played professional basketball in Israel and founded the Middle East branch of PeacePlayers International. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University and resides with his family in New York, NY.

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Les Hollander Dr. Neal Richter Chief Architect, Global Ad Platform
Rakuten Marketing

Dr. Neal Richter, Chief Architect, Global Ad Platform, Rakuten Marketing

Les Hollander
Randall Rothenberg - Staff Randall Rothenberg CEO

Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB

Randall Rothenberg - Staff

Randall Rothenberg is the president and CEO of Interactive Advertising Bureau, the trade association for interactive marketing in the United States. The IAB represents over 600 leading media, marketing and technology companies. Its members include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, The New York Times, Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, CBS, Cars.com, and scores of other ad-supported digital companies, which are responsible for selling more than 86% of online advertising in the U.S. To support the growth of the interactive advertising and marketing industries, the IAB serves as the industry’s public policy and lobbying organization, market and consumer research center, training and development base, and hub for the development of technical standards and operating best practices. IAB has 45 affiliate associations around the world.

Mr. Rothenberg led IAB from 2007 through 2010, and rejoined the association in March 2011, after a stint as Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Time Inc. Prior to his IAB role, Mr. Rothenberg was the Senior Director of Intellectual Capital of Booz Allen Hamilton, the international strategy and technology consulting firm, where he oversaw business development, knowledge management, and thought leadership activities, and directed the award-winning business journal strategy+business, Strategy+Business Books, www.strategy-business.com, and other electronic and print publications published by Booz Allen for senior business executives. Previously, he served as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Prior to Booz Allen, Mr. Rothenberg spent six years at The New York Times, where he was the technology editor and politics editor of the Sunday magazine, the daily advertising columnist, and a media and marketing reporter. For 10 years, he was a marketing and media columnist for Advertising Age. Mr. Rothenberg is the author of Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story (Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), a critically-acclaimed chronicle of the birth, evolution, and death of a single advertising campaign.

Mr. Rothenberg received an undergraduate degree in Classics from Princeton University and currently lives in New York City.

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Tim Sims Tim Sims VP of Inventory Partnerships
The Trade Desk

Tim Sims, VP of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

Tim Sims

Tim Sims is the Vice President of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk, a global demand-side platform in the $5B real-time bidding industry. In his role at The Trade Desk, Tim leads the company’s strategy and vision to create cutting-edge supply-side collaborations.

Tim also oversees The Trade Desk’s industry-shaping publisher management platform, where advertisers can transact with publishers to buy premium inventory through programmatic channels.

Tim is an adtech veteran, having previously served as director of business development at OpenX, and director of media at Spot Runner.

Tim is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and lives and works in New York City.

Jack Smith Jack Smith Chief Product Officer,
GroupM North America

Jack Smith, Chief Product Officer,, GroupM North America

Jack Smith

Jack is Chief Product Officer, GroupM North America and is responsible for the development of products and services for GroupM and its agencies in both analogue and digital media. He works directly and leads data and technology initiatives with GroupM clients, agencies and other WPP Group operating companies. Jack is also active with GroupM and WPP corporate development on investments and acquisitions.

Prior to his current role, Jack was global Chief Strategy Officer for [m]Platform where had global responsibility for definition, development and integration of platforms and products across programmatic and biddable media.

Previously, Jack was the Chief Product Officer at Simulmedia, an audience targeting ad network for linear television. At Simulmedia, he led the product, technology and intellectual properties strategies for their big data-driven television media and technology products.

Jack also co-founded and was CEO of Solariat, his second start-up. Solariat was a venture backed company that used machine learning and natural language processing to automate customer service and advertising in social media and user conversations. Solariat was sold to Genesys, a leading provider of multi-channel customer experience solutions for over 3,500 customers in 80 countries.

Before Solariat, he founded and ran The MIG (now Xaxis) for WPP Group out of 24/7 Real Media. At the MIG, he conceived and built the ZAP and Zeus platforms to help agencies and advertisers improve the process of planning, buying, trafficking and optimizing digital media advertising campaigns. His work at 24/7 lead directly to the acquisition of 24/7 by WPP in 2007.

Jack holds five patents in artificial intelligence and machine learning for prediction and targeting in natural language processing and media. He serves on the board of the WPP Data Alliance and is Board Member Emeritus of The University of Kentucky College of Communications. (Go Cats!) His writing and speaking has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, The New York Post, MediaPost, Business Insider, The Advertising Research Foundation, ANA, EGTA, The Joint Statistical Meetings and others.

Jack is a native of Kentucky and studied Music and Accounting at The University of Kentucky while tutoring Computer Science. In his free time, he takes photographs, collects extinct cameras and builds robots with his kids. He lives in New York with his wife, two daughters and rambunctious hound dog.

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8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast and Networking

9:00 am - 9:15 am

Opening Remarks: Transparency, Brand Safety, and Growth in an Automated Era

IAB releases its updated point of view on what programmatic means in 2017 and emphasizes the importance of trust and transparency in an automated era.

9:15 am - 9:45 am

Doing It with the Lights On: The Future of a Well-Lit Marketplace

It’s clear that the advertising industry needs to reinvent the mechanics of the supply chain and real-time marketplaces to shed some much-needed light on the business of ad tech. But before we vilify programmatic technologies and ad tech in general, let’s look at how we got here and examine what needs to be done to make the original promise of digital advertising a reality. Hear from Rubicon Project’s CEO, Michael Barrett, on what he believes it will take to achieve radical transparency.

9:45 am - 10:15 am

Now Entering the Post-Programmatic Era

Publishers, agencies, and marketers must adapt to an environment where data and automated tools are the new normal in day-to-day business operations. Hear from an agency and a publisher about how their organizations are re-shaping operations, teams, and marketplace positioning to respond to the centrality of data and technology in the sales and buying processes.

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Networking Break

10:45 am - 11:25 am

Town Hall: Header Bidding: How Does its Rise and Evolution Impact Transparency and Growth?

Join your peers in a debate and discussion that will chart the path forward.

Moderated by:

  • Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab
  • Jeremy Hlavacek, Vice President, Global Automated Monetization, The Weather Company
  • Doug Lauretano, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Media.net

Presented by:

11:25 am - 11:50 am

How Mobile Publishers Increase Yields with Automation

Mobile revenues have surpassed their desktop counterparts, and are only expected to grow as a proportion of overall publisher revenue. Unfortunately, most publishers are only able to garner a fraction of the yield on mobile inventory versus desktop. Gain an understanding of how some sellers are monetizing mobile as they navigate the market.

12:00 pm - 12:35 pm

Programmatic Symposium Town Halls

Join your peers in one of three town halls focused on transparency, brand safety, and growth. Curated by industry experts who will frame and guide the conversation, these town halls will not just address the industry’s most pressing issues, they will chart the path to overcome them. Town hall topics will include:

Transparency: How Can Brands and Publishers Facilitate a More Transparent Supply Chain?

Moderated by:

  • Benjamin Dick, Director, Data & Ad Effectiveness, IAB Data Center of Excellence
  • Emmy Spahr, Director, Programmatic, SapientRazorfish

Brand Safety: How Can Programmatic be Re-tooled to Ensure Brand Safety?

Moderated by:

  • Angelina Eng, Vice President, Media Platforms & Operations, Merkle, Inc.
  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth, Senior Director, Product, IAB Tech Lab

Growth: How Can Structures, People, Technology, and Tools Enable Continued Growth through Automation?

Moderated by:

  • Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President, Data and Ad Effectiveness, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Data Center of Excellence
  • Judith Hammerman, Vice President, Global Data Commercialization, Time Inc.
  • Eva Wu, Director of Mobile, IAB

12:35 pm - 1:35 pm

Networking Lunch

1:35 pm - 2:05 pm


The Connected Consumer

Consumers are spending more time on connected devices than ever before. This gives advertisers more opportunities to reach them and provides marketers with more data to help understand consumers’ behaviors and interests. At the same time, more data, more devices, and more formats add additional layers of complexity to an already crowded digital advertising landscape. Join the BrightRoll DSP for insights on device usage and adoption, and learn best practices to get the most out of campaigns across devices and formats.

Jessica Haley, Optimization and Innovation, Kepler
Matt Young, Head of Programmatic Field Sales, BrightRoll DSP, Yahoo

Presented by:




Quality, Brand Safety, and Transparency for Programmatic Video and Connected TV

What are the challenges with scalability on OTT and in private marketplaces? What measures for transparency are unique to video? How do broadcasters protect the value of their data, and how do buyers access true premium content programmatically? Join premium media owners and buyers in an interactive discussion specifically focused on video and connected TV.

Dan Callahan, Vice President, Programmatic Sales, Fox Networks Group

Robert Cukierman, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Vevo

Caitlin Schell, Supervisor, Advanced TV Strategy & Investment, Denstu-Aegis Network

Moderated by: Ryan Kenney, Vice President, Platform Service, SpotX

Presented by:

IAB Programmatic Symposium May 2017 4



Programmatic Radio?! It’s Time To Get Smart About Audio

With today’s advances in Programmatic Direct executions, why not add radio into the marketing mix?  Marketers continue to bulk up their DMP partnerships and CRM relationships, often overlooking the number-one medium, in terms of reach, in America: broadcast radio.  Join iHeartMedia for an interactive look at the newly unveiled SmartAudio programmatic advertising initiative, which provides brands with even more effective ways to reach audiences by using the scale of broadcast radio and the targeting ability of digital. Leveraging additional features such as real-time triggers like emerging weather patterns and in-game sport scores to first party, social data, audio allows you to get smart.

Ross Geier, SVP, Programmatic Revenue, iHeartMedia

Presented by:


2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Emerging Supply Sources: The Growth of Native, Audio, OTT, and DOOH

Automation has facilitated inventory monetization of what were considered non-traditional formats. Learn what inventory consolidation means for more sophisticated brand storytelling and how marketers are navigating the issues of brand safety, scalability, measurement, and attribution.

In a series of rapid-fire presentations, you will hear about:

  • Programmatic Native, from Tim Sims, VP of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk
  • Programmatic Audio, from Les Hollander, Global Head of Digital Audio Monetization, Spotify
  • Programmatic OTT, from Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV, Hulu
  • Programmatic DOOH, from Cecilia Lang, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales, Outfront Media

3:15 pm - 3:40 pm

Using Automation to Evolve Measurement and Attribution

Programmatic tools have provided brands, agencies, and publishers with unprecedented amounts of data about the audiences, channels, and tactics that work best. Learn how buyers are leveraging these insights to either evolve or validate their long-term measurement and attribution strategies over time.

3:40 pm - 4:15 pm

Networking Break

4:15 pm - 4:35 pm

Transparency and the Evolution of OpenRTB

An increasingly complex programmatic supply chain has brought with it a need to rethink transparency and security in the OpenRTB spec. Learn about existing challenges, how OpenRTB 3.0 can create a more authenticated supply chain protocol, and the opportunities this will create for brands and publishers.

4:35 pm - 5:00 pm

The Future of Transparency: Blockchain, Contracts, and Currency

Supply chain complexity has created a lack of transparency that threatens trust and liquidity in the programmatic marketplace. Drawing from financial market dynamics, Richard Bush explains the key industry forces that influenced the development of NYIAX’s new approach to exchange functionality.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Reception



IAB Programmatic Symposium May 2017 5

Raul Alarcon


Spanish Broadcasting System

James Arnold

VP of Digital Sales

Farm Journal Media

Yomi Arokoyo

Director, Client Success

Rakuten Marketing

Rob Auger

VP/Group Director, Media Technology


Sara Badler

Director, Programmatic Advertising

The New York Times

sarah baehr

EVP, Managing Partner Digital Investment

Horizon Media

Rohit Bagalkot

Director ASG


Greg Barbash

Supervisor – Tech Ops – Samsung


Vincent Bareges

VP, US Digital Investment

Amplifi US, Dentsu Aegis Network

Michael Barrett

Chief Executive Officer

Rubicon Project

Bridget Barrot

VP, Global Client Services


Rob Beeler



Ross Benes



Dorian Benkoil

Founder, Editorial Director

Teeming Media

Seth Berk

Head of Brand & Agency Development


Keith Bernard

Programmatic Sales Lead


Andrew Bernstein

Director, Yield Management

Charter, Spectrum Reach

Brian Bernstein

VP, Strategy


Mia Birkhead

VP, Sales Operations


Steven Bithell

Associate Director


Per Bjorke

Product Manager


Emily Blumberg

Sales Manager


Lauren Bobbitt

Associate Media Director

Media Storm

Eric Bonach

Head of Communication

Rubicon Project

Tony Bonvolanta

Lead Advertisng Platform Manager


Katherine Brady

EVP Registry and Commerce

xo group inc

Carter Brokaw

President, Digital & Audience Segment Revenue Strategy


Kajsa Brown

Director, Media Platforms and Operations


Elissa Brown

Media Director

Women’s Marketing Inc

Jennifer Burke

Data Scientist


Richard Bush

Chief Product and Technology Officer


Matthew Caldecutt

Senior Vice President

Blast PR

Jennifer Caleo

Director of Programmatic Supply


Dan Callahan

VP Programmatic Sales

Fox Networks Group

Al Caplan


722 Investments

Robbie Caploe



Thomas Carroll

Manager, Media Technology Standards

Publicis Media, PMX

Nathan Carver


Accordant Media

Joe Catanzaro

VP, Ad Operations & Strategy

Warner Bros.

Nelson Catarino

Senior Director Digital Media


Yeliza Centeio

Associate Media Director


Yuyu Chen



Angel Chen


IPG Mediabrands

Karina Cherfas

Senior Manager


Gracie Childress

Manager, Integrated Media

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Judy Chiu

Key Account Manager

Smart AdServer

Chris Cifarelli

Vice President, Ad Sales

AMC Networks

Joshua Cohen

Product Manager, Data and Monetization Platforms

Turner Broadcasting System

Amanda Cohen

VP, Media Planning and Strategy

Simon Property Group

terry cohen

SVP Media & Data


Steve Copertino

Digital Brand Marketing


Roger Corn

VP, Corporate Development


Nicole Cosby

VP, Media Tech Standards

Publicis Media

James Cowan

Industry Lead, Programmatic


Rob Cukierman

VP, Strategic Partnerships


jon curcio

Senior VP


Robert Cusack

Head of US Digital Advertising

ESI Media

Karan Dalal

SVP, Business Development and Operations


Aparna Dargar

Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising


Abir Das

Monetization Consultant

Smart AdServer

David Day

Chief Financial Officer

Rubicon Project

Angelica De La Salas

Senior Manager Business Development


Amanda Dean

Programmatic Strategist

The Weather Company, an IBM Business

Matt Deets

Sr Director, Platform Demand North America


Seth Demsey

Chief Technology Officer

AOL Platforms

Jason Dennie

SVP, Operations


Chelsea Derrico

VP Account Planning & Investments

OpAD Media

Chris DeSouza

Director of Performance Media


Joe DeVita

Senior Account Director


Len DiCosola

VP, Publisher Development


Patrick Dignan

US Director Programmatic Sales


Christine DiLandro

Dir., Head od Cards Media


Sara-Beth Donovan


Mintz + Hoke Media Only

Cynthia DuBose

Sr. Product Manager

Cox Media Group / Fans1st Media

Cary Dunst

General Manager


Tobi Elkin

Executive Editor


Angelina Eng

VP, Media Platforms & Operations

Merkle Inc

Clint Ethington


Genius Monkey

Mike Evans

VP of Strategic Accounts


Kristen Fellows

Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Beth Fineberg

Client Partner


Dominic Finney

VP Digital Strategy

Theorem Inc

Katie Fiore

Head of Conversion Optimization


Doug Fleming

Head of Advanced TV


Matt Fogarty

VP, Sales


Matt Fogarty

VP Sales


Lara Franklin

Head of Marketing


Shelby Friedman

VP of Sales


Billie Friedmann

Senior Strategist, Trading and Optimizations


Sampath Gadamsetty

Sr.Manager Application Support Engineering


Melody Gambino

Head, Global Marketing


Rik Gates

VP, Ad Sales – News Group


Ross Geier

SVP Programmatic


blandine Genix

SVP Digital

Media Assembly

John Gentilin


Immersv Inc.

Michael Gigl

Director USA & Australia

Austrian Tourist Office

Brian Gilbert

Sr. Dir, Platform & Programmatic Ops


Kathryn Glass

VP of Partnerships


David Glicksman

Director, Digital

Horizon Media Inc.

Roee Goldberg

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer


kristina goldberg

VP, Programmatic


Mateo Gonzalez

Senior Business Development Manager

PulsePoint Inc

Chris Grass

Digital Media Manager

Rinck Advertising

Janine Gravina

VP, Group Director


Rahul Gupta

Technical Account Director

PulsePoint Inc

Pranay Gupta

VP, Technical Solutions


Jessica Haley

Optimization & Innovation

Kepler Group

Chris Hallenbeck

Director of Traffic Quality Operations


Donna Hamilton

SVP Product & Partnerships


Trevor Hamilton

VP, Audience Demand


Judith Hammerman

VP, Global Data Commercialization

Time Inc.

Robert Hammond



Michael Hannon

VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization


Ben Hardy

Sr. Customer Success Manager


Chris Hartley

Head of Global Advertising

Panasonic Avionics

Chad Hassell


Genius Monkey

Seth Hassell


Genius Monkey

Meghan Henderson

Programmatic Ad Sales Manager


Jeff Hirsch



Jeremy Hlavacek

VP Global Automized Monetization

The Weather Company

Amanda Hochfelsen

Programmatic Manager

Mediavest Spark

Alexis Hochleutner

Global Product Lead, Doubleclick


Matthew Hogg

Head of Programmatic


Les Hollander

Global Head of Digital Audio Monetization


Malcolm Houtz

Director of Analytics


Kevin Howard

Sr. Director, Digital


Jeremy Hudgens

SVP, Director of Client Solutions

Genius Monkey

Nick Illobre

VP, Head of Product Strategy


Adam Javorsky

Manager, Programmatic Sales


Samuel Jenning

Solutions Architect

Disney ABC TV Group

Lauren Johnson

Technology Staff Writer


Louis Jones

EVP, Media & Data


Judy Karsting

Global Brand Manager

Panasonic Avionics

Laura Kasakoff

Partner Manager


John Katsos

Sales Director


Anthony Katsur



Keren Katz

Programmatic Lead


Amy Kelly

Senior Account Executive, Paid Media

Porter Novelli

Ryan Kenney

VP Platform Services


Alexa Kentfield

Strategic Partnerships Marketing Coordinator

Outfront Media

Josh Kerschner

Accout Director

OpAd Media

Aman Khambaty

Associate Manager, Publisher Partnerships


Wynne Kim

Principal, MarTech Strategist


Michael Kim


Integral Ad Science

Chris Kimball

Director, Digital Advertising

MeritDirect, LLC

Joel Kirk

Marketing Manager


Adam Klee

Director, Yield


Kolin Kleveno

VP, Programmatic


Derek Klimkowski

Director Agency Sales Americas


Molly Knol

Senior Manager, Committees and Conferences

Association of National Advertisers

Danielle Koffer

Vice President, Global Media

Colgate-Palmolive Company

David Kohl

Chief Executive Officer

Morgan Digital Ventures

Kyle J. Krakauer

Director, Audience Intelligence


Don Kransteuber

VP Digital Marketing

U.S. Bank

Domenica Kraus

SVP, Media

Womens Marketing Inc

Kerri Krom

Research & Insights Director

Women’s Marketing, Inc.

Joselyn LaDelfa

Sr Buyer Development Director


Kayla LaFata

Digital Sales Manager

ABC Owned Television Stations

Ann Laksana

Manager, Ad Tech Systems

21st Century FOX

Shaun Lampe

Partnerships Manager


Imani Laners


Shinko Media LLC

Cecilia Lang

SVP, Digital Sales

Outfront Media

Jaclyn Laske

Senior Director, Media & Digital Strategy


Doug Lauretano



Elaine Lawson

US Digital Marketing


Kathryn Lemoine

VP, Digital Strategy and Operations

The Moran Group

Matt Lennon

Client Partner


Matt Letner

Director, Strategic Partnerships


Bea Leung

Media Planning & Buying

Planet Pentia

Barry Levine

Marketing Tech Reporter

Marketing Land/Third Door Media

Rob Lewis

Sales Director

The Media Trust

Allison Li

Ad Tech Solutions Specialist

21st Century FOX

Ilyse Liffreing

Campaign U.S.

Platforms Reporter

jorge limon

On Line Comercial Manager

Empresas El Debate S.A. de C.V.

Chris Lindquist

SVP, Sales

Warner Bros. Digital Media Slaes

Alixandra Liner

Director of Ad Operations

New York Public Radio

Geoffrey Litwer

Director Programmatic

Publicis Health Media

Patrick Logan

Business Development

Mpire Network (A Tech Mpire Company)

Danielle Lopez

Head of Product Marketing


Diego Lopez-Vega

Media Supervisor

Women’s Marketing Inc.

Ian Lowe



John Maher

Senior Account Executive

Porter Novelli

Tim Mahlman

President, Publisher Platforms


David Manzo

Digital Strategy


Sean Mario

Group Vice President


Cristina Marrus

VP, Managing Director

Horizon Media

Victor Martinez

Director of Sales

GFR Media

April Matteotti

VP, Digital


Mike Mayer



Kavata Mbondo

Vice President, Digital Revenue Strategy & Operations

Time Inc.

Ryan McBride

VP, Platform Partnerships


Kevin McElroy

SVP Sales


Genevieve McGlory

Manager, Brand Marketing & Advertising


Paige McGovern

Cross Media Strategist

OpAd Media

Kathy McGrath

SVP, Director of Digital Trade

Active International

Thomas McKeon

Programmatic Manager


Matt McLeggon

Director, Business Development


Andy McNeil

Sales Engineer


Laura Megali

Head of East Coast Sales


Maggie Mesa

VP, Mobile Business Development


James Miller

Vice President, Business Development


Mandy Miller

Global Strategy Lead


Matt Minoff

Chief Digital Officer

Meredith Corporation

MIchelle Mirshak

VP, Data Architecture and Platforms


Christopher Mittman

Vice President

Mediavest Spark

Rena Moskovic

VP Acocunt Director Integrated Media

Active International

Gregg Murphy

Senior Director, Revenue Operations

Match Media

Christopher Murphy

Chief Strategy Officer, Programmatic

Omnicom Media Group

James Murphy

VP, Programmatic


Liane Nadeau

Associate Director, Programmatic


Ronald Negrete

Lead Data Analyst


Jeffrey Nelson

Director of Business Development


Rebecca Niakan

Director of Sales Planning

Condé Nast

Olga O’Donnell

VP Digital Business Operations

Dentsu Aegis Network

Matt Oliver

VP, Sales


joshua palau

Sr. Director, Global Partnerships

Johnson & Johnson

Vinod Panicker

Lead – Amazon Brand Safety


Stephanie Pansini

Director, Digital Sales Strategy

Comcast Media 360

George Pappachen

EVP, Corporate Development & Strategy

Research Now

Elizabeth Pardieu



Kinjal Parikh

Director, Digital Analytics


Lauren Parisi

Digital Marketing Manager


Alec Parsons

Senior Director, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

JUICE Mobile

Julia Pawling

Global Brand Marketing


Colin Peek

Dir, Brand Strategy & Partnerships

Crush & Lovley

Michael Persaud

Senior Director of Programmatic


Amogh Pore

Assoc Manager – Demand Partnerships


Jill Powers

Director of Enterprise Sales

JUICE Mobile

Zakiya Powers

Digital Terms and Conditions Supervisor

Dentsu Aegis Network

Libby Price

Partner Manager


Matt Prohaska

CEO & Principal

Prohaska Consulting

Nicole Pruess

VP, Global Supply Strategy and Quality


Michael Quigley

Partner, Ad Operations

IPG Mediabrands

Jose Ramirez

Senior Director, Optimization Strategy


Asif Rawji

Technical Campaign Manager

Mpire Network (A Tech Mpire Company)

Elma Redzepagic

VP, East Coast

JUICE Mobile

Jose Reyes

DSP Partnership Manager Americas

Smart AdServer

Casey Riccaldo

Senior Director of Integrated Media, Digital

Active International

Jeanine Ricci

Advertising Manager, The Americas

Lufthansa German Airlines

Christina Riccitelli

Senior Account Director

OpAD Media

Neal Richter

Chair, OpenRTB

IAB Tech Lab

Darren Riley

SVP Director international media

Active international

Vincent Rinaldi

Vice President, Audience Platforms

Dentsu Aegis Network, Amplifi US

Jorge Rivera

Programmatic Manager

GFR Media

Fernando Rodriguez

SVP, Sales, Operations and Development

Univision Communications Inc.

Glenn Roginski

Media Director, Pharmaceuticals

Johnson & Johnson

Pete Romano

Senior Director

Cox Automotive

Christopher Romano

Director of Platforms

Amnet US

Marika Roque

VP, Digital Media Activation

Nexstar Media Group

Jason Rosenbaum

VP, Strategic Pricing and Yield Management


Jason Rubenstein

Head of Sales

Ad Lightning

Sam Rubenstein

Media Sales Director


Jesus Salas

Executive VicePresident of Programming

Spanish Broadcasting System

Alexis Sandler


Publicis Media

Caitlin Schell

Supervisor, Advanced TV Strategy

Amplifi US

Eva Schmiedleitner

Manager Interactive Communications

Austrian Tourist Office

Dan Schneider

VP, Tech Assurance

BPA Worldwide – ICompli

Lauren Schulman

Director of Ad Operations

eHealthcare Solutions

Jerrold Seeman


Luxcore, Ltd.

Jennifer Serpico

Senior Digital Media Specialist

Toll Brothers

Neil Shapiro

VP, Digital and Programmatic Sales


Archie Sharma

Director, Corporate Strategy


Nina Shea

Senior Director, Brand Solutions


Dan Sheehy

VP Business Development


Lindsey Sheffield

Director, Digital Ad Operations

Charter Communications

Ronan Sheilds

Digital Editor

The Drum

Moham Sherif

Sr. Manager, Marketing


Darren Sherriff

VP, Ad Tech Solutions

Fox Networks Group

Alison Sidrane

VP, Associate Managing Director

Horizon Media

Max Siegelman

Social Media Strategist

Outfront Media

Michael Siewert

Digital Media Manager

Colgate Palmolive

Tim Sims

VP of Inventory Partnerships

The Trade Desk

Prabhu Sivakumar

Director Global Sales Systems Strategy & Prod Mgmt


Sarah Sluis

Senior Editor


Belinda Smith

Director, Global Media Activation


Kelley Smith

Associate Director, Technology & Activation Group


David Smith



Jack Smith

Chief Strategy Officer

[m]Platform, GroupM

Michael Solomon


Media Management, Inc.

Troy Somero

Senior Director, Revenue Management


Emmy Spahr

Director, Programmatic


Lee Sparaga

VP Sales, Americas


Scott Spencer

Director – Product Management

Google Inc.

Grant Sterling

VP, Global Strategic Accounts

Rubicon Project

Brian Stoller

VP Performance Media


Emily Strohmaier

Senior Manager, Media Services


Virginia Suhr

Digital Media Director

LoBo & Petrocine

Marie Svet

Global Chief Revenue Officer

AccuWeather, Inc.

Stephanie Ta

Associate Director


Esther Tak

Director, Digital

Active International

Jeremy Tate

VP/Group Director

Starcom/Groupe Connect

Shalise Tempest

VP, Partner, Account Services

Universal McCann

Brad Timmers

Director, Product Management


Andrew Tint

Sr Manager Agency Development


Yusuke Tomizawa

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Consumer Reports

Monica Tran

Supervisor, Digital Media


Michael Tripodi

VP, Digital Director

Horizon Media

Joseph Trotz

Global Head of Ad Tech

The Weather Company, An IBM Business

Brian Tucker

VP Sales


Kevin Vail

Manager, AdOps

Universal McCann

Don Valdez

Director, Programmatic & Direct Advertising

Task & Purpose

Rosario Valdez

Associate Director


Laarni Varias

Sr. Partner, Sr. Director, Digital Investment


Abhishek Vora

Sr Dir Media Value Strategy

Cox Automotive

Brad Walsh

Vice President, Digital Sales East


Rebecca Weidenbenner

Manager, Third Party Platforms

Disney Interactive

Mitchell Weinstein

SVP, Ad Operations

IPG Mediabrands

Rick Welch

Head of Programmatic Advertising


Craig Whitmer

Vice President Programmatic


Amy Wilkins


Smithsonian Media

Brooke Willcox

Director of Digital Business Development

MNI Targeted Media, Inc.

Jeffrey Williams

Sr. Manager Programmatic Sales

Tremor Video

Greg Williams

Co-Founder, SVP OPEN Partnerships


Menashe Wodinsky

Head of Programmatic


Jessica Wright

Director of Event Marketing


Tom Yamada

VP & Co-founder

Optimatic Media

Matt Young

Head of Programmatic


Kristen Yraola

VP, Digital Marketing

Christie’s Inc

Mike Yuen

Marketing Manager


Wenda Zhou

Header Bidding

Aol Platforms

claudio zibenberg

media manager



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