Online Learning 4 Week Extension Fee: Digital Media Sales Certification Prep



    Course Overview
    Develop a competitive edge among digital media sellers. IAB Digital Media Sales Certification helps digital buyers and sellers establish a deeper level of trust when working together. When you earn IAB Digital Media Sales Certification, you demonstrate digital media sales competency and an ability to uphold the standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry. Whether you are experienced or newer to digital media, media sales training provides detailed insight into each content area of the certification exam and key strategies for digital media sales success.

    This program is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam – to set themselves apart as a subject matter expert, with the credentials to prove it. Before enrolling in this course, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.

    This class does not guarantee success in passing any IAB Certification exam. Class content and exam content are not identical. Some topics included in class may not appear on the exam, and similarly, select exam questions may include terminology or topics not taught in class.

    Course Formats: Online Learning, In-Person Training, Corporate Training

    Learning Outcomes
    Build credibility and trust with buy-side partners, colleagues, and employers
    Demonstrate fluency in digital media sales strategy and knowledge of the digital media industry
    Demonstrate your commitment to professional development

    Discussion Topics
    Digital Media Sales Certification exam instruction
    How the digital advertising ecosystem works
    Programmatic fundamentals
    Digital ad formats, creative and platforms
    Ad serving terms and technology
    Tools used for booking, trafficking and implementing campaigns
    Digital media standards, regulation and compliance
    Best practices in selling digital media
    How to manage and analyze digital ad campaigns
    Ways to upsell and present new business opportunities

    Course Formats
    Upcoming In-Person Classes
    The in-person class is highly interactive, with live discussions with industry experts providing technical know-how and best practices for media sellers.

    No upcoming events at this time, check back soon.

    Online Learning
    With this 5-module online course, you’ll emerge with an elevated knowledge of digital media and a higher chance of succeeding when you sit for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam at your local testing center.

    Exam Prep Course and Certification Bundle
    Apply to take your certification exam and register for the prep course to set yourself up for success.

    Corporate Training
    Are you planning to register 10 or more attendees from your organization? Get in touch to learn about special discounts for groups of 10 or more and on-site training opportunities.

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