Digital Data Solutions Recertification Application



    An individual working in Digital Data Solutions manages existing data supplies, expands product portfolios, and protects data users by establishing data policies, creating new data products, developing client data solutions, and activating data integrations. They often evaluates the integrity of data, builds business cases, and collaborates cross-functionally. The IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification (DDSC) is the highest industry credential for digital data professionals. Individuals who earn the certification have demonstrated their knowledge and competency in the content areas outlined in the DDSC Exam Blueprint and are dedicated to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry. Individuals meeting eligibility requirements must pass a multiple-choice exam in order to qualify for certification and earn the DDSC designation.

      Successful and knowledgeable individuals working in digital data solutions should have a fundamental understanding of these four areas covered in the exam:

        Establishing Data Policies
        Managing Data Supply
        Creating Data Products
        Activating Data Integrations

    DDSC certification is awarded for a period of two years. In order to maintain certification and continue use of the DDSC designation, certified individuals must meet the requirements for recertification. Qualified candidates for recertification shall have the option of either retaking the Certification examination or earning 24 Continuing Education credits over the two year certification period.