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    Stay on Top of Your Digital Advertising Operations Career

    The skill sets required for Advertising Operations professionals are evolving rapidly. With the proliferation of more platforms and channels, ad units and formats, metrics and tools, standardized knowledge is absolutely necessary to perform on the job in Ad Ops.

    Now more than ever, Ad Ops leaders need to work intelligently in order to make campaigns run efficiently. IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification proves you and your team understand the latest practices, tools and terminology required to succeed in the marketplace. This is the only accredited program in the industry for Ad Ops, acknowledged by the American National Standards Institute.

    Additionally, Ad Ops roles are increasingly becoming more customer-facing. This credential creates confidence in your business practices and most importantly in your clients. The program helps Ad Ops leaders build their careers and supports candidates in securing jobs in the competitive marketplace.

    IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification is available worldwide and to anyone working in digital ad operations at Advertising Agencies, Digital Publishers, Trading Desks, Demand and Supply-Side Platforms, Exchanges and Brands organizations. The program is for coordinators, managers, directors, and executives.

    Built on Past Certification Success
    In 2012, we launched the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification and within its few years the program attracted more than 6,000 individual participants from over 300 companies across the industry. Based on this success, we strategically focused on the role of Ad Operations as the next opportunity for a Certification program.

    IAB and the Commission on Certification have leveraged this expertise to create a program for this unique job function that tests the applicant’s baseline knowledge and ensures continual learning throughout their career with a rigorous recertification procedure.

    Both the IAB Ad Operations and Sales Certification programs have received accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

    To see the scope of the IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification program, click here.

    Digital Ad Operations Certification
    An individual working in Digital Ad Operations works closely with advertisers and agencies to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the media buying lifecycle, to include creative management, launch confirmation, and pacing confirmation. This includes providing quality assurance, logging traffic, pulling campaign placement reports, entry of proposals and reviewing the status of campaigns in order to optimize their performance, while assisting the Ad Sales, Marketing, and Product teams in formulating media plans.

    The IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC) is the highest industry credential for digital ad operations professionals. Individuals who earn the certification have demonstrated their knowledge and competency in the content areas outlined in the DAOC Exam Blueprint, and are dedicated to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry. Individuals meeting eligibility requirements must pass a multiple-choice exam in order to qualify for certification and earn the DAOC designation.

      Successful and knowledgeable individuals working in digital ad operations should have a fundamental understanding of these four areas covered in the exam:
  • Executing Campaign Launch
  • Managing Live Campaigns
  • Supporting Ad Operations Initiatives
  • Managing Incidents
  • Recertification. DAOC certification is awarded for a period of two years. In order to maintain certification and continue use of the DAOC designation, certified individuals must meet the requirements for recertification. Qualified candidates for recertification shall have the option of either retaking the Certification examination or earning 24 Continuing Education credits over the two year certification period.

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