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Step In & Step Up: Allies in Action

Step In & Step Up: Allies to Act

A Change Movement with IAB

“We’re in the middle of a ‘Trisis’.’’ – Monique Nelson, CEO UWG

Our country is experiencing an economic, health and societal crisis impacting our entire livelihood. There is an urgent calling for the digital media industry to come together to change the way we represent and influence the communities we serve.

It’s time to act – together as an industry.

IAB is a logical source to help drive needed change forward. We’re dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our industry. We recently launched IAB ACCESS – a two-part program giving free access to the 2020 NewFronts to students, as well as access to our online training programs to transitioning professionals affected by the pandemic. Additionally, we’ve partnered with UWG, experts on diversity and multi-cultural marketing, to create an Inclusive Leadership program and act as our advisors moving forward.

A pledge for change. 

“Step in & Step up: Allies in Action” calls for our member companies and industry partners to lead by example — by creating and standing behind principles, best practices, and programs to build and nurture diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces. IAB believes if we all come together and rally behind the same commitments, our efforts and solutions will have far-reaching effects and long-term impact on our industry. This initiative will focus on change, access and action.

Email [email protected] to join one of the below groups to help set the agenda and priorities to help achieve specific goals.

  1. Workforce & Workplace Committee: Develop training, mentorship and apprenticeship programs to build more inclusive and equitable work cultures within our companies.
  2. Community & Engagement Committee: Create diversity recruitment best practices and collegiate programs to engage more students to help create a more diverse and inclusive industry.
  3. Best Practices & Resources Committee: Create an industry-wide resource library inclusive of original thought-leadership, case studies, and best practices.

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