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Responding to Google’s Recent Privacy Update

Business Leadership During Challenging Times

The Google announcement has not changed our plans to provide a new portfolio of approaches to addressability, with privacy and with auditable accountability.

As expected, major platforms, and advertising and media companies are approaching privacy and data protection differently, but we believe we all share common goals: protecting data, safeguarding privacy, improving user experience, and betting on the ad-supported digital economy to continue delivering products and services users love.

On issues this complex and important, we need to work together as an industry to evaluate, adapt, integrate (where appropriate), and implement those different approaches, so we can ensure we reach those goals together — and that the approaches are as aligned and consistent as possible. Consistency in privacy experiences benefits everyone, particularly consumers. PRAM (the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media) was created for that purpose, and that role is more critical now than ever.

We are disappointed that Google did not work more closely with the industry prior to announcing its latest plans, but we believe Google’s announcement presents a critical opportunity for future collaboration. We invite Google, and other platforms, to join PRAM in developing a consistent, rigorous, supervised, transparent, and independent process for evaluating proposals — from Google Ads, Chrome, or others.

While we have received some clarifications, there is still a great deal we don’t know about the specific implications of the Google announcement, and we are working with Google to better understand it. The industry aims to vigorously engage with Google through the PRAM process, so we can test, validate, and potentially strengthen its proposed approach.