GDPR: Working Together in a Time of Uncertainty

The final countdown for GDPR enforcement has begun, but important questions remain regarding how the media and marketing industries will fare under the new rules. After extensive discussion with EU government stakeholders, IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab have developed the GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework as an adaptable solution to help companies on their path to compliance. This industry-driven solution has been hailed as a key step to ensuring its continued success in today’s evolving legal environment. We strongly urge all of IAB’s member companies, and all others in the online advertising ecosystem, to participate.

As with any industry standard, the Transparency & Consent Framework will be most beneficial when it is broadly adopted by industry players, large and small. IAB knows from experience that the best way to drive industry-wide adoption is to have many voices and diverse representation in the development process, and we are appreciative of the more than one hundred leading publishers, vendors, agencies, and marketers that have dedicated significant time and resources to its creation.

Because of wide spread participation and the continued, productive conversations that IAB is having with our members, we are hopeful that current concerns over key industry stakeholders participation will be resolved and that all IAB members will join the hundreds of existing participants in the adoption and continued development of the framework.