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Advertisers of New York: Gwen Lovekin, Harmelin Media

Advertisers of New York: Gwen Lovekin, Harmelin Media

Catchy Commercials

I’ve always been a sucker for anything with a catchy jingle or something that just kind of stands out. I think everybody loves those Taco Bell commercials with the Chihuahua, even now.

What’s My Major?

I have a degree in English. I was going to at one point become an English teacher.

Falling Into the Business

My first job out of college was kind of an odd job that really didn’t have anything to do with my background. So I took some time off to figure out what I wanted to do and then somehow just happened to find a media coordinator position, and have been in it ever since.

I am a Netflix Fan

I will own up to that. I actually started and finished Dead to Me last weekend. I’m kind of a sucker for any of the new shows that come out and I binge everything, so I am continually looking for new things to watch.

The Constant is Change

There are huge shifts with digital now, and with trying to determine how to measure video and when to move from online video to linear and back. I think it’s exciting to watch all of this unravel.

Something for Everyone

I was talking to somebody at the NewFronts who had brought their client and they were afraid that a lot of the material would be over their head. Some of it may have been, but I think there was something for everyone there.

We Need This

There was so much information in the presentations. I was there with my colleague and we were like, we need to get our hands on these presentations! IAB showed some of the slides from their Video Advertising Spend Report and I came right back and downloaded that.

Tuning In

We’re currently putting a lot of focus on trying to set standards as an agency on things like the path to purchase, how to measure, and how to decide when to use different types of video, so we were tuned in anytime anybody even touched on something like that.

Smarter TVs

I’m definitely interested in seeing if that category widens at all because the information is so valuable, but it’s hard just going off to such a small data set.

Philly vs New York

Is there anything I can’t do in Philly that I can do in New York? Are you trying to get me in trouble here?

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