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NewFronts Moved to Week of June 22nd

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In the midst of daunting challenges, it’s inspiring to watch our industry come together to do good.

IAB members are putting their employees, communities, and customers first. Still, we’re hearing from buyers and sellers alike that they need to keep moving the business forward. We’ve been working hard to figure out the best way to do this for the NewFronts.

We know that creating a next generation content marketplace to connect buyers and sellers can’t happen overnight, so we’re moving the NewFronts to the week of June 22nd.

Moving the NewFronts will give publishers time to be creative, fine tune their messages and do their best work. The goal at IAB, as always, is to help publishers showcase their work in the best way possible, and to be a connector for the industry.

“The NewFronts have always been about realizing our collective potential, not looking through the lens of the past. In that spirit, we’re having extensive conversations with both buyers and presenters about how to leverage this year’s unique challenges to create something that’s not just “OK, all things considered” but really and truly better.” said David Cohen, President, IAB. “Our goal is to create a dynamic marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in a way that allows ample time for development, a robust platform for delivery, and safety for all.”

This will be a ‘new NewFronts’ in every way you can imagine. Please stay tuned, stay optimistic, and stay healthy.