Make Mobile Work Webinars

IAB will be hosting a series of webinars over the course of the year, in partnership with our publisher partners, to educate marketers and agencies about HTML5 and the key strategies to developing successful mobile campaigns.

Past Webinars:

IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar: Dynamic Mobile Creative Case Studies
September, 2018
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Dynamic creatives, customized in real-time based on data, offer personalized experiences that have fueled the success of many direct-to-consumer brands. The ideal is a perfect marriage of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, though the actual implementation is easier said than done. In this webinar, you will see case studies of how other brands have done it successfully, in particular on mobile platforms. We’ll guide you to overcome organizational chasms and technological difficulties and inspire you to activate your creative juice.

IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar: Mobile Measurement Can Be Perfected. What Now?
May, 2018
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Some brands are still reluctant to invest in mobile advertising, despite overwhelming consumer time spent, due to lack of standards for measurement. Mobile measurement can be perfected. But what are some current best practices for brands to leverage in order to take advantage of the consumer attention on mobile and build a measurement regime they can rely on?

IAB Webinar: What Does AI Mean For Day-to-Day Marketing?
December, 2017
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We get it – Artificial Intelligence is the “new shiny object,” but what are some practical applications of AI that can lead to a competitive advantage in your Marketing?

IAB Webinar: How to Monetize Mobile and What Works
October, 2017
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Consumer time spent is higher on mobile than desktop, however it hasn’t completely translated to advertising dollars for publishers on mobile. Have you heard enough of the challenges in monetizing mobile content and wondered what is currently working for publishers?

How Marketers Can Capitalize on Attention on Mobile Apps
September, 2017
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More than half digital media time spent is on apps, according to comScore 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report. However, apps are often stigmatized as the arena for social-centric performance-marketing only. While social apps are popular, mobile apps across categories like news, entertainment, sports, and gaming have become universal and they reach valuable users across demographics and psychographics, offering brands engaged audiences. However, marketers have been struggling to take the leap to app advertising due to lack of familiar metrics and creative formats. Join industry leaders from IPSOS, Startapp, and AdTheorent to learn how to mitigate the current challenges and capitalize on the attention of app users.

IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series: Mobile App Engagement
October, 2016
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You worked really hard to get your app in the app store and make users aware of it and install it. However, there is a big gap between downloads and active users. Also you would like your active users to engage with the app more often. How to draw your users back to the app and increase their time spent within your app through engagement ad campaigns?

IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series: Make Mobile Advertising Welcome
August, 2016
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In the rise of ad blocking, user experience is paramount for advertisers and publishers alike. On mobile, it is even more important due to the small screen and shorter consumer attention span.

Build Creatives that Work Across Devices
June, 2016
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To effectively engage the “liquid consumer” as they move from screen to screen throughout the customer journey, marketers need to understand how to build unified, high-quality creative that captures attention while delivering the best user experience regardless of which device the consumer is using. The good news is, with HTML5, the promise of developing and delivering rich cross-screen experiences with full interactivity and motion graphics (without compatibility issues), is now a reality. Key questions remain however, including how to break through operational silos to integrate scalable designs that are both impactful and respectful of the consumer experience. AvatarLabs, Campbell Soup Company, and Kargo discussed how new approaches and tools for cross-screen creative are inspiring a shift in creativity, execution and performance.

Promoting Mobile Apps
December, 2015
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Building an app can be a great way to create a deeper relationship with customers, or gain a new audience. But once you build an app, how do you make sure people who should know about it can find it? This webinar offers practical, tactical advice on ad campaigns for promoting mobile apps. It will help you understand how to find the most qualified audience, pique their interest, and measure success.

Cross-Device Measurement
October, 2015
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This webinar gives a sense of the state of the science and art of cross-device measurement. How can you know who is seeing your advertising or content, and how they traverse different screens and devices?

Mobile Video
August, 2015
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How can you showcase your brand through mobile video? IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Mobile video ads are a fantastic way to deliver a message to an engaged audience—sight sound and motion in the palm of someone’s hand. There are lots of mobile video ad formats and styles to choose from, too, suitable for any kind of brand or campaign goal.

Design With Device In Mind: Cross-Screen Creative for Agencies and Brands
May, 2014
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Gain a clear understanding of the techniques used in building rich cross-screen ad creative, ways to take advantage of device form factors, and HTLM5 design capabilities.

Mobile Inventory and Targeting for Agencies and Brands
August, 2014
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Will offer brands and agencies best practices, techniques, and examples on how to buy and target mobile inventory that successfully reaches the right audience, on the right device.

Why HTML5: The Mobile Opportunity
March, 2014
Download the presentation | View webinar recording | Use HTML5 To Power & Scale Ad Creative | Unlock HTML5 Opportunity | Full Talk Talk Case Study
What is HTML5, why does it matter to you, and how should you get started?

Measuring Mobile Success for Agencies and Brands
November, 2014
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Hear all about the current state of mobile measurement and best practices for setting campaigns up for mobile measurement success including hands-on examples.