The Outlook for Data 2016: A Snapshot Into Digital Media and the Evolving Role of Audience Insight

Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

This inaugural edition of “The Outlook for Data” found that digital media practitioners focused their 2015 efforts predominately on the continued expansion of their programmatic display media buying initiatives. In the year ahead, these same stakeholders expect to shift their attention and resources to programmatic approaches across emerging channels and formats—as well as to solving for audience recognition across devices.

Research Highlights include:

  • Despite growing industry buzz around new formats and audience engagement approaches, panelists said that they’ve been focusing their data initiatives on an familiar practice: Programmatic media buying for “established” digital formats— like display—represented the most common data‐driven use case in 2015, cited by 50.5% of panelists as a key area of focus last year
  • That emphasis is likely to evolve in 2016, with more panelists expecting to concentrate on programmatic buying for new formats, including video and mobile (52.5%) than on traditional display buying (43.4%)
  • In addition, cross‐channel audience management initiatives, such as campaign measurement and audience identification, will command substantial attention in 2016; a large majority of panelists (69.9%) said that cross‐device audience recognition is the priority likely to occupy the greatest proportion of their attention in the coming year
  • What’s driving interest in these use cases and capabilities? Growing volumes of first‐party audience data and heightened emphasis on accountability and the demonstration of ROI across marketing and media efforts

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