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One in Four U.S. Adults Watches Original Digital Video, According to IAB Research 1

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IAB Research tackles some of the biggest questions the industry faces. We arm you with insights into how digital advertising works, ideas about how to build marketing strategies, and information about how markets are moving.

2018 IAB Research Released


  • 2019 Outlook for Data
    Marketers, publishers, marketing service providers, and technology developers expect their spending on data and data-related services to increase in 2019, according to “The Outlook for Data 2019: A Snapshot Into the Evolving Role of Audience Insight” the fourth annual benchmarking report conducted on behalf of the IAB Data Center of Excellence released today by the IAB and research and consulting firm Winterberry Group.

Direct Brands

  • 2019 How to Build a 21st Century Brand
    At the 2019 Annual Leadership Meeting, IAB released the second version of its Direct Brand Economy report entitled How to Build a 21st Century Brand. This study is an in-depth illustration and analysis of how direct brands are driving a tremendous transformation in the way consumer goods and services are created, marketed, and sold.

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