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IAB Research Hub

IAB Research tackles some of the biggest questions the industry faces. We arm you with insights into how digital advertising works, ideas about how to build marketing strategies, and information about how markets are moving. 2018 IAB Research Released Ad Revenue Digital Advertising Digital Ad Industry Digital Video Mobile Social Media Ad Revenue Ad Revenue- … Continued

Building 21st Century Brands: Video Creative Innovation

Innovation in video creative has multiple elements, encompassing content, storytelling, creative formats, and technology. This whitepaper about Video Creative Innovation is a first step in contributing to video advertising innovation and has three objectives: Encourage innovation in video advertising content and formats Help inform which video advertising content and formats improve the consumer experience and … Continued

Video Landscape Report

The current video landscape is complex and evolving due to the confluence of technological innovations and consumer behavior shifts. As part of our continued effort to simplify video and educate the advertising marketplace about the growth and value of video, the IAB Video Center of Excellence has created this “Video Landscape Report.” It was compiled … Continued

Increased Spending in Original Digital Video Programming and Mobile Video

Nearly 60% of marketers’ digital advertising budgets are allocated to digital video according to the 5th annual “Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2018.” Half of advertisers will increase spending on digital video, mobile video, and advanced TV, and two-thirds of advertisers will shift funds from TV budgets to fund their digital video advertising. … Continued

Digital Video Viewers And Brand Connection

The IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence has conducted a primary consumer research study to gain a deeper understanding of digital video viewers and their connection with brands. The study aims to: Develop a deep understanding of the Original Digital Video (ODV) audience and gain insight into the connection between ad-supported ODV viewers and brands … Continued

Personal Prime Time

As consumers’ media habits evolve, they are creating their own “personal prime times”—points of highly concentrated engagement throughout the day, which offer valuable advertising opportunities across a range of content verticals and digital screens. This research, entitled “Personal Prime Time,” demonstrates that brands should no longer expect a single, universal moment of greatest engagement. While … Continued

2018 International Breakfast: Driving the Global 21st Century Brand Economy

During the 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, California, 75 industry leaders from 26 countries joined the International Breakfast on Tuesday, February 13, to discuss the global challenges faced by an increasingly interconnected industry. The event began with opening remarks from Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB and Dave Grimaldi, Executive Vice President, Public Policy, … Continued

The Data‐Centric Organization 2018

Marketers and publishers remain intensely focused on achieving “data centricity” across their organizations, with 90.1% of survey respondents saying they either have or are planning to develop an enterprise strategy to support the use of audience data. The same respondents said they expect those strategies will drive significant near‐term advances in how their organizations engage … Continued

The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy

For the past few years, disruption has been a constant in the media landscape. However, patterns are emerging that give clarity to the path forward for the digital media and advertising industry. In the consumer economy, we are in the midst of a shift from a century old ‘indirect brand economy’ to a ‘direct brand … Continued