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User-Generated Content for Marketing and Advertising Purposes

Download An IAB Buyer’s Guide Use of User-Generated Content (UGC) for marketing and advertising purposes has grown significantly in recent years largely due to the rise of social and messaging platforms where “ordinary people” have become avid and voluntary content creators, notably on their mobile devices. Publishers, marketers, and agencies are increasingly taking notice and … Continued

IAB Native Advertising Playbook 2.0

Download Today’s Native Ad Types and Criteria for How to Evaluate IAB published its groundbreaking IAB Native Advertising Playbook in December 2013. Since that time, IAB has released numerous companion pieces to the Playbook and IAB Tech Lab has developed important native technical specifications such as OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads. In late-2018, an IAB working … Continued

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

Please review our third party content agreement before continuing. The IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report, a survey conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers, is released in full twice a year, to coincide with the collection of half-year and full-year data. At the end of the first and third quarters, the IAB releases via press release estimated, top-line reports. … Continued

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report 2018 Full Year Results

Digital revenues for full year 2018 surpassed $100 billion for the first time Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $107.5 billion for the full year (“FY”) of 2018, with Q4 2018 accounting for approximately $31.4 billion and Q3 2018 accounting for approximately $26.6 billion. Revenues for FY 2018 increased 21.8% over FY 2017. … Continued

Kickstarting Creative Success

Download Overview Creative planning, media planning, and defining brand objectives often happen in siloed paths when kickstarting a creative campaign. When this happens, the marketer can end up with creative that does not align with the media plan or the brand objectives leading to ineffective campaigns, unnecessary change orders, and wasted money. The purpose of … Continued

A Day in the Life of Video Viewers

The influence of consumer motivations/mindset on digital video and ad receptivity This study looks into the different ways consumers watch digital video – going beyond dayparts, demos and/or personas. It illuminates how perception of different types of video advertising is impacted by the motivations and mindset a consumer is experiencing as they choose to watch. The … Continued

Video Advertising Spend Report 2019

Ad spend in digital video continues to accelerate: Marketers report an increase for digital video budgets by 25% y/y. We are seeing this growth occur across all categories—with Media and Entertainment reported up +75%, and Fashion and Apparel up +45%, since 2018. NewFronts are a prominent driver of this growth. According to this report, 84 … Continued

Internalisation programmatique en France

Download Taux d’adoption, avantages, degrés et types de fonctions d’achat intégré par rapport à l’Europe Commandité par Introduction Résumé Aperçu du rapport sur l’internalisation programmatique en France – Ce rapport fournit les résultats d’enquête sur le taux d’adoption de l’internalisation programmatique par les marques. Il aborde aussi les moteurs de l’internalisation, les types et les … Continued

Internalización de la programática en España

Download Tasa de adopción, beneficios, grados y tipos de funciones de compra interna en España frente a Europa Patrocinado por Introducción Resumen ejecutivo Resumen del informe Internalización de la programática en España – Este informe proporciona resultados de encuestas sobre el índice de adopción de las marcas de la internalización (in-housing) de la programática, impulsores … Continued

European Programmatic In-Housing: Adoption Rate, Benefits, Depth, and Types of In-House Buying Functions

View country-specific reports: France  (in French) |  Germany  (in German) |  Italy (in Italian)  |  Spain  (in Spanish) |  UK Programmatic In-Housing Report Overview – This report provides survey results on 950 brands’ adoption rate of programmatic in-housing, in-housing drivers, type and depth of in-house buying functions, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact within … Continued