IAB Video Symposium

November 13, 2017 Convene, 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY

IAB hosted a full-day conference exploring innovation and strategies for creating, distributing, measuring and maximizing the use of video to engage consumers across platforms.  In a media landscape that continues to be transformed by the confluence of technological innovations and consumer behavior shifts, one thing is clear, the general notion of a video consumer is in the midst of a rewrite. With the goal of examining the opportunities and challenges that come from operating in a complex media environment where everything is in motion, the event featured leaders from the top publishers, brands and tech enablers who shared their first-hand experiences on key topics in the industry.

Attendees Will Learn

What does the evolution of TV mean from the consumer perspective?
What are best practices for monetizing OTT?
How do we effectively measure video across devices?
What is the impact of changing consumer behavior on content offerings?
What is the state of Advanced TV?
What does the future of TV look like?
Where will we see innovation in advertising on OTT?


Key Takeaways

  • OTT (Over-The-Top Video) is now mainstream. OTT has the technology and devices behind it, users and the right size of adoption (over 51 million addressable households according to comScore), and significant money spent in the space (advertisers are expected to spend $40 billion in OTT by 2020).
  • Given that OTT can be “cast” to the large screen via mobile device (e.g. Chromecast), it is also technically a mobile experience, and we see the smartphone increasingly serving as a mobile set top box in the future.
  • Co-viewing is big on OTT with over 90% of Americans ages 13-64 watching programming on their TV screens with other people. Findings from the “OTT Co-Viewing Experience: 2017 Study” show that over half of OTT co-viewers report talking about brands and products they see while watching TV.
  • Brands are attracted to OTT video by its combination of big screen, engaged consumers, one-to-one household addressability, dynamic ad insertion, and interactive capabilities.
  • OTT viewers are younger: the average OTT viewer is 31 years old vs. 54 years old for the average traditional TV viewer.
  • OTT is evolving – this changing landscape still needs more uniformity in metrics and measures to ensure seamless media buys.
  • In terms of measurement, currencies are the standards that allow us to compare on an apples-to-apples basis and transact, whereas impact metrics are the delineation points that allow us to make tactical decisions based on our own objectives.
  • Content (within the right context) is still king. OTT Video allows for innovative storytelling on the big screen. Given the highly engaged OTT audience, you can use longer-form videos with episodic dimensions.
  • A key benefit for brand advertisers in OTT is the reduced risk of fraud as OTT video ads are typically displayed in a full-screen, closed environment.  Most OTT platforms require user authentication.
  • Cross-platform addressability is becoming possible and the technology providers are working to simplify the process of activating cross-screen video campaigns, with the goal of making automation work while maintaining a great user experience.

Event Highlights

The 2017 IAB Video Symposium themed “Video Everywhere: OTT & The Connected Consumer” convened industry leaders, marketers, and publishers on November 13th in New York City to explore innovation and strategies for creating, distributing, measuring, and maximizing the use of video to engage consumers across platforms.

IAB Video Symposium 27Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video Centers, IAB, welcomed a full house by declaring that OTT (Over-the-Top) video streaming is now mainstream with the technology and devices behind it, users and the right size of adoption, and significant money spent in the space. The IAB 2017 Changing TV Experience Study shows that 56% of consumers’ TV are now IP connected. According to comScore, there are over 51 million addressable households. OTT is also a mobile experience with the Smartphone becoming a set top box and more and more cord-cutters. The OTT Co-Viewing Experience: 2017 study shows that co-viewing on OTT is not only #2 ahead of VOD and TV, but also consumers are drawn to OTT because the content is there and social networks are also expanding into OTT. At this year’s NewFronts, Twitter announced partnerships with BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, Vox, and MLB Advanced Media to bring live-streaming content for the platform. Amazon is live-streaming NFL Thursday night football and Snapchat is partnering with NBCU once again for the 2018 Winter Olympics. DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) nimble brands also favor OTT as an advertising and storytelling platform and a great way to reach their target audiences. Advertisers are following the eyeballs to OTT, and are expected to spend approximately $40 billion by 2020 (nearly half of the $85 billion in projected total TV ad revenue in 2020 according to TDG Research). Brands are attracted to OTT video by its combination of big screen, one-to-one household addressability, dynamic ad insertion, and interactive capabilities.

IAB Video Symposium 28Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of North American Whiskeys Portfolio, Diageo, took the stage to talk about her experience with OTT, “From Long to Short (and In-Between): Getting it Right with the Connected Consumer.” For Kelly, what’s exciting is that TV is finally evolving to be consumed and relevant by using data and technology. Now you can watch TV where you want it, when you want it. OTT is about having the best content available and watching it in your terms. She added that 79% of the U.S. population has some type of pay-TV service and 78% now subscribe to at least one streaming video-on-demand service – e.g. Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, etc. Ad-supported OTT is growing 32% month-over-month. “It’s time to get on board with OTT,” said Kelly as you can reach engaged consumers making a deliberate choice to tune in and watch specific content. You can reach the consumer of the future as OTT viewers are younger and affluent – the average TV Viewer is 54 years old vs. the average OTT viewer is 31 years old… This is also an opportunity to tell stories again through longer format with episodic dimension and interactivity. “So, are you down with OTT?” asked Kelly. With engaged consumers, technologies, and platforms, OTT allows brands to create powerful, interactive experiences.

IAB Video Symposium 29Next, Andrew Snyder, Senior Vice President, Video Strategy & Solutions, Time Inc. Video Center of Excellence, and Sarah Warner, Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video, GroupM, had a fireside chat around the topic of “Monetizing OTT: Erasing Boundaries between Channels.” For Snyder, monetization of OTT is “complicated” and “evolving.” He wants to address how to remove some of the complexity and make it easier to buy at scale. Warner thinks OTT is “political” as this is a changing landscape – everyone is trying to make it seamless – yet, every publisher has set themselves differently. She would like to get some uniformity and make sure agencies and publishers are set up properly. She also would like to get more addressability and targetability for TV. Lots of the digital first companies are having an easier time with it. And for Warner, any kind of measurement is important – understanding this is not perfect today – measurement is always key to justifying investment to get clients comfortable.

IAB Video Symposium 26Kristian Magel, East Coast President, Initiative, and Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP, led the discussions in the Town Hall on “The Modern Living Room: How can we use data to understand the connected consumer?” Among the connected consumers in the U.S., 51 million are cord-cutters or cord nevers. They are connected through Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Hulu, Netflix, Play Station, Roku, or else. In this interactive session, they addressed how we can better leverage data to meet the needs of the addressable consumer; how we can turn data into true insights, and how do we know which data points proves real, actionable results; and what the future looks like for cross-platform addressability.


Adam Shlachter, CMO, Group Nine Media, talked about “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Data and Platform Nuances are Fundamental for Content Creation.” What matters now is where audiences are spending time. Platforms own distribution. Brands own hearts and minds. At Group Nine, “we dream in video,” said Shlachter. With its brands Thrillist, The dodo, and Seeker, Group Nine Media reaches 81% of U.S. 21-29 years old according to Shlachter. You want to find the content appropriate for the right platform, the right person, the right mindset, and at the right moment. His advice is to reach users across time instead of one-off, optimizing editorial and every story, and finding how to say it visually to drive shares and engagement. Shlachter recommends to test everything, see what works better in terms of headlines, aspect ratio, sound on/off, etc. and to get feedback immediately to raise the floor. “Data is just people in disguise,” said Shlachter – people are a mosaic of lots of data points. Context is king. You need to fit into the consumers’ world. The rules keep changing, the platforms keep changing, the technology keeps on changing. Yet, we have to stay on top of the platforms to keep on producing content that is compelling, test relentlessly on OTT, and listen to the data to be pointed in the right direction.

Eric Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Analytics and Insight, Publicis Media, and Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Audience Science, Viacom talked about Measuring What Matters: From Delivery to Impact. We need a complete different set of talents today with the ability to be open, share, and get it right almost from the onset. Zilberbrand recommends to be straight out and communicate clearly what you want to achieve, and what are the key metrics. Often, people are trying to hide some of that as a way to negotiate and not pay for the value received. However, communication is key: indicate what success looks like for you. They made the distinction between common currency vs. impact metrics. You do need standards in this space in one way or the other: A standard will give you a way to trade, while impact metrics will help you choose who to work with and pay. Digital is so measurable that we try to use too many metrics as currency. Standards provide a way to trade. Use the impact metrics as delineation point to make tactical decisions rather than how you trade on those metrics. With new technologies like OTT, as we are able to measure it more effectively then we will see the dollars follow… It does take the entire ecosystem to work together – it has to start with the marketer being clear on what they want to measure then the agencies defining the sets, leading to the delivery of those sets of data.

After a networking lunch, the attendees joined different workshops around the topics of OTT Monetization at Scale; Creative in OTT Video: Innovative Storytelling for the Big Screen; and Connected TV: From Upstream to Mainstream.

The next town hall titled “OTT Co-Viewing: How does consumer behavior benefit brands?” brought Julie DeTraglia, Vice President, Ad Sales Research, Hulu, and Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research, Roku, on the main stage to present further findings from the OTT Co-Viewing Experience: 2017 Study and to engage the audience in discussions around how co-viewing on OTT differs from co-viewing of linear TV and set top box VOD; how co-viewing impacts consumers’ engagement with the content and ads they are seeing; and how brands and publishers can leverage co-viewing behavior to increase reach and advertising effectiveness.

In the last afternoon session on the main stage, Jon Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, Cheddar, talked about “The Future of Television” starting with describing two types of video content or what he calls “two bets”: highly produced drama and comedies and short form stunts, which he calls “shitty little videos on Facebook.” For Steinberg, there was no demand for this last type of video, Facebook engineered the demand, created it. Steinberg wants to reboot news and sports for people under 60. He claims that Cheddar is the “leading post cable network” since it launched last April 2016. With 50 guests on a daily basis, Cheddar generate more views, more engagement than established networks, and uses young, fresh, and vibrant voices. They mainly work with skinny bundles such as Cheddar on Sling.

The last two town halls were about “Straight from the Source: How can we simplify the process of activating cross-screen video campaigns?” and “How do we make automation in video buying and selling work while maintaining a great user experience?” followed by some networking cocktails to close this full day of insightful discussions.



Anna Bager Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives

Anna Bager, Executive Vice President of Industry Initiatives, IAB

As EVP of Industry Initiatives at IAB, Anna Bager spearheads the strategic oversight of the digital media and marketing industries’ most vital and fastest growing platforms which include mobile, digital video, audio, measurement, and data. Under her leadership, she brings together and drives growth for three of the organizations’ paramount centers of excellence: The IAB Mobile Center, representing the mobile marketing, advertising, and media marketplace; The Digital Video Center, encompassing Advanced TV, OTT, and The Digital Content NewFronts, and The Data Center, developing consumer identifiers, data quality, industry benchmarks, and tools for data activation and automation. She is a driving force in building a one-stop shop for producing thought leadership, innovation, research, and best practices for these thriving industries.

Prior to joining the IAB, Bager was heading business intelligence at Ericsson Multimedia and head of research at Ericsson’s Business Consulting unit. Earlier, she was Research and Consulting Manager for IDC EMEA. Anna has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including being named “Most Important Women in Mobile Advertising” for Business Insider, and one of the “Top Women in Media” by Folio Mag for the past consecutive five years.

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Eric Cavanaugh 1 Eric Cavanaugh SVP, Analytics and Insight
Publicis Media

Eric Cavanaugh, SVP, Analytics and Insight, Publicis Media

Eric Cavanaugh 1

Eric Cavanaugh is the senior vice-president for Digital Marketplace Intelligence within Publicis Media Analytics & Insight. Eric has been involved in the digital media space since 1996, and brought that experience to Zenith Media in 2001. After a five-year stint with NBC Universal, where he lead the digital audience and analytics practice for Bravo, he rejoined the Groupe in 2014.

Sophie Kelly 2 Sophie Kelly Senior Vice President, North American Whiskeys and Tequila Portfolio
Diageo North America

Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President, North American Whiskeys and Tequila Portfolio, Diageo North America

Sophie Kelly 2

With a global advertising career spanning more than two decades and four continents, Sophie Kelly has established herself as a business-minded creative force, and an agent of change. She has a proven combination of traditional brand marketing knowledge and digital expertise, allowing her to be a valued partner for brands, agencies and colleagues alike, in their journeys to transform marketing and communications.

Sophie joined Diageo in 2016 as the Senior Vice President of Diageo’s industry-leading North American Whiskey and Tequila portfolio. In that role she’s led growth on some of the most iconic and valuable brands in the category, including Crown Royal, Bulleit and Don Julio. She is also responsible for a group of distilleries and brand homes that include the historic Stitzel-Weller, known as the “Cathedral of Bourbon,” and the new $115 million Bulleit Distilling Co. in Kentucky. She is enjoying crafting the future of North American Whiskey. Most recently she brought on entrepreneur and award-winning distiller Nicole Austin to lead the Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., home to George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.

In her previous role as CEO of The Barbarian Group, Sophie transformed the company from a small, innovative digital production shop to a tech-forward creative company that provided everything from brand planning, to creative, to technology and experience design. During her tenure the agency was the inaugural winner of the Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix, was named to Crain’s Best Places to Work list, and won marquee accounts including Pepsi, IBM, Etihad and Kind.

Prior to joining The Barbarian Group, Sophie served as Managing Director of the agency StrawberryFrog. Previously she acted as Global Business Director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

Sophie is known for her approach of always being in service of the brand. She also remains committed to doing the right thing to generate innovative creative ideas that translate into world-class work which will drive business results for brands.

Sophie is known for her approach of always being in service of the brand. She also remains committed to doing the right thing to generate innovative creative ideas that translate into world-class work which will drive business results for brands.

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Andrew Snyder 3 Andrew Snyder SVP, Head of Video
Meredith Corporation

Andrew Snyder, SVP, Head of Video, Meredith Corporation

Andrew Snyder 3

A twenty-year veteran of digital advertising, Andrew is Senior Vice President, Head of Video for Meredith Corporation.

Andrew oversees digital programming and production, business affairs and studio operations, and video revenue strategy. Reporting to Stan Pavlovsky, President, Meredith Digital, Andrew is responsible for the portfolio’s digital video business with the exception of the Entertainment and Television Groups. A digital media veteran, Andrew is a talented and seasoned leader with a proven track record of growing video businesses.

Prior to joining Time Inc., Andrew served as VP, Content Strategy & Solutions at Yahoo, where he led the team responsible for developing and selling advertising strategies including content sponsorships, branded entertainment, native distribution, and programmatic video across the company’s news, sports, finance, entertainment, and lifestyle properties.

Prior to Yahoo, Andrew served as Chief Revenue Officer at Associated Content, where he led revenue generation for the company including advertising and sponsorship sales, content syndication, and content and distribution partnerships, leading to the company’s acquisition by Yahoo in 2010.

Prior to joining Associated Content, Andrew served as VP, Digital Media Advertising Sales at Discovery Networks, where he managed all aspects of the company’s US digital advertising sales

and strategy, including online, mobile, broadband, and video on demand. During his tenure, Discovery Digital Media established new cross-platform marketing platforms, forged new relationships with brands including Ford, GE, Merck, and Toyota, and acquired multiple properties to expand the company’s digital footprint.

Before Discovery Networks, Andrew was Director, Midwest & East Coast Sales for ESPN.com, with responsibility for driving online, mobile, fantasy game, and video sales.

Andrew is a graduate of Whitman College and resides in Montclair, NJ with his wife, Jennifer, and their two children

Adam Shlachter 2 Adam Shlachter Chief Marketing Officer for Advertising & Creative Services
Group Nine Media

Adam Shlachter, Chief Marketing Officer for Advertising & Creative Services, Group Nine Media

Adam Shlachter 2

Adam Shlachter is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Advertising & Creative Services at Group Nine Media. As CMO, Adam brings over 20 years of advertising experience to lead the marketing solutions division within the organization. In this role, he oversees creative services; branded content production; positioning and packaging; and ad strategy & innovation for the Group Nine’s brand partners. Prior to joining Group Nine, Adam was President of Global Innovation for PMX, the investment arm of Publicis Media. In that role, he focused on defining and driving the innovation roadmaps for the company’s global partnerships. He previously served as President of VM1, the dedicated, full-service media agency for Verizon, within Zenith and Publicis Media. Earlier in his career, Shlachter was Chief Investment Officer at DigitasLBi North America and has held various marketing roles at MEC, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Lowe & Partners and JWT.

Jon Steinberg 2 Jon Steinberg Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jon Steinberg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cheddar

Jon Steinberg 2

Jon Steinberg is the founder and CEO of Cheddar, the leading Post Cable Network. Cheddar is live 8 hours a day broadcasting from the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the glass corner of the Flatiron Building inside the Sprint store, Los Angeles, and the White House. It is available on Sling TV, Amazon, Philo, Twitter, Pluto TV, Twitch, Comcast X1, and 60% of smart TVs in the U.S.

Steinberg sits on the board of Bustle and is an advisor to TheSkimm and Taboola.

He was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of DailyMail.com North America. Steinberg grew U.S. revenue 45% while at Daily Mail and doubled direct advertising revenue.

He joined DailyMail.com from BuzzFeed where he was President & Chief Operating Officer, responsible for business management, company operations, finance, and social advertising operations from 2010 to 2014. Under his leadership, BuzzFeed became a global and profitable social advertising business working with over half of the top 100 brands. He grew the company from 15 employees to over 500. In 2012, Steinberg was named one of AdAge’s Media Mavens.

Steinberg was previously Strategic Partner Development Manager on Google’s SMB (small medium business) partnerships team. As a high schooler, he was an intern in Walt Disney Imagineering’s research and development group.

Steinberg is a graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University. He sits on the board of Temple Israel. He lives with his wife, two little kids, and cat on New York’s Upper East Side.

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Sarah Warner Sarah Warner Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video

Sarah Warner, Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video, GroupM

Sarah Warner

Sarah Warner is Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video at GroupM. In this role, she manages partnerships and investment Strategy for GroupM across programmatic and video. Utilizing the power and sophistication of GroupM’s position in the marketplace, Sarah has negotiated key partnerships with publishers, networks and platforms with complex parameters such as viewability and performance guarantees and Nielsen OCR. Sarah is a trusted partner to GroupM agencies, clients, and vendors thanks to her fair, but direct, approach to deals, her commitment to finding terms that are wins for everyone involved, and her expertise in the digital landscape spanning formats and platforms.

Sarah started her career at 2010, working at The Media Innovation Group (now Xaxis). Prior to her role at GroupM, Sarah was the Vice President of Investments and Partnerships at Xaxis. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Auto Draft 86 Julian Zilberbrand Executive Vice President, Audience Science

Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Audience Science, Viacom

Auto Draft 86

Julian Zilberbrand is the Executive Vice President of Audience Science at Viacom. Zilberbrand oversees key areas in the data strategy division including: audience onboarding and segmentation, advanced analytics and digital media executions. His team is responsible for the management and aggregation of data across all of Viacom’s media properties. Data is used to inform all aspects of media and programming at Viacom from sales to investment. His team works closely with groups across the organization to help enable a data driven approach to business which is paramount to success in today’s media landscape.

Prior to joining Viacom, Zilberbrand was Executive Vice President of Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at ZenithOptimedia. In this role, he managed the activations standards, digital operations, analytics, technology and strategic partnerships groups. Before joining Zenith, he was SVP, global digital director, strategic partnerships and technology solutions at Starcom Mediavest Group. Prior to joining the agency world in 2004, Zilberbrand held product specialist and client service roles at Eyeblaster and developed the company’s Eyeblaster University training program. Earlier in his career, he worked at Doubleclick as a project manager and technical analyst.

In addition to his work responsibilities, he held advisor roles for the IAB, 4A’s and the iMedia conferences. Zilberbrand is known as a vocal leader in the industry covering a wide array of topics from viewability with the 3MS Blue Ribbon committee to data and general industry trends. From 2013-2014, Zilberbrand chaired the Digital Committee for the Media Ratings Council and was recognized by the organization for his leadership and service. In 2014, he received the AdMonster Digital Media Leadership Award and the Marketers Choice Awards named him the Data, Analytics and Operations Innovator of the year for exemplary leadership in digital marketing.


Tal  Chalozin 1 Tal Chalozin Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tal Chalozin, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Innovid

Tal  Chalozin 1

Tal Chalozin is co-founder and CTO of Innovid, the world’s leading video advertising platform that empowers advertisers to create, deliver, and measure video experiences on any device. Tal leads Innovid’s long term technology vision and is responsible for global technology development and implementation, product creation, business development and partnership activities. Tal’s guidance has led Innovid to partner with companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, Roku, Samaung, SKY and Hulu to help advertisers bring interactive video to any consumer device.

Prior to Innovid, Tal co-founded GarageGeeks, a non-profit organization and one of Israel’s largest hacker spaces and innovation hubs with more than 8,000 members. Tal also served as an officer in an elite computer unit in the Israeli Air Force for over eight years where he led the development of several military products with high algorithmic complexity.
Tal has spoken on stage around the world at events including CES, IAB, NAB, TVOT, Wired Magazine’s NEXTFEST, Le Web’s Digital Innovation Conference, Ars Electronica, as well as numerous events and museums throughout Israel.

Tal presently serves as a board member for the IAB’s Digital Video Center of Excellence, and a technical academy member for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences who grants the prestigious EMMY award. He was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum and as one of the “Best Young European Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek. In 2016, Tal was named 40-Under-40 for work on the future of TV by the leading Multichannel magazine. As as serial entrepreneur, Tal owns several global patents for interactive TV, advertising delivery technology, and advanced measurement tools.

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Julie DeTraglia 1 Julie DeTraglia Vice President, Ad Sales Research

Julie DeTraglia, Vice President, Ad Sales Research , Hulu

Julie DeTraglia 1

Julie DeTraglia is the Vice President and Head of Ad Sales Research at Hulu where she is responsible for the development, design and implementation of ad sales research initiatives and advising Hulu’s national sales team. Prior to Hulu, Julie was SVP of Digital Research at NBCUniversal, where she was responsible for sales research and strategy across NBC’s digital properties, including all sites and apps for NBC Entertainment, News, Sports, Olympics and cable entertainment properties. DeTraglia, who was with NBCU for more than 14 years, is a graduate of Dartmouth College and is based in New York.

Ryan Kenney Ryan Kenney Vice President of Platform Services

Ryan Kenney, Vice President of Platform Services, SpotX

Ryan Kenney

As VP, Platform Services, Ryan and his team work with existing publisher clients to maximize their video revenues & strategy for monetization across all screens. The primary goal of Platform Services team is to ensure publishers have a great experience with the SpotX platform & team while also leveraging the tools and offerings to their fullest. Ryan joined SpotX in 2010 and has served in a number of capacities across multiple teams including Demand Managed Services and Supply Operations. Ryan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business with concentrations in Marketing and Management from the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Business in 2008.

Kristian Magel 1 Kristian Magel President, East

Kristian Magel, President, East, Initiative

Kristian Magel 1

Kristian (Kris) Magel is East Coast President of Initiative US. He has been an integral part of the agency since he started in 2008 as the EVP, Director of National Broadcast.

Since January 2016, Kris has overseen Initiative’s client and operational responsibilities. Kris led the agency in winning media responsibilities for Uber and Spin Master, and successfully defending and expanding the global scope of marquee clients.

Magel also works assiduously to support a vibrant agency culture. “At Initiative we value our people as much as we value our client relationships. Relationships are personal and human, not transactional, and that is ultimately what drives loyalty and engagement.”

Kris previously served as Chief Investment Officer for Initiative, a role in which he was he was responsible for forming the agency’s integrated investment teams across all channels, including national and local broadcast, video, display, mobile, social and search. His investment teams were fully integrated within every account team, working in conjunction with the firm’s Strategy, Analytics and Business Leaders to deliver 360 degree multiplatform media and marketing partnerships.

Kris also sat alongside the Investment Leaders of fellow IPG agencies as a member of the MagnaGlobal Council, working with media partners to deliver the most effective marketing investment approaches that maximize client marketing spends.

A veteran with over two decades of experience in the media business, Kris has proven himself a formidable negotiator who has earned the respect of media partners for both his analytical approach to the marketplace and his passionate representation of clients. His reputation for articulate, informed intelligence also makes him a favorite with the press and a popular panelist at industry events.

Kris was named to the Adweek 50 (#16) in 2012 as one of the industry’s most influential executives and was a Mediaweek ‘Media All-Star’ in 2007. He’s served as a member of the Board of Directors of the AD Club of NY for the past 5 years, as Chair of The Ad Council’s Broadcast TV Committee and as a member on the IAB’s Digital Video Center of Excellence.

Prior to joining Initiative in 2008, Kris held the position of Senior Vice President, National Broadcast at Zenith where he created a fully integrated buying unit for Maybelline/Garnier that recognized early on the value of digital media working in conjunction with television. Prior to Zenith, Kris worked at Optimedia in a variety of Investment roles of increasing responsibility, culminating as Senior Vice President, National Broadcast. He also worked for DeWitt Media handling TV and Radio Investment.

Kris’s commitment to the community has been significant – in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he personally incited a “NY Media Cares” effort within the media industry to help homeowners on Staten Island recover from severe damage; was a board member on the Tim Nesvig “City of Hope” foundation for several years; and was honored for his service with distinguished citizen awards by both the Robert Reisenbach Foundation (2014) and the YMCA’s Arts and Letters Program (2015). Currently Kris participates as a committee member on the boards of YMCA’s Arts and Letters and the National Kidney Foundation.

Kris received his Bachelors of Arts degree from the John Wiley School of Business at the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Kris is the lucky Husband of Courtnay Crivits and proud father of Amelia, age 13 and Henry, age 11. He is blessed that his family is supportive of him and his career. The Magels are a true “Media Industry Family;” if they weren’t, they would probably put Kris out on the street.

Auto Draft 197 Melinda McLaughlin Chief Marketing Officer
Extreme Reach

Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Reach

Auto Draft 197

Melinda is Chief Marketing Officer of Extreme Reach, the cloud technology platform for TV & Video ad workflow and Talent & Rights management. She spearheads all aspects of the company’s global marketing and communications in addition to driving market research, product development strategy and sales enablement. Melinda’s career spans the massive evolution of the ad industry over the last 25+ years, spending 15 years on the ad agency side and a decade at A+E Networks. Prior to joining Extreme Reach in 2015, she was CMO at Tremor Video, a video advertising technology company for brand marketing.

Auto Draft 195 John Peragine Global Head of Video
Rubicon Project

John Peragine, Global Head of Video, Rubicon Project

Auto Draft 195

John Peragine is the general manager of Rubicon Project’s Video business, which is focused on providing a premium and transparent marketplace for both buyers and sellers to transact. John is a digital media sales leader for the past 18+ years who has extensive experience managing new business lines, building teams and growing revenue on the programmatic & direct publisher sectors. Prior to joining Rubicon John spent five years running east coast digital sales at BBC.com and during his time there he spear headed their global programmatic strategy and launch.

Auto Draft 198 Brian Rifkin Co-Founder
JW Player

Brian Rifkin, Co-Founder, JW Player

Auto Draft 198

At JW Player Brian is focused on driving growth through strategic partnerships and leads the JW Player Demand team, working with publishers and brands to maximize advertising revenue. He has worked in the online space since 1997, and until 2007 served as president of A Simple Internet, a media services firm he founded in 2001 specializing in performance-based marketing. Previously, he was senior vice president of Business Development at About.com.

Auto Draft 196 Dan Robbins Head of Ad Research

Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research, Roku

Auto Draft 196

Dan Robbins is Head of Ad Research at Roku, where he oversees measurement and research across Roku’s advertising and media businesses. Prior to this role, Dan helped lead several product rollouts and strategic partnerships at Nielsen. He currently sits on the IAB’s Research Council and Modernizing Measurement Task Force. He received his Bachelor’s from Cornell University and is based out of New York.

Auto Draft 78 Lauren Wiener CEO
Tremor Video DSP

Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP

Auto Draft 78

Lauren Wiener is the CEO of Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica Company, which provides software for video advertising effectiveness by employing patented all-screen technology to make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers, and deliver maximum results for buyers. Prior to Tremor Video DSP, Lauren was president of buyer platforms at Tremor Video, where she led business strategy, revenue generation and marketing for the company’s demand-side platform. Her two decades of experience partnering with the world’s leading brands on the buy-side and sell-side inform her strategic vision of developing data-driven software solutions for video advertising effectiveness. In previous roles, Lauren was a key driver of innovation and revenue growth at fast-growing media and technology companies, as well as a corporate development expert and strategy consultant at several premier global firms. She lends her expertise to various boards of directors, with current positions on the Internet Advertising Bureau (Chairman of the Board 2016 to 2017) and the International Radio and TV Society.

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8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast and Networking

9:00 am - 9:15 am

Welcome: OTT and the Connected Consumer

9:15 am - 9:40 am

From Long to Short (and In-Between): Getting it Right with the Connected Consumer

OTT video is a highly fragmented space that raises many questions for brands and publishers alike. For instance, how can we bring scale to a digital environment that promises addressability? How do we know whether long- or short-form video is the right approach? And, of course, which parts of a cross-screen campaign are—and are not—measurable, and how do we justify creative across multiple touchpoints? Diageo’s Sophie Kelly kicks off the Symposium with the brand’s perspective.

9:45 am - 10:10 am

Monetizing OTT: Erasing Boundaries between Channels

In this fireside chat, a buyer and seller discuss how they think about OTT in the context of a cross-platform media mix. Learn what qualifies as OTT and discover how to eliminate friction by effectively packaging solutions into a single media buy.

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Networking Break

10:45 am - 11:30 am

Town Hall: The Modern Living Room: How can we use data to understand the connected consumer?

Join your peers in a debate and discussion that will chart the path forward.

  • How can we better leverage data to meet the needs of the addressable consumer?
  • How can we turn data into true insights, and how do we know which data points proves real, actionable results?
  • What does the future look like for cross-platform addressability?

Eric John, Deputy Director, Video, IAB
Kristian Magel, President, East, Initiative
Lauren Wiener, Chief Executive Officer, Tremor Video DSP

Presented by
Tremor Video DSP

11:30 am - 11:55 am

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Data and Platform Nuances are Fundamental for Content Creation

To successfully reach their demographics, publishers must take a data-led approach–utilizing a deep understanding of audience behavior and consumption patterns to inform content creation across platforms. Adam Shlachter discusses how efficient, intelligent, and scalable solutions offer marketers the opportunity to create purposeful, engaging stories across platforms.

12:00 pm - 12:25 pm

Measuring what Matters: From Delivery to Impact

Moving past delivery metrics, the industry is working on a common understanding of what works—and why—when it comes to metrics. Hear how the development of so-called impact metrics, and the involvement of marketers at the outset, will better enable business objectives.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm


OTT Monetization at Scale

The growth of the OTT landscape has introduced opportunities and challenges that take a new shape with scale. Join SpotX with some of the industry’s largest players in the OTT space—media owners like Sling TV, Xumo, and Vevo—to address monetization at scale. They discuss intricate challenges with live vs. VOD monetization, content distribution, and an industry that has, in fact, been disrupted.

  • Ryan Kenney, Vice President of Platform Services, SpotX
  • Rob Cukierman, VP Strategic Partnerships, Vevo
  • Andy Hammond, VP Sales, Fubo TV
  • Adam Lowy, Director of Advanced TV and Digital, Sling TV
  • Stefan Van Engen, SVP, Content Programming & Acquisitions, Xumo

Sponsored by
IAB Video Symposium 12



Creative in OTT Video: Innovative Storytelling for the Big Screen

OTT streaming devices have transformed the definition of TV—and with that transformation comes brand new opportunities for marketers to engage audiences in the most premium viewing experience. Many marketers may not yet be employing an OTT strategy that best suits the new living room, but this session dives into what’s possible in OTT, creative examples of who’s doing it well, and how marketers can capture viewer attention beyond traditional linear TV.

Tal Chalozin, Co-founder and CTO, Innovid

Sponsored by
IAB Video Symposium 11



Connected TV: From Upstream to Mainstream

We live in a world that is past simply talking about premium video; we are living in a Connected TV world. Telaria fielded the first-ever global and generational CTV research to arm attendees with the latest insights to succeed in this rapidly shifting environment. Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski shares actionable data and insights, empowering attendees with a smarter POV on tomorrow’s TV business.

Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer, Telaria

Sponsored by


2:10 pm - 2:55 pm

Town Hall: OTT Co-Viewing: How does consumer behavior benefit brands?

  • How does co-viewing on OTT differ from co-viewing of linear TV and set top box VOD?
  • How does co-viewing impact consumer’s engagement with the content and ads they are seeing?
  • How can brands and publishers leverage co-viewing behavior to increase reach and advertising effectiveness?


Julie DeTraglia, Head of Ad Sales Research, Hulu
Eric John, Deputy Director, Video, IAB
Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research, Roku

Presented by
IAB Video Symposium 10      IAB Video Symposium 13


3:00 pm - 3:25 pm

The Future of Television

Jon Steinberg addresses how OTT is transforming television how we know it, and he highlights new and emerging forms of advertising we’re seeing on this platform.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Networking Break

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Town Halls

Join your peers in a debate and discussion to help chart the path forward.

Straight from the Source: How can we simplify the process of activating cross-screen video campaigns?

  • What does 3rd party research reveal when video activation experts are asked about the state of cross-screen execution?
  • What (simple) ideas can we collectively have for transformational improvement?
  • How can cloud technology power that transformation?
  • How can each of us play a part in bringing change that benefits the entire ecosystem?

Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Reach
Maggie Zhang, Senior Director, Digital Video Research, IAB

Presented by
IAB Video Symposium 8



It Takes a Village: How do we make automation in video buying and selling work while maintaining a great user experience?

  • Whose fault is it when a video doesn’t play, and how can we work together to fix these issues?
  • How can we improve render rates to create a better user experience?
  • Why are we still talking about Flash? Isn’t it dead already?


Eric John, Deputy Director, Video, IAB
John Peragine, SVP, Head of Video, Rubicon Project
Brian Rifkin, Co-Founder, JW Player
Amit Shetty, Senior Director, Video and Audio, IAB Tech Lab

Presented by
IAB Video Symposium 9

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Networking Cocktails



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