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The following companies have displayed their commitment to their client’s quality assurance and have at least 15 Digital Media Sales Certified salespeople on their team.

24/7 Real Media Comcast Spotlight IDG Univision
AOL Conde Nast NBC Universal Digital Media Undertone Cox Media Triad Retail Yahoo!
Collective Expedia Time, Inc. Ziff Davis

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mark-w “I found the exam and preparation stimulating and challenging. As such, I’m proud to be IAB-certified.”—Mark Warlaumont, Director of News and Digital Media Sales, Bright House Networks
rich-f “It’s a great program and would highly recommend it to my colleagues across the industry.”—Rich Fimbres, Senior Multimedia Sales Representative, Bloomberg Media
cheryl-b “It keeps you up to date on digital information and what is happening in the industry. It was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I was extremely happy with myself when I was able to receive the certification!”—Cheryl Baeszler, Digital Sales Manager, Cox Media
jinger-g “The IAB Certification has allowed me to understand the standards set in place for presenting digital options to my clients so I can be a better digital consultant.”—Jinger Guerrette, Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Media
alison-o “I have marketed myself and the companies that I have worked for with my IAB Sales Certification. It allowed me to be a stand-out candidate when I was looking to change employers and I believe it makes me a true digital media professional.”—Alison O’Brien, Nexstar Broadcasting
tracy-d “This is definitely a certification I am recommending to my peers. There are digital agencies popping up who have no real experience and training. This gives me an edge in a competitive market.”—Tracy Dedeaux, Digital Sales Manager, WVUE Fox 8
marcos-c “The industry needs this kind of certification… (the program had a) very complete test regarding the global digital agenda, including basic marketing concepts like sales and buying models, audience measurement, and campaign implementation basics and also new concepts like native, programmatic, 3MS… It’s a trust seal for every new hire in a company.”—Marcos Christensen, Senior Director Latam South Cone, comScore, Inc.
mandilyn-t “I have learned so much and I’m so thankful that my company felt this was important enough to support us throughout the process. This was probably one of the hardest exams I’ve ever studied for and I think that the materials offered by my company really made the difference in helping me to understand the concepts.”—Mandilyn Thompson, Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
anna-p “This is a great program and helps distinguish certified professionals as the best in the business which ultimately looks great for the company and for the person who was certified. The preparation that is offered was extremely helpful in reviewing the material that I work on every day and helped to push that knowledge to a different level and a different thought process. Overall, this is a great certification and I’m grateful to be among the group of digital media sales certified professionals.”—Anna Patterson, Digital Media Specialist, Cox Media Group
farrah-s “Becoming IAB certified was a goal of mine. It was a little intimidating going back into a ‘study/test taking’ kind of environment. I didn’t know how much I was going to take out of it, but now that I’m certified, I realize what a great benefit it is.”—Farrah Shultz, Digital Media Account Executive, Triad Retail Media
rob-n “I’m very happy to have gone through the program and I feel that IAB Certification establishes a benchmark and seal of approval for sellers who are committed to excellence in digital media. I see colleagues who I respect showing their certification on their LinkedIn profiles. These are the people that I’d want to partner with if I was on the other side of the desk.”—Rob Noonan, Sales Director, Digital Shopper Marketing, Conversant Media

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