Mobile App: MRAID Ads SDK Tester

Download the MRAID Ads SDK Tester to Validate your Ad Creatives Easily From your Mobile

Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) Ads SDK (Software Development Kit) tester provides a way to test and validate ad functionality on a mobile device against multiple SDKs in minutes. All you need is the mobile application and your ad tag to start validating ad creatives.

Designers, developers, and approvers of ad creative can use the app on their mobile devices to validate the creative functionality in multiple SDKs.

Download the MRAID Ads SDK Tester App on your favorite mobile app store: 

Mobile App: MRAID Ads SDK Tester 1  Mobile App: MRAID Ads SDK Tester


Testing mobile in app ads has traditionally been a painful, time consuming, and cumbersome process. It requires maintaining test apps for each SDK and setting up ad placements on ad servers. For example, to just test one ad, a user had to set it up multiple times and then test it in different apps.

The new Tester app solves this problem by offering multiple SDKs in one app.

Key features:

  • Past Ad Tag to be tested into the app
  • Save Ad Tags
  • Multiple SDKs integrated
  • IAB cloud service available to save Ad Tags on a web page and later access from the app
  • Two Ad Types available – Banner and Interstitial

For operations teams and users with primarily desktop work environments the app can be used in desktop environment using existing iOS and Android emulators.

In addition, IAB provides a web interface to save the ad creative that can be later accessed through the phone or emulator (this requires sign-up).

Learn more about the Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) Working Group and join the MRAID Ads SDK Tester Working Group.