Messaging in the U.S.

Messaging in the U.S.

Key Defining Characteristics of Messaging OptionsFrom pure-play messaging apps to hybrid apps with messaging functionality, “messaging” has become a hot topic in the advertising marketplace in the United States. Compared with markets such as China, the messaging space is still in its infancy in the U.S. yet it is evolving rapidly with new players and new ways to reach consumers with these apps. While U.S. growth looks promising, for this largely mobile marketing medium to flourish further, the industry needs consensus on definitions and structure.

IAB sought to answer the following:

  1. What does the current world of messaging in the U.S. look like? We’ll present definitions and the landscape of players.
  2. What are the key defining characteristics of the various messaging options? Where is the potential to differentiate? What do publishers and marketers need to know?
  3. What are the top questions that brands, agencies, and publishers ask messaging app companies?
  4. Where do chatbots fit in the messaging equation?

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