Measurement Protocols and Guidelines

Measurement Protocols and Guidelines

Measurement is central to powering the digital advertising ecosystem. Measurement systems generate metrics that are currency, when standardized and of the appropriate quality, for the buying and selling of advertising.  Measurement is the basis for knowing whether a target goal was achieved and how ads performed. Measurement provides quantitative and qualitative evidence of the impact of advertising on consumers and on marketer KPIs.

IAB/MRC Measurement Guidelines    IAB Tech Lab Protocols

IAB is committed to eliminating confusion and reducing friction in the marketplace by developing and updating measurement standards and guidelines. This is done through the work of the Modernizing Measurement Taskforce and the IAB Tech Lab. In addition, IAB is one of the leading industry bodies running 3MS (Making Measurement Make Sense), which is developing cross media (digital+legacy) measurement standards.

Separate from 3MS, the Modernizing Measurement Taskforce (MMTF) is an advisory body that is responsible for recommending prioritization and modernization of the IAB/MRC digital measurement guidelines. These guidelines pertain to digital media and technology standards that require industry oversight. Examples include the Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines, Click Measurement Guidelines and the Digital Video Ad Measurement Guideline.

The MMTF meets quarterly to:

  • Review the existing measurement guidelines
  • Determine which guidelines need refreshing, sun-setting, or identifying new guidelines
  • Contribute to top-line business requirements
  • Identify emerging issues

The IAB Tech Lab continues to drive guidelines pertaining to standards revolving around first party analytics that publishers or sellers can generate. Examples of this are the VPAID and MRAID protocols.

IAB Measurement FAQs

To become compliant for one or more of the IAB measurement guidelines, IAB suggests joining the IAB Tech Lab Technology Compliance Programs or contact [email protected].

Technology Compliance Programs

A full list of compliant MRC accredited companies can be found on www.mediaratingcouncil.org.

To learn more about IAB Measurement , the IAB Tech Lab, or to join the Modernizing Measurement Taskforce, please contact [email protected].