IAB Mobile Location Data Guide for Publishers

IAB Mobile Location Data Guide for Publishers

This paper is written for product or data managers in publishing companies who are considering leveraging mobile location data to enhance their advertising inventory and are looking for solutions to collect and monetize it while navigating issues such as data leakage and user experience. This document assumes basic knowledge about mobile location data such as its marketing use cases and location data sources. There is a resource section at the end of the document for publishers seeking additional background information.

The is the first time that IAB has presented detailed geo-data use recommendations for publishers, and this paper starts by identifying key benefits:

  • Location-based ad inventory leading to price premiums
  • Licensing data to select aggregators creating new revenue streams
  • Improved audience insights
  • Providing precise measurement of how ad campaigns affect foot traffic to physical stores

The document also gives guidance on questions publishers should ask when evaluating location data providers and considerations publishers should keep in mind when evaluating location data vendors.

As a final note, the use of location data may in some cases lead to heightened privacy concerns, and necessitate increased levels of consumer awareness, notice, and choice. As always, be mindful and responsible with the usage of all consumer data.

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