Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metric Definitions

Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metric Definitions 1

With the growth of digital video advertising, publishers and marketers need clear definitions more than ever. While dozens and even hundreds of metrics may be used to measure engagement in one ad, these definitions establish a baseline for ad performance measurement that everyone can use and build upon.

The IAB Digital Video In-Stream Metric Definitions were last updated in 2008. Released by IAB Digital Video Committee in early 2014, this document is a much-needed refresher to metric definitions that had gone stale with advancing technology. While most definitions have not been changed, other than to more clearly state the purpose for each, a few new metrics have been introduced, some minor changes made, and some outdated definitions deprecated.

IAB technical standards released in 2012, known as the IAB Digital Video Suite (V-Suite), introduced new metrics that superseded the 2008 version of this document. Without an official definition and with some metrics in conflict with older metric definitions, this update brings today’s technical solutions for digital video more inline with industry-developed metric definitions.

With 39 IAB companies and digital video committee oversight, this update offers refreshed metric definitions that the marketplace can use to improve communication around digital ad performance.

Major updates to this paper include:

New Metrics Added    

  • Ad expand/collapse – Refers to ad creative expansion behavior rather than expand/collapse metrics, which refer to player behavior.
  • Skip – Describes when a user intentionally skips a linear video ad by clicking a button or other control mechanism.
  • Other ad interaction – Catchall for additional ad interactions not mentioned in the document.

Metrics Removed

  • Non-overlay, nonlinear ads – No longer or rarely used in the marketplace. Companion ads can now be used to accommodate such use cases.
  • View – No longer used to measure video ads, as it is too easily confused with impressions. Technology vendors may use the “creative view” metric to track which video codec or technical version of an ad was played, but this refers to technical analysis and not measuring user engagement.

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