Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST)

DAAST has been deprecated and is being replaced by VAST. Please use VAST 4.1 or above. For more information please read this blog post.)

The Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST) is the IAB’s first technical solution addressing the fragmented audio advertising market. DAAST provides a common set of specifications for audio ad delivery, execution, and reporting across a wide variety of devices and platforms.

DAAST also paves the way for other streaming formats by addressing various environment needs like mobile and in-car radios where access to a web browser is limited or doesn’t exist which complicates ad and play tracking functionality.

Adoption of DAAST makes it easier for ad servers to reach publisher platforms compliant with the DAAST specification. DAAST offers a compliance program for audio players, which requires support for linear ads and optionally one or more of the following ad formats: Companion ads, Ad pods, and Skippable ads.

Download via IAB Tech Lab