Workshop - IAB NYC & IAB San Francisco (remote option available)

IAB Tech Lab’s GDPR/ePrivacy Technology Town Hall

Feb 20 2018


      IAB Tech Lab members are invited to join the “GDPR/ePrivacy Technology Town Hall” event on February 20th, 2018 from 3-5pm EST. The goal for the event is to share information about open source technology standards for upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. This bicoastal event will have in-person sites in New York City, San Francisco, and will also allow for remote attendance. Presenters/moderators will be onsite in both cities. This event is part of the launch of IAB Tech Lab’s GDPR Technical Working Group. Event participants may include technology experts/engineers/product leads from publishers, buyers, data management platforms, and ad tech providers.

      The IAB Tech Lab GDPR Technical Working Group mission is to share information on GDPR/ePrivacy and function as a resource for technical leaders. As a starting point, the working group will consider policy and compliance concerns from the perspectives of publishers, ad tech, and marketers. The working group will share information such as new technology requirements and tools that can help companies comply with GDPR. The working group will support leading technology initiatives and research, such as the IAB EU’s GDPR consent solution. Participation in the working group should not suffice as legal counsel.

      Tentative agenda:
      1. Setting the scene: GDPR & ePrivacy 101, and review of industry work to date (e.g. IAB EU’s consent solution)
      2. Technology standards presentation: Consent Management Platforms and open source specifications
      3. OpenRTB Advisory: how to communicate user’s consent through the bid stream
      4. Breakout sessions: Discussion between attendees (mix of buyers, sellers, and ad tech providers)

      What are expected technology practices between partners?
      How will companies approach sharing user consent data? Etc…

      5. Closing: Sharing highlights from breakout sessions

      IAB Tech Lab is looking forward to your active contributions in this session. Light refreshments will be available, lunch will not be served. More information about technical specifications will continue to be released up until the date of the Town Hall event, stay tuned here. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions about the event or the IAB Tech Lab GDPR Technical Working Group.

      *Please note, no press will be allowed for this event. If the event exceeds in-person capacity, companies with more than 2 persons attending may be asked to have additional participants join via the remote access. Thank you for your understanding.