Committee & Council - 116 E 27th St. NY, NY 10016

IAB Q1 2019 Digital Video Committee Meeting

Mar 20 2019


      The IAB’s Video Center of Excellence invites you to attend our first Digital Video Committee Meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, March 20th from 3 to 5 pm ET. During this meeting, we will be discussing the committee’s priorities and projects for the year as well as covering the below topics within the digital video space:

      • Kickstarting Creative Success: Review work-in-progress document that highlights the key steps that all constituents in the media and advertising ecosystem should consider when developing creative campaigns.
      • Creative Innovation: Showcase creative examples that leverage the power of video through sight, sound, and motion in order to create consumer connection and drive business outcomes
      • Content Discovery: With the explosive growth of content, finding something to watch can be daunting. Where are we today with solutions to help ease this problem for consumers and publishers and what needs to happen in the future?

      More details to come!