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Digital Simplified

Digital Simplified 3

Making digital advertising easier to understand

IAB Digital Simplified is an educational-series that breaks down complicated industry subjects in a way that both professionals and students on every level can easily comprehend. IAB is adding new videos and PDFs to this series regularly.

Educational Videos


The New Advertising Supply Chain


Digital Simplified IAB Arena

Understanding Programmatic Digital Advertising


How an Ad is Served with Real Time Bidding


Understanding Native Advertising


Understanding Online Traffic Fraud


How SafeFrame Enables Viewability and Innovation


Understanding IAB Digital Media Sales Certification


Understanding IAB Digital Video Suite


Educational PDFs


Over the Top (OTT) Video Overview

Over the Top Video Overview

Mobile Engagement Framework and Definitions

Digital Simplified 4

Defining User-Generated Content

Digital Simplified UGC pdf

Understanding Digital Audio Ad Serving

Digital Simplified

Quality Assurance Guidelines

Digital Simplified 5

Understanding Programmatic and Automation

Programmatic: Overview

Digital Simplified 6

Programmatic: SalesForce Models

Digital Simplified 8

Programmatic: Need for Transparency

Digital Simplified 9

Understanding Mobile Cookies

Digital Simplified 11

Understanding Online
Traffic Fraud

Digital Simplified 12

Defining Performance Marketing

Digital Simplified 13

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