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Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Prep

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Online Learning 1IAB Digital Media Sales Certification helps digital buyers and sellers establish a deeper level of trust when working together. When you earn IAB Digital Media Sales Certification, you demonstrate digital media sales competency and an ability to uphold the standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry. Whether you are experienced or newer to digital media, the Digital Media Sales Certification Online Exam Prep Course provides detailed insight into each content area of the certification exam and key strategies for digital media sales success. With 8-week access to this 5-module online course, you’ll emerge with an elevated knowledge of digital media and a higher chance of succeeding when you sit for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam at your local testing center.


What You’ll Learn

  • Digital Media Sales Certification exam instruction
  • How the digital advertising ecosystem works
  • Programmatic fundamentals
  • Digital ad formats, creative and platforms
  • Ad serving terms and technology
  • Tools used for booking, trafficking and implementing campaigns
  • Digital media standards, regulation and compliance
  • Best practices in selling digital media
  • How to manage and analyze digital ad campaigns
  • Ways to upsell and present new business opportunities

Who Should Register

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam – to set themselves apart as a subject matter expert, with the credentials to prove it. Before enrolling in this course, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.

Exam registration fees are separate from the online course registration.  View registration information.

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