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Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Prep: Syllabus

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Course Modules Lecture Topics and Learnings
Module 1 IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Introduction
How to Apply for and Schedule the Digital Media Sales Certification Exam
Module 2 Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Consumer Decision Journey
Paid, Owned, Earned Media
Value of Digital and Traditional Advertising
Buy Side, Sell Side, Aggregated Media
Programmatic Media
Third Party Service Providers
Module 3 Fundamentals of Programmatic
The Programmatic Marketplace
Key Programmatic Terminology
Module 4 Digital Ad Formats, Creative and Platforms
Overview of Search, Banners, High Impact, Social, Video, Audio and Native Formats
Overview of Formats on Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet
Overview of Rich Media Capabilities
Module 5 Ad Serving Technology and Media Math
Tools Used for Booking, Trafficking, and Implementing Campaigns
Ad Serving Terms
How Ad Servers Communicate and Function
Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Ad Serving
Primary Targeting Capabilities
Calculate Media Math
Module 6 Digital Media Standards and Compliance
Regulation vs. Self-Regulation
Compliance and Ad Choices
Ad Serving Standards
Viewability Standards
Module 7 Selling Digital Media
Needs Assessment
Align Products With Client Objectives
Comprehending Third-Party Research
Generate a Proposal
Negotiate and Close an Insertion Order
Module 8 Managing Digital Ad Campaigns
Requirements for Launch
Campaign Pacing
Campaign Optimization
Module 9 Analyzing Digital Ad Campaigns and Upselling
Create and Leverage Wrap Up Reports
Prepare to Upsell a Client
Present New Business Opportunities to a Client

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