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Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence work with industry experts and members to develop standards, guidelines, best practices and other solutions to improve business outcomes for the industry.

IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence Logo
Forum for leaders representing the digital video landscape to meet, define and shape the future of the converged linear and video marketplace, facilitating the “video everywhere” marketplace for the 21st century brand economy.

IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Logo
Charged with empowering the media and marketing industries to thrive in a mobile-always world and in an increasingly direct brand economy where user experience and customer relations are at the heart of modern-day marketing and a significant driver of publisher transformation.

IAB Data Center of Excellence Logo
Founded to enhance existing IAB resources and to drive the “data agenda” for the digital media, marketing, and advertising industry, the Programmatic+Data Center’s mission is to define boundaries, reduce friction, and increase value along the data chain, for consumers, marketers, and the ecosystem that supports them.