Advertisers of New York: David Lara, Agency Within

Advertisers of New York: David Lauer, Agency Within 1

A Faster Pace

I wanted to work for the CIA on counter terrorism so I studied nuclear engineering. I worked in regulation for the government for a while but that was kind of bureaucratic and slow moving.

Starting in Social

I managed social media for my sister in law’s business for a couple of months and then I transitioned to the agency world.

Employee #7

When I started searching for a new role I was focusing on startups and young agencies and kind of fell into Agency Within in 2015. Back then when I was doing my search they were a really small company. I was employee number seven. I have watched the company grow to just over a hundred employees now.

Crushing It

I think that Bonobos has been just crushing their marketing. They are really going after not just your urban Millennials but going after pretty much everyone no matter their age.

How NewFronts Compares

Before I moved to my current role, I built out our influencer department at the agency, so I went to a lot of affiliate and influencer conferences. This is by far my top rated one.

Back to the Household

Everyone is talking about attribution for CTV and OTT and how we will be able to backtrack our ads to actually provide incremental value. Many of the presenters in the space are taking a very similar approach by using IP addresses to match ads down to the household level.

Favorite TV Show

I want to say Mad Men because we’re at a marketing summit, but I will probably have to say Seinfeld instead. It’s classic!

Finding Inspiration

Nothing can beat a trip to the Met. Their Arms and Armor section is always fun.

Finding Relaxation

Now that the weather is getting nice I’ll hike up to Bear Mountain, or take a couple of swims at Chelsea Piers, and go to Central Park for sure.

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