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2016 MIXX Awards

2016 MIXX Awards 8

Digital Creativity that Works

THE MIXX AWARDS recognizes and celebrates the year’s best interactive marketing. Winning work ultimately serves to educate the marketplace about what works and why in digital marketing, as well as inspire the community by pointing to future trends and where the industry is heading.

2016 MIXX Awards

2016 MIXX Awards 4


2016 MIXX Awards 1 2016 MIXX Awards 2 2016 MIXX Awards 3

Deadlines & Fees


Any interactive marketing or advertising execution that ran between April 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 can be submitted. The work may have been launched earlier or still be live, but must have run at some point during this period. The IAB MIXX Awards are a global competition—work created and/or executed in any country is eligible.


Final Entry Deadline:  Friday, June 24, 2016 11:59 PM PT.
Entry Deadline Extended:  Friday, July 15, 2016 11:59 PM PT.

Entry Fees:

Brand Strategies & Objectives categories: $495 per individual entry, per category. Same entry into multiple categories: $450 per additional category.

Brand Tactics & Tools categories: $395 per individual entry, per category. Same entry into multiple categories: $350 per additional category.

There is no limit to the number of categories a submission may be entered into. In addition, there is no limit to the number of submissions that can be made by one entrant.

Preferred method of payment is by credit card.

Refunds: There are no refunds once an entry has been submitted, even if the entry is withdrawn from competition. Entries cannot be removed from the competition after July 25, 2016.


  • Click here to submit your entry now.
  • Entrants can submit into as many categories as they like and submit multiple entries for each category.
  • Work entered should be created predominantly by the submitting party. Collaborating parties (creative or media agencies as well as creative technology partners) and other key individuals should be referenced.
  • All entries must be submitted via the online form and include a written case study as well as creative samples. Details on entry requirements here.

Entry Information and Credits:

  • Company and individual credits are a required part of the online entry form.
  • Please make sure all information including entry name, advertiser, submitting agency and credits is referenced and spelled exactly as it should appear in information for the media, on trophies, in the IAB MIXX Awards Winners’ Gallery, and on printed and multimedia presentation materials for the Awards Gala.
  • The information supplied in the online entry form may be published and/or appear on trophies and promotional materials. Visit the 2015 IAB MIXX Awards Winners’ Gallery to see examples of how winner’s entry information has been used online.
  • Company credits: You are required to credit all creative and strategic partners who contributed to the work. You must credit the brand and the primary creator of the work.
  • Individual credits: Space is provided to credit key team members. Please credit all main client and agency team members in order you’d like them listed in official materials and make sure spelling is correct. Individuals may be credited in Awards Gala materials and in the online Winners’ Gallery.


  • In Phase One of the judging process, the screening committee—comprised of senior marketing professionals—will evaluate and score each entry. Finalists for each category will be determined.
  • In Phase Two, an independent panel of highly acclaimed representatives of the entire interactive advertising ecosystem—advertising agency experts, brand marketers, and major media company executives—will convene in New York City for an intensive, day-long sequestering and debate to select the winners.
  • Finalists will be notified by mid-August 2016. Due to the volume of submissions IAB will not be able to contact all entrants.
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at the IAB MIXX Awards show—the culmination of the two-day IAB MIXX Conference & Expo.

Awards and Prizes:

Awards are submission-based. If an entry is submitted by multiple companies for the same category, the submissions will be scored independently and only the highest-scoring submission will be eligible to win. The judges will also select and honor a Best in Show winner that they feel displays the strongest characteristic of creativity and impact. Entries in all categories are eligible. The IAB MIXX Awards jury reserves the right to award or not award work in any category as it sees fit.
Publication of winning work:

  • Entries that become finalists or winners in the 2016 IAB MIXX Awards may be showcased in various ways including publication. This is at the sole discretion of the IAB.
  • Work submitted must be original or you must have secured rights to submit it.
  • Creative samples and written case studies: By entering work into the IAB MIXX Awards you automatically grant IAB the right to make copies, reproduce and display the creative materials and written information for educational and promotional purposes such as but not limited to the web site, newsletter, programming/conferences and the Awards show. However, IAB respects that entries may contain confidential information and provide submitters the opportunity to opt-out within the entry form. Should your entry win, IAB will contact you to provide approved information for the Awards gala and supporting materials.


  • Gold, silver and bronze winning entries each receive one trophy. A maximum of one brand and partner can be credited on the trophies. The entry name, brand and submitting party will be engraved on the trophy.
  • Winners can purchase duplicate trophies. Individual personalization available.

Designed by McKinney, the award reflects the strength and collaboration that interactive work and its creators—brand marketers, advertising agencies, and media companies—put into each winning strategy. The “building blocks” in the design are connected and ascending in representation of the essential partnership between brands and agencies. Its weight and stature is meant to capture the strong foundation interactive has built in the advertising landscape and the creativity and impact accomplished only when strategy, content, and media are integrated.

The IAB MIXX Awards were designed by McKinney.

This year, we are proud to partner with Cristaux International as our award manufacturer.


For more information, please contact Gina Imperato at [email protected] or 917-696-6370.

General Conditions:

By participating in this contest, entrants agree to abide by the following terms and conditions and by the decisions of the judges which are final on all matters pertaining to this contest. All federal, state, local, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations apply. This contest is subject to the laws of the United States. The winners of the 2016 IAB MIXX Awards who do not attend the Awards Ceremony will be notified within approximately seven (7) days after the September 27, 2016 awards ceremony. If IAB is unable to contact the potential winner after reasonable effort, or if the potential winner fails to respond within three (3) days of first attempted notification, the award may be forfeited and an alternate winner selected. The winner may be required to execute and return an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release within seven (7) days following the date of first attempted notification. Non-compliance within this time period may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner. Return of any award notification as undeliverable may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner. IAB reserves the right to use and publish entrants’; proper names online, in print and in any other media in connection with the Contest. Acceptance of an award constitutes permission for IAB to use winner’s name and likeness and entry submission for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law. By entering, participants release and hold harmless IAB, its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability or any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with participation in this Contest. Contact information becomes property of the IAB and will not be shared with or distributed to any third party.

The IAB reserves the right not to award categories which, in the judgment of the panel and administrators, did not elicit entries up to top industry standards.

Copyright & Rebroadcast:

Entries submitted become the property of IAB and cannot be returned. IAB retains entries for supplemental presentations to educational institutions, trade groups, advertising professionals and the public generally. Each entrant, by signing the declaration, specifically grants worldwide, royalty-free permission to IAB to show or play the entries at award shows, at IAB sponsored or produced events, or in any other public or private presentation with or without charge whenever and as often as the organizers see fit without compensation to Entrant. Entrant authorizes IAB the use for such purpose of any trademark, animated character(s), animal(s), and merchandised item(s) included in the entries. IAB may use entries or license entries or the reproduction of entries in perpetuity, without payment to Entrant, non-exclusively throughout the world, for use in telecasts, videotapes, DVDs, the Internet, exhibits, books, pamphlets and other such publications and media now known or hereafter created, including without limitation, television specials featuring IAB MIXX Awards entries for the year or in subsequent years for historical retrospectives. IAB may charge a fee to third parties for use of such material. Entrant holds or will secure the necessary license for use of all music embodied within the entries. Entrant will fully defend, indemnify and hold IAB, its affiliated companies, assignees and licensees harmless from any talent or other residual charges due to the release of selected entries or any third party claims against IAB, its affiliated companies, assignees and licensees resulting from the content of the entries and the intellectual property contained therein. The person submitting this entry form(s) certifies that he or she has full authority to approve the rights granted herein.

Entry Categories

The IAB MIXX Awards recognizes and celebrates the best of the best in digital marketing that creates an exceptional user experience that is moving, deeply engaging, and/or interactive. The winning work ultimately serves to educate the marketplace about what works and why in digital advertising, as well as inspire the community by pointing to future trends and where the industry is heading.

Brand Strategies and Objectives

Achieving strategic brand goals through exceptional use of digital elements.

** Denotes new category

Category Description
Brand Awareness and Positioning Elevating the perception of a brand or brand attributes. This applies to both new brands and reinvigorating existing brands
Brand Citizenship/Cause-Marketing Strategically aligning a brand and its values with a cause
Branded Content Creating original, entertaining, or informational content that highlights the core attributes of a brand
Branded Utility Adding value to consumers’ lives by creating a functional and useful service or tool that connects with the core attributes of a brand
Business-to-Business Connecting a brand, product, or service with a business audience.
** Digital to Destination Leveraging digital to drive consumers into a physical location such as retail store, restaurant, or movie theater
** Cracking the Code Creating an authentic and resonating brand experience for a specific niche audience such as millennials, women, minorities, etc.
Data-Inspired Creative Leveraging data to inspire a visually compelling creative concept, execution, and delivery
Direct Response and Lead Generation Driving direct response or generating prospective customers to meet brand goals
** Internet of Things Building brands through connected physical devices or objects, including wearables, in-home, in-car, etc.
** Live Experience Integration Aligning a digital brand experience with a live event or vice versa
** Physical-Digital Integration Creating an immersive brand experience that marries the physical and digital worlds
Multicultural Creating unique marketing that engages a sub-group of a larger population in a way that plays on cultural context or heritage
Omni-Channel Storytelling/Cross-Media Integration Creating and delivering compelling, complete, and cohesive brand storytelling across multiple screens and platforms by tailoring each piece of content/creative to the appropriate platform or channel
Product Launch Introducing consumers to a new product or service
Public Service Inspiring altruism or changing behaviors through pro bono work on behalf of a non-profit or government agency
** Social – Community Building Utilizing social platforms to build or foster a community on behalf of a brand
** Social – Influencer Marketing Engaging a specific audience by partnering with a celebrity, social ambassador, or social influencer
** Social – Real-Time Engagement Capitalizing on a current event or cultural moment to promote a brand

Brand Tactics and Tools

A digital execution that contributes to a marketing goal.

Category Description
Branded Site An online destination or microsite that provides an exceptional user experience and communicates key brand attributes or values
Creative Optimization Ad Technology Using data to transform brand assets or creative into personalized messages that target the right audience at the right time
Digital Audio Marketing that primarily utilizes digital audio to deliver a brand messaging experience in a streaming or downloadable format
Display Ad An online display ad that delivers an exceptional level of consumer engagement


Geo-Targeting/Local Marketing that utilizes geo-targeting or geo-aware technology to leverage location to drive consumer and brand connections
Interactive Out-of-Home Marketing that leverages digital billboards, posters, interactive screens, or installations for reaching consumers when they are in public or commercial locations
Mobile – Branded App A standalone branded app that advances brand goals by reaching consumers in a mobile environment
Mobile – Branded Games Advertising or marketing functioning primarily through, or in, a mobile game environment, including branded games and dynamic in-game executions
Mobile – Branded Site A mobile brand destination or microsite that provides an exceptional user experience and communicates key brand attributes or values
Mobile – Display Ad A mobile display ad that delivers an exceptional level of consumer engagement
Native Marketing that’s assimilated into the design of a page and/or is consistent with platform’s format
Search An exemplary use of search marketing tactics
Video – Online Commercial A commercial created with the intent of leveraging digital platforms (e.g., social, mobile, etc.) or the unique capabilities of an interactive environment to increase reach and/or enhance a brand experience. Can include pre-, mid-, and post-roll delivery
Video – Interactive Video Ad An ad that appears within video content and enables consumer to interact or control a brand experience
** Virtual and Augmented Reality Marketing that leverages computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment or situation or layers computer-generated enhancements on top of an existing reality to create an immersive and/or interactive brand experience.

Judging the IAB MIXX Awards

The coveted global IAB MIXX Awards are judged by an independent panel of highly acclaimed thought leaders in the advertising ecosystem—advertising agency executives who create campaigns for the world’s most powerful brands, marketers with direct control over many of the largest advertising budgets in the world and major media company leaders.

Intense scrutiny during the judging process ensures that winning submissions reflect the industry’s best work and reward the creatives and brands successfully using innovation to push interactive to new levels. Two phases of judging by renowned industry leaders means that winning an IAB MIXX Award is one of the most sought-after honors in interactive advertising.

Phase One: Screening

The IAB MIXX Awards screening committee—comprised of senior marketing and media professionals—individually evaluates and scores each submission. Every entry is evaluated by multiple committee members to ensure an accurate, thorough review. The five entries with the highest scores become the finalists for each category. Finalists will be notified by mid-August.

2016 IAB MIXX Awards Screening Committee

Paul Abad – Director Digital, GroupM
Bill Abel – VP Interactive Dev, Luckie & Co.
Maite Albuquerque – Senior Designer, 72 and Sunny
Paul Alfieri – Senior Vice President, Marketing, Turn Inc.
Matt Anderson – Senior Social Strategist, Richards/Lerma
Kelly Andresen – Vice President, Head of Branded Content , Gannett
Ben Applebaum – Executive Creative Director, Colangelo
Stevie Archer – Associate Creative Director, McKinney
Joe Barone – Managing Partner, Digital Operations, GroupM Connect
Bex Bartolo Wicks – Planning Director, Iris Worldwide
Pilar Belhumeur – Partner, Executive Creative Director, Greater Than One
Jose Benitez – Senior Copywriter, Dieste
Dan Bensman – Associate Creative Director, Wunderman
Dave Berlin – Director, Digital Business Development, BP/Castrol
Brian Bernstein – VP, Digital Strategy, McCann
Sydnee Bush – Social Strategist, Richards/Lerma
Philip Byrne – President/Creative Director, Soubriet Byrne & Associates
Janice Byron – Creative Lead, Yahoo
Angela C Kinsella – Vice President, Sales + Operations, Demand Media
Matt Calabrese – Art Director, 360i
Francisco Cardenas – Director of Digital Strategy, Richards/Lerma
Chris Cardillo – Strategist, M&C Saatchi Mobile
Matthew Carey – Creative Director/Writer, 72andSunny
Alejandro Castro – Senior Copywriter, 360i
Sam Cerullo – Group Creative Director, Leo Burnett Canada
Denis Chamas – Digital Marketing Services Coordinator, Unilever
Federico Churio – Latin America Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo
Tiffany Collins – Corporate Communications, OpenX
Blathnaid Conroy – Art Director, Soubriet Byrne
Alison Coppock – Marketing Campaign Manager, NA Advertising and Marketing Services, Lenovo
Danny Cordella – Senior Copywriter, Creative, Digitas
Neil Cox – Senior Producer, McKinney
Sean Crawford – Chief Media Officer, RockYou!
Matthew Curry – Group Creative Director, 72andSunny
Rawie Curtis – Senior Technology Director, Digital Advertising, R/GA
Danielle Dailey – Associate Creative Director, SapientNitro
Briggs Davidson – Director, Analytics, Grey
Robert John Davis – Executive Director, Content Marketing Practice/Advanced Video Practice, OgilvyOne
Pat Degliuomini – Director, Ad Solutions and Promotions, Sony
Mac Delaney – Head of Programmatic, Merkle
Wei Wei Dong – Creative Director/Designer, 72andSunny
Chris Dumas – Senior Art Director, 360i
Meredith Ebel – Senior Strategist,
Carla Eboli – Chief Marketing Officer, Dieste Inc.
Robert Estrada – VP, Digital Lead, BBDO
Sabine Feldmann – Executive Vice President, Sales, Guardian US
CJ Franzitta – Group Planning Director, McKinney
Lisa Freitag – Director, Sales Development & Planning, BabyCenter
Xavier Gallego – Creative Director, Experience Design, R/GA
Robert Gibbs – SVP, Global Digital Director, Starcom
James Gilbert – Director of Content, Campbell Soup Co.
Shira Gordon – Creative Director, ADX, Amazon
Janna Greenberg – VP, Strategy, Havas Media
Jill Griffin – Hughes – Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Content Solutions, MediaVest | Spark
Anne Hallock – SVP, Global Marketing, The Trade Desk
Steve Haroutunian – V.P. Director of Digital Creative Production, Mullen
Marc Hartzman – Executive Creative Director, kbs+
Mona Hasan – Associate Creative Director, CP+B
Nikki Hawke – Vice President, Marketing, The Exchange Lab
Jesse Hein – Manager, Media Technology, Publicis Health Media
Fernando Hernandez – Group Creative Head, Leo Burnett Canada
Stephanie Hing – Campaign Planning and Delivery Manager, Lenovo
Christopher Howell – Associate Director, Digital, BPN
Sarah Jennings – Director, Ad Innovation, AOL Platforms
Nathaniel Jones – Creative Director, DraftFCB Chicago, FCB
Lijo Joseph – Senior Director, Performance Media, Beeby Clark + Meyler
Jae Sung Jung – Art Director, kbs+
Matt Kaplan – VP, Sales, Daily
Chuck Killorin – Interactive Creative Director, Millennium Communications
Rainbow Kirby – Director, Event Marketing & Communications, Clear Channel Outdoor
Lindsay Kirkman – Project Manager, Worldwide Web Campaigns, Online Web Marketing, Lenovo
Amy Kopp – VP of Consumer Products Programs, MODE Media
Paul Kruger – Creative Director, Della Femina / Rothschild / Jeary & Partners
Beth Kushner – Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy
Seth Ladetsky – Senior Vice President, Sales / Turner Sports, Turner Broadcasting System
Zac Lambert – Communications Manager, Internal Communications, Internal and Executive Communications, Lenovo
Fanny Lau Lawren – CEO, NYZ USA
Gian LaVecchia – VP, Client Strategy & Development, Verve Mobile
Beth Lawrence – EVP Digital Ad Sales, Scripps Networks Interactive
Helen Lin – President, Digital Investment & Partnerships, Zenith Media
Zheng Lin – Associate Director, OMD
Andrew Lindsay – Vice President, Creative Technology, Conversant Media
Josh London – Chief Marketing Officer, IDG, IDG Communications
Ewa Lonska – Associate Creative Director, Cramer-Krasselt
Eric Looney – Executive Creative Director, VML
Brenda Magnetti – Vice President, Insight & Strategy, The Integer Group
Carissa Mak – Sr Digital Art Director, Connelly Partners
Jeff Malmad – Head of Mobile and Life+, Mindshare
Sarah Mandato – Director, Nativo Content Labs, Nativo
Monya Mandich – Senior Director, Marketing, Expedia Media Solutions
Tammy Manganello – Vice President, Director, Digitas Health
Mike Margolin – VP Interactive Mktg Dir, RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates)
Chanel Marks – Senior Strategic Account Manager, Electronic Arts
Jackie McAllister – VP of Brand Marketing, Marriott
Alec McCrindle – Creative Director, Studio, Yahoo!
Kevin McGaw – VP, Ad Sales Marketing, A+E Networks
Beth McKnight – Digital Team Manager, McKinney
Abby Mehta – SVP, Brand, Product & Marketing Communications Insights, Bank of America
Raúl Mendez – Associate Creative Director, Dieste
Sean Merriweather – Director, Marketing, The Weather Company
Landy Millan – Creative Director, Wunderman
Zach Moore – Creative Lead, Brand Rich Media, Tapjoy
Laurel Muir – Managing Director Account Services, Sterling-Rice Group
Dan Murphy – Senior Vice President, Interactive Research & Analytics, Univision Communications Inc.
Kevin Murray – Senior Account Planner, McKinney
Scott Navarro – Agency Lead, AOL
Priyanka Nayak – Director, WW Brand Strategy and Content, Lenovo US
Kym Nelson – SVP Sales, Twitch
Jackie Niblock – Director, Digital Media, Lewis Media Partners
Chris Northam – Executive Creative Director, R/GA
Brett Nyquist – Design Director, Vibrant Media
Shane O’Brien – Graphic Design Professional, Web Launch Content, Lenovo
Jim O’Donnell – Vice President, West Coast Sales, Hulu
Sarah O’Grady – Senior Manager, WW Brand Content, Content Strategy and Planning, Lenovo
James O’Neill – Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Assembly
Olivia Oshry – Principal Marketing Manager, Partnerships, AOL
Irene Palen – Senior Marketing Communications, Verizon
Lauren Parkos – Technologist, Big Spaceship
Jeff Parrish – Sr Director, Global Creative, TubeMogul
Ayush Patel – Marketing Manager, WW Consumer Brand Strategy and Content, Lenovo
Mit Patel – Senior Manager, Video Product Marketing, WebMD
Jimmy Patel-Nguyen – Social Media Specialist, McKinney
Julia Pawling – Senior Specialist, Global Brand Marketing, AIG
Chrissy Perez-O’Rourke – Senior Account Director, Big Spaceship
Marino Puhaj – Freelance Creative Director,
Eduardo Quadra – Associate Creative Director, Visual Design, R/GA
Matthew Ramella – VP Digital, UM
Marc Ramsey – Creative Director, Tapad
Bennie Reed – Director of Digital Strategy, Richards/Lerma
Rafael Richards – Digital Strategy/Social Media Strategist, Richards/Lerma
Dan Richardson – Partner, Director, Mindshare
Danielle Rourke – Director, Business Marketing, North America, Spotify
Matthew Sandercock – Program Manager, Consumer Digitization, GE Appliances
David Sanderson – VP, Creative Strategy & Operations, Tapad
Brad Santeler – Sr. Director, Marketing Management & Capability Building, Abbot
April Schiffman – Sr Dir, Digital Global Ad Operations,
Marla Schimke – Vice President, Marketing, ZUMOBI
Leslie Seifer – Senior Creative Director, Tremor Video
Benji Shaw – Copywriter, 360i
Alissa Sheely – Business Development Director, McKinney
Sarah Shriver – VP Digital Media Ad Sales, A+E Networks
Denna Singleton – Director, Global Digital, Elizabeth Arden
Julie Smith – User Experience Designer, Wunderman
Kyle Snarr – Brand Communication , Flipboard
Kellie Spratt – Associate Director, Strategy & Digital Investment-, Initiative
Cas Stillwell – Director of Analytics & Ad Tech, Noble People
Annie Sullivan – Marketing Art Director, Smithsonian Media Group
Katie Swicegood – Associate Media Director, McKinney
Jen Taylor – Director, Digital Audience Development, A+E Networks
Ryan Tetuan – Head of Creative Agency Solutions, Media Platforms, Google
Andrea Thompson – Vice President, Creative Director, McCann Erickson
Corel Thuema – Creative Director, 360i
Ly Tran – Digital Marketing Director, Proof Advertising
Will Tran – Senior Writer, 72andSunny
A’ngelique Tyree – Digital Marketing Manager, Hearst Corporation
David Urbano – Consultant, The Vidal Partnership
Jessie Van Arman – Trade Marketing & Events, Quantcast
Michael Villasenor – Creative Director, Ad Innovation and Experience + Advertising, The New York Times Company
Khaner Walker – Director Global Internal Communications, World Wide Communications, Lenovo
Rich Walker – VP, Tech and Activation Group, Mediavest|Spark
Joe Waz – Senior Counselor, Creative Content Protection, NBCUniversal
Rick Weir – Senior Director, B2B Marketing, Yahoo
Tony Whiteside – Creative Director, Ogilvy
Fletcher Whitwell – VP Media & Digital Activation, R&R Partners
Esmee Williams – Vice President, Brand Marketing,
Caroline Wilson – Senior Director, Content Strategy, Initiative
Paul Wood – Associate Creative Director, Copywriting, R/GA
Meredith Worsham – Director of Communications,
Omar Yousif – Creative Director, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations
Kristen Yraola – VP, Digital Marketing, Christie’s
Derek Zabbia – VP of National Markets, YP
Gustavo Zapata – Head of Art, Dieste
Holly Zhang – Marketing Operations Program Manager, Lenovo

Phase Two: Jury Sequestering

An independent panel of highly acclaimed representatives of the entire interactive advertising ecosystem—advertising agency experts, brand marketers, and major media company executives—convene in New York for sequestering and a day of intense debate with the goal of selecting the most creative and successful interactive work and to determine the Best in Show. These winners are announced and honored at the IAB MIXX Awards on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in New York City.

The 2016 IAB MIXX Awards Judging Panel includes:

Jack Bamberger — Senior Vice President, Global Head of Agency Development, AOL
Maryam Banikarim — Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyatt Hotel Corporation
Jeff Benjamin — Founder, Disco
Lincoln Bjorkman — Global Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman
Brad Brinegar — Chairman & CEO, McKinney
Pat Connolly — SVP, Head of Strategy, 23 Stories x Condé Nast
Vida Cornelious — Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Walton Isaacson
Scott Donaton — Chief Content Officer, DigitasLBi
Sebastian Garin — Executive Creative Director, Grupo Gallegos
Andy Goldberg — Chief Creative Officer, GE
Richard Guest — President, North America, Tribal Worldwide
Jack Haber — Vice President, Global Advertising & Digital, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Judy John — CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Canada
Kim Kadlec — President, Global Network Clients, Publicis Groupe
Brian King — Global Officer, Marriott Signature Brands & Global Sales, Marriott International
Laurie Koehler — Former Brand Experience Director, Intel Corporation
Nick Law — Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA
Pete Lerma — Founder and Principal, Richards/Lerma
Pierre Lipton — Chief Creative Officer, 360i
Alex Lord — Vice President, Global Ad Creative Technology Group, Yahoo
Tom Markham — Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director, BBDO NY
Jonathan Mildenhall — Chief Marketing Officer, Airbnb
Matt Murphy — Partner, Executive Creative Director, 72andSunny
Lou Paskalis — Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Executive , Bank of America
Suzie Reider — Managing Director, Brand Solutions, Google~YouTube
Erik Rogstad — Managing Director, AKQA
David Roman — Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Lenovo
Rosemarie Ryan — Co-Founder, Co-CEO, co:collective
Ciro Sarmiento — Chief Creative Officer, Dieste
Derek Scott — Creative Lead, Facebook Creative Shop
Shiv Singh — Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital and Marketing Transformation, Visa
Joyce King Thomas — Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, McCann XBC
Debbi Vandeven — Global Chief Creative Officer, VML
Steve Wax — Partner, Chief Narratologist , The Cooke Wax Partnership

Jury Chair

Partner, Executive Creative Director

Matt pushes the creative limits of 72andSunny by helping lead the company’s commitment to experimentation with art, technology, and entertainment. He’s a born tinkerer, always looking for new ways to connect the dots and create opportunities across all of 72andSunny’s brands. Since joining in 2009, Matt has been a driving force behind some of 72andSunny’s most standout work, including an iconic partnership with K-Swiss, HBO and Funny or Die that promoted Kenny Powers from “Eastbound and Down” to “MFCEO” of K-Swiss. He’s led the creative charge on all Google projects, including a campaign for Google’s Search App with site-specific, scavenger-hunt-like OOH placements in the city; Made with Code: Holiday Lights, which rallied millions of girls to code holiday trees on the White House’s lawn; and Lightsaber Escape, a dual-screen adventure that turned users’ phones into lightsabers, made in partnership with Star Wars. In his spare time, he’s been known to start various street art and/or guerrilla performance art projects—but that’s a conversation for another time.

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Agency Development

Jack joined AOL in November 2012.  As SVP, Global Head of Agency Development, Jack lead’s AOL’s Global Agency Development team which drives AOL’s strategic initiatives with the global agency holding companies and their agencies with the purpose of creating innovative content, technology and media solutions across multiple platforms to drive business results for the agencies, their clients and AOL.  He also drives AOL’s industry relationships with the 4A’s, IAB, The One Club and ANA, and plays a leadership role with AOL’s Digital Content NewFronts.

A recognized leader in the media industry, Jack brings to AOL more than 30-years of digital and traditional media experience from holding senior leadership roles on both the media/technology owner and agency side of the business.  Jack joined AOL from MEC, division of WPP/GroupM, where he was President, Digital for North America, responsible for the agency’s offerings across digital, social, search, mobile and emerging platforms.  Before that, he was at Dentsu America, division of Dentsu Inc., as Chief Consumer Engagement Officer, where he established the agency’s US digital and social media practice.

Prior to joining WPP and Dentsu, he held senior leadership roles at two social media companies, appssavvy and Katalyst.  He was the Chief Client Officer at appssavvy, a company that created award-winning, custom branded digital experiences within some of the world’s largest social applications.  At Katalyst, a social media studio founded by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, Jack was the company’s Executive Vice President leading business development and account management, creating successful and award-winning social media strategies, social programming experiences, and social networks for brands including Kellogg’s, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Nestle, Microsoft, Burt’s Bees, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and more. While Jack was at Katalyst, the company was selected by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing, as well as honored by Advertising Age in 2010 as a Digital A-List winner for its work for Mountain Dew/”DEWmocracy”.

Jack’s vast experience also includes serving Meredith Corporation in a number of senior leadership positions, including Chief Innovation Officer of Meredith 360 and Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, where he led the respective groups in working with the companies largest advertisers to drive revenue by building large-scale integrated advertising and marketing campaigns leveraging the entire portfolio of assets of the corporation.  Among Jack’s numerous achievements at Meredith, he was named to the 2008 Mediaweek 50 as one of the most indispensable executives shaping the future of media and was also named to the 2008 FOLIO 40, an annual list of magazine industry influencers and innovators.

Previously, Jack held senior leadership positions at Gruner + Jahr USA, and Time Warner, where he spent nearly a decade in senior sales and marketing roles at The Parenting Group and Sports Illustrated. He began his career in the media department at the full-service advertising agency SSC&B:LINTAS Worldwide.

Jack graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and is based in New York City.

Global Chief Marketing Officer
Hyatt Hotel Corporation

Maryam Banikarim is the global Chief Marketing Officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. She is responsible for bringing the company’s brands and experiences to life while facilitating innovation around the guest experience and driving growth. Widely known for her boundless curiosity, ability to build dynamic teams and forge partnerships, Maryam applies her entrepreneurial talents to drive change.

Most recently she was the first Chief Marketing Officer at the Gannett Company, responsible for national sales, company-wide marketing, communications and research. Prior to Gannett, she was senior vice president at NBC Universal and chief marketing officer for Univision Communications, Inc. Before that, Maryam founded a strategy firm, consulting for such clients as Deutsche Bank, Bacardi and Time-Warner. She also worked at Turner Broadcasting, MacMillan Publishing, and was a lead team member for the launch of CitySearch, an early Internet start-up.

Maryam began her career in account management at Young & Rubicam. Maryam earned both her MBA and Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University, and received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College, where she was a Harry S. Truman scholar.

Maryam resides in Chicago with her husband, two teenage children and their dog Charlie


Ready to take on the challenge of re-engineering the advertising agency, Jeff left the world of established agencies to start up a creative venture of his own. Challenging the way people think about advertising and the way brands approach marketing – through participation, entertainment, and culture. For the last three years, Jeff led a reinvention at JWT. As their Chief Creative Officer for North America, he took one of the oldest and largest agencies in the world and helped it to rediscover its pioneering soul. Attracting creative talent and winning brands like Puma, Nokia, Google Enterprise, and Vonage. Jeff joined JWT from Crispin Porter + Bogusky where he was a Partner and Co-Chief Creative Officer. In 2003 he joined CP+B as their first Interactive Creative Director and helped grow the agency by creating some of the most provocative and effective ideas in the world. During Jeff’s career at CP+B they were named Interactive Agency of the Year three times at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, and Agency of the Decade by Advertising Age.

Prior to CP+B, Jeff worked at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; and began his career at Modem Media, specializing in GIF banner optimization. The work Jeff has created for brands such as Burger King, MINI, Volkswagen, Domino’s Pizza, Macy’s, Hewlett- Packard, Band-Aid, Best Buy, and American Express are among the most successful marketing campaigns of all time. Jeff’s work has been recognized by every major industry award show, winning multiple Titanium and Grand Prix Lions at Cannes, Best of Shows at the One Show, Grand Clios, and Grand Effie. In 2010, he received the Irving Wunderman Award for Lifetime Achievement, and later that year was honored by the One Club for two of the five best interactive ideas of the decade. His work has been profiled in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, New York Times, Economist, and Fast Company. Jeff has appeared in the ‘Creativity 50’ and sits on the Facebook Creative Council, IAB Agency Advisory, and Clear Channel Agency Advisory Council.

During his free time, he competes nationally in yogic flying high jump competitions.

Global Chief Creative Officer

As Wunderman’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Lincoln is responsible for Wunderman’s global creative strategy and managing the creative process across the agency’s 150+ offices in 60 countries.

Lincoln leads over 2000 creatives representing the diverse spectrum of disciplines, channels and craft skills required to manifest Wunderman’s “Creatively Driven. Data Inspired.” mantra.  Global teams are cast from this brilliant talent pool to drive breakthrough creative work for local and global clients that include Coca-Cola, Microsoft, T-Mobile, United, Best Buy, Shell, Telefonica, SAB Miller, News International and GSK.

Lincoln has won multiple Cannes Lions (including Cannes Lion Gran Prix awards), Effie, CLIO, iAB Mixx, One Show, D&AD, NY Festivals, Webby awards and had his work featured in Communications Arts. He and his teams also won the coveted Cannes Effectiveness Lion for American Express OPEN “Small Business Saturday” along with the inaugural Facebook Studio award.

Lincoln has judged multiple EFFIE, iAB Mix, ADDY and Shorty awards and sits on creative advisory boards for iAB, iHeart Media and the Ad Council.  He shares a U.S. Patent for digital UX work developed on behalf of American Express. In 2012, Business Insider named him one of the 25 Most Creative People in Advertising.

Chairman & CEO

Brad joined McKinney in 2002 to build what Effie Worldwide has called “the most effective independent advertising agency in the world” and Advertising Age early on called “uniquely suited to survive – and thrive – in a digital age.”

Brad is on the board of directors of the 4As and was founding chairman of the IAB Agency Advisory Board.  He has served as a Grand Effie jury judge and as jury chairman for the IAB MIXX Awards. Under his leadership, McKinney has twice been awarded best of show at the MIXX Awards, and ranks 7th out of the 289 Effie-Winning agencies since the agency began entering in 2003.

Over two decades prior to joining McKinney, Brad rose from trainee to CEO of Leo Burnett USA.  He has an AB in anthropology from Dartmouth, where he rowed varsity crew and edited the college’s humor magazine. He earned an MBA in finance from Columbia.

SVP, Head of Strategy
23 Stories x Condé Nast

As the SVP, Head of Strategy for 23 Stories, the branded content studio at Condé Nast, Pat Connolly oversees the strategy and activation groups, charged with concepting and executing branded content programs, by leveraging the extensive content creation and distribution resources inside the Condé Nast brand portfolio.

Prior to joining Condé Nast, Pat was a Senior Vice President, Group Director Media & Marketing at Digitas, leading the Global Advertising business for Delta Air Lines and the Kraft Foods CRM media relationship. Mr. Connolly was also the North American media lead for the Digitas Mobile practice, leading key partnerships with platforms and vendors including DoubleClick, Google and Millennial Media.

Connolly was awarded the 2014 IAB Service Excellence award, and was named one of Ad Age’s “40 under 40” in 2013. Pat holds a B.A. degree in English Literature from the University at Buffalo and his Master’s in Marketing Communications from The Florida State University.

Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer
Walton Isaacson

As EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Vida Cornelious is currently leading the creative evolution of diverse market agency, Walton Isaacson. Since joining the firm in April 2015, her leadership has led the team to several new business wins, creating significant incremental agency billings and PR opportunities. As a result, she is rebuilding the creative philosophy to reaffirm the agency’s mantra of delivering “Innovation through Diversity of Ideas.”

Prior to joining WI, she led the creative evolution of GlobalHue as EVP, Chief Creative Officer. In 2009 she landed the Jeep U.S. Advertising account and winning the coveted SUV account, was the primary catalyst that turned the veteran multicultural shop, into a total market creative powerhouse. From 2009-2015, she led all Jeep national advertising efforts, contributing to the brand being named “the #1 selling SUV, Most Patriotic, and Most Awarded.”

Notable creative achievements for Ms. Cornelious include two acclaimed Super Bowl spots–Jeep brand, “Whole Again” featuring Oprah Winfrey, and Chrysler brand, “America’s Import” featuring Bob Dylan. Both landed top slots on the USA Today Ad Meter poll and each garnered over 15million YouTube views each. Additionally, “Whole Again” generated over $500k in donations to the USO via a successful social media effort in support of the U.S. Armed Services. “America’s Import” launched the campaign for the new Chrysler 300 and was recognized at Cannes.

But her reputation for winning doesn’t stop there. Her 20-year career includes time spent at DDB as a VP, Creative Director and creating award-winning work for McDonald’s, Dell Computers, JcPenny, State Farm, Qwest, Budweiser, US Bank, HBO, NBA, Microsoft, United Airlines, Coca-Cola and Verizon.

Her work has been recognized and awarded at Cannes International Advertising Festival, Chicago Creative Club, London International Awards, The Effie’s, Summit international Awards, Addy,’s Communication Arts, Graphis and Luerzer’s Archive. She has garnered accolades for her creativity as well as for generating marketing results, thus her creative work and career have been featured in noted media outlets; Time Magazine, Advertising Age, AdWeek, Shoot, Communication Arts, The Huffington Post, The Wall St. Journal, Diversity in Business, Black Enterprise and Essence Magazine.

Giving generously of her time, she is a sought-after award show juror, panelist and speaker. She enjoys lecturing and providing thought leadership at Universities and for Advertising conferences nationwide.

Chief Content Officer

Scott Donaton is an award-winning content strategist & producer who connects brands to the power of storytelling & entertainment through the creation of original content for TV, digital video, mobile, music, social media, film and publishing.

Before joining DigitasLBi, Donaton served as Global Chief Content Officer at Interpublic Group’s UM and head of UM Studios. There, he accessed the creative thinking, production expertise and distribution muscle of the world’s leading writers, directors, producers, talent agencies, studios and networks. Donaton lead a global team of 100 content specialists.

Donaton has served as an executive producer of such high-profile content projects as:

  • “Always Open,” a web series for Denny’s that features such stars as Jason Bateman and Sarah Silverman. “Always Open” won a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.
  • “Driving on Ice,” a 2014 NBC documentary produced for BMW that tells the story of the U.S. Olympic team’s 78-year quest for gold in two-man bobsled. “Driving on Ice” was a finalist at the Cannes Festival and the One Show.
  • “Style Stage,” a documentary for Garnier Fructis that celebrates how music & style trends influence each other and pop culture.
  • “Alter/Egos,” an original TV series that profiles the weekend personalities of people best known for their days jobs, including David Yurman and Kevin Bacon.

Donaton, who coined the phrase “Madison & Vine” and wrote a book by that name on the convergence of entertainment and marketing, is widely considered a pioneer in the space and an expert on brands, content, entertainment and media.

Donaton “has the uncanny ability to anticipate the next thing,” said Media Industry Newsletter in naming him one of the “21 Most Intriguing People in Media.” He was named to the Folio 40 and inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement. Donaton is a guest writer for such publications as Fast Company & Ad Age, and frequent speaker at industry events. In 2013, Donaton served as president of the Branded Content & Entertainment jury at the prestigious Cannes Festival of Creativity.

Donaton founded Ensemble, an Interpublic Group content studio, where he served as CEO from 2009 till 2013, when he merged Ensemble into UM to form UM Studios.

Prior to joining Interpublic, Donaton served as publisher of Entertainment Weekly. Before that, he was at Advertising Age, where he served as its high-profile editor for more than a decade before becoming publisher. Donaton oversaw Ad Age’s extension into digital media, the expansion of its conference business and the growth of its global presence, including in China.

Executive Creative Director
Grupo Gallegos

Sebastian is a 43-­‐year-­‐old global ad man with over half of his life dedicated to creating ideas.

During the last 20 years he has worked with the several of the most recognizable agencies in the Western Hemisphere, including Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Ponce Buenos Aires, Grey and Leo Bernett Mexico.

Among countless achievements, he transformed Grey into one of the most creative shops in the world, earning 1st place in Grey’s Global Creative Council Ranking in 2010. The agency even received 5th place at the Iberoamerican Creative Ranking “Crema”. Additionally, Sebastian went on to position Grey as an important player at the Cannes Lions Festival, wining 21 Lions, including the first Cyber Lion in Argentinean advertising history.

Now, he can be found soaking up the sun in Huntington Beach, California at Grupo Gallegos. As an Executive Creative Director he now leads creative for JCPenney, Foster Farms and California Milk Processor.

Dedicated to the work, Sebastian is highly motivated by simplicity and effective.

Chief Creative Officer

As the lead creative at GE, Andy is responsible for pushing one of the world’s most storied corporations to restlessly reinvent its world-famous brand.

Named as one of Advertising Age’s “Creativity 50” for 2014, Andy drives development of GE brand strategy, creative, experiential and media planning. He has overseen a diverse slate of projects, from Emmy- nominated campaigns such as “Childlike Imagination”, which envisioned GE through the eyes of a child, to “Terry Quattro,” an over-the- top infomercial featuring Jeff Goldblum that launched GE’s transformational connected light bulb. Andy has also been instrumental in shaping the narrative around the Industrial Internet, GE’s leading initiative to invent and connect the next industrial era.

Andy started his career at GE in 2010 as the Director of Creative Content for GE brand marketing before becoming Global Creative Director in 2012. He also heads GE’s Creative Lab, which leads breakthrough storytelling, global advertising and content creation. He joined GE after working at creative and advertising agencies including Margeotes|Fertitta+Partners, BBH and Wieden+Kennedy, where he ran Nike’s Brand Jordan.

Andy graduated from Leigh University and currently lives in Weston, CT with his wife and two children.

President, North America
Tribal Worldwide

Rich is currently President of Tribal Worldwide’s North American operations.

Tribal is a digitally centric, global advertising agency. In the North America, Tribal’s clients include 3 Musketeers, Advil, Advil PM, Caltrate, Canadian Tire, Centrum, Ciba Vision, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Eukanuba, ExxonMobil, General Mills, IAMs, McDonald’s, Quaker, Robitussin, Royal Canin, and Thermacare.

Prior to his current role, Rich worked in various agency management roles at Tribal including serving as President, U.S. Operations.  Previously, he was responsible for managing the Agency’s award winning, New York Office. In that capacity he oversaw the Office’s 85+ employees who, at that time, worked with clients including Diageo, Johnson & Johnson, H&R Block, Merck, NBCUniversal, Novartis AG, Philips, & Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Rich’s tenure with Tribal New York saw the office more than double in size while its work was recognized by every major advertising industry award show.

Rich also spent several years at Tribal’s Chicago Office working in a variety of client service, new business development, and digital marketing strategy roles. He managed agency relationships with clients including Dell, LensCrafters, Ronald McDonald House Charities & Universal Studios. During this time he helped McDonald’s to craft their first In Video Game Marketing Strategy and negotiate relationships with Electronic Arts and Activision, which saw the McDonald’s products placed in The Sims, The Sims Online & other major video game titles.

Rich has also worked at DDB Chicago, J. Walter Thompson (Detroit) & comScore Networks.

He has been awarded an M.B.A from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.A. with Honors from Indiana University Bloomington in addition to completing the senior management, graduate, & post graduate programs at Omnicom University.

Vice President, Global Advertising & Digital
Colgate-Palmolive Company

Jack Haber is Vice President, Global Advertising and Digital for Colgate-Palmolive, responsible for leading Colgate’s integrated marketing communications around the world.

Jack joined Colgate in Corporate New Ventures and Acquisitions. He then progressed through marketing positions in the US and Europe and in Global Marketing, where he led the development and worldwide launch of Colgate, which is now the Company’s best-selling toothpaste globally.

In 1999, Jack became Vice President – eBusiness, where he led Colgate’s efforts in using the internet to drive business results, connect with consumers and expand the use of internet technologies.  He was promoted to his current role in 2008. Prior to joining Colgate, Jack spent six years in advertising, working at FCB and at Ted Bates, where he worked as a media planner on Colgate toothpaste.

Jack has received various marketing leadership awards including Brandweek Marketer of the Year, Advertising Age’s top 100, Edison New Product Award, Internationalist Marketing Leaders Award, Media Technology Summit Digital Leadership Award and the Global Digital Marketing Award from the UJA of New York. Jack is on the Boards of the ANA and the Mobile Marketing Association.

CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Leo Burnett Canada

Judy began her career as a copywriter, honing her craft at agencies ranging from small independent shops to large multinationals to running her own company. She joined Leo Burnett Toronto in 1999, as Chief Creative Officer and in 2011 added the CEO title. Judy sits on the Leo Burnett Worldwide Creative Council.

Under her direction, Leo Burnett Toronto has been recognized nationally and globally, winning at virtually every show. Highlights include: the first-ever Digital Black Pencil at D&AD in 2006 and the most awarded billboard campaign in the world in 2009. In 2015, she won a second Black Pencil at D&AD, Titanium, Grand Prix and Glass Lion at Cannes, the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial and Always #LikeaAGirl was named by CBS as one of the top three Super Bowl Commercials of all time. The Gunn Report ranked Leo Burnett Toronto, the #1 Agency in Canada and #5 in the world in 2015.

In Advertising Age’s Awards Report 2015, Judy ranked the #1 CCO in the world. Business Insider ranked Judy #8 in their 30 Most Creative People in Advertising. She was also named to Advertising Age’s Creativity50 2014: The Most Creative People of the Year. Along the way, she’s judged top international awards shows including chairing the juries at Cannes, The Clios and ADC.

Everything from Judy’s work ethic to her management style, she learned from years of waiting tables and packing take-out orders at her parents’ restaurant.

President, Global Network Clients
Publicis Groupe

Focused on delivering integrated solutions to global clients, Kim Kadlec who is based in New York City, leads collaboration across all of Publicis Groupe’s capabilities and talent, incorporating creative, digital, media, commerce, and consulting. Previously, Kim led SMG’s Global Network Client (GNC) practice, in which she expertly created seamless global connectivity for multi-market clients, ensuring leadership, strategy, top-to-top connections and greater consistency throughout the Americas. Kim’s experience extends far and vast across publisher, client and agency roles. At AOL, as Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, she led relationships with large-scale digital, content, and technology organizations. Prior to AOL, Kim led the Global Marketing Group at Johnson & Johnson, where over the course of eight years she had growing responsibility in global brand architecture, marketing communications, business model development, and investment strategy across multiple sectors. Earlier in her career, Kim held marketing roles at NBC Universal, and News Corporation and began her career on the agency side at Backer & Spielvogel.

Global Officer, Marriott Signature Brands & Global Sales
Marriott International

Brian King serves in dual capacity as the Global Brand Officer for Marriott Signature Brands & Global Sales Officer at Marriott International. In this role, Brian has overall responsibility for brand positioning, long range strategy, marketing communications, product and service development for the diverse portfolio of brand’s carrying the Marriott name. In addition, he is responsible for providing strategic leadership and management oversight to Marriott’s Global Sales Organization (GSO). This worldwide global accounts organization builds strategic, business to business relationships with Tier-1 multi-national corporations, national associations, and third party travel intermediaries.

Joining Marriott in 1993, Brian has held multiple positions across the company in both the market and headquarters roles, including in Brand Management, Revenue Management, Reservations, Operations and Sales and Marketing. Previously, he held Operations Management positions for the Six Flags Corporation, and held multiple positions with Allen & O’Hara, LLC’s hospitality management division. Brian has been a distinguished speaker and panelist at many industry conferences and summits and has been a featured contributor for high-profile media publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine.

Brian has a B.A. in Communications from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee WI, where we was recently awarded Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement.  He has completed executive education courses at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the School of Hotel Management at Cornell University.

Former Brand Experience Director
Intel Corporation

Laurie is the former Consumer Campaigns Manager for the Americas Marketing Group at Intel. With 25+ years of marketing experience, Laurie has worked on both business-to-business and consumer campaigns. From industry leading corporations like Tektronix, Nike, and Intel…to boutique companies in the fields of coffee roasters, healthcare and software services, her #1 goal is to consistently break boundaries and break through with never-been-done-before campaigns. Whether delivering campaigns for retail, product launches, event activations, media, or online executions, it’s always about focusing on the customer. In addition to creating award winning marketing programs on-the-job, Laurie is an Adjunct Marketing Professor at George Fox University teaching Principles of Marketing, Business Management, and Consumer Engagement/Social Networking, as well as teaching graduate and MBA classes.

Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer

As Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer, Nick guides R/GA’s strategic and creative vision. He partners with the agency’s senior clients to ensure that R/GA’s wide range of capabilities – business consulting, product and service design, and communications – are equally grounded in creativity, strategy, and technology.

Nick leads an increasingly diverse group of creatives including designers, copywriters, interaction designers, and creative technologists. From these disciplines, he curates and choreographs teams that collaborate on a variety of work, from mobile applications to TV spots and everything in between.

Since joining R/GA in 2001, Nick has worked with clients such as Nike, Beats by Dre, Samsung, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Google. During his tenure, R/GA has become one of the most awarded agencies in the world, winning every major creative accolade, including four Cannes Lion Grand Prix awards, a D&AD Black Pencil, and a GRANDY; and Adweek named R/GA Digital Agency of the Decade and Nike+ as Campaign of the Decade.

For over a decade, Nick has led the development of many of R/GA’s most innovative projects, including Nike+ Running, Nike+ FuelBand, and Beats Music for Beats by Dre. He has also sponsored the creation of cutting-edge R/GA capabilities such as the Prototype Studio and the hugely successful R/GA Accelerator.

Nick has been on every major award show jury (including being named Jury President for the Cannes Innovation Lions) and has twice been named in the Creativity 50, a list of the world’s most influential creative people. He is recognized as an industry thought leader and has been published globally.

Beginning his career as a designer in Sydney, Nick continued as an advertising art director in London, and transitioned to digital in the late ’90s after moving to New York. His range of experience across marketing disciplines and geographies is an important asset for R/GA as the agency broadens its offerings and opens offices all over the world.

Founder and Principal

Pete Lerma’s career started at a small agency, where he gained experience in all disciplines of marketing communications. While at the agency, Pete was fortunate to have the opportunity to lead accounts like Coca-Cola, Subway and Whataburger.

Pete joined Click Here, The Richards Group’s interactive marketing division, in 1998. As Principal for the agency, Pete managed the online advertising and marketing for high profile brands like Amstel Light, Fruit of the Loom, Hyundai and Patron tequila, as well as the world’s online travel leader,

Under Pete’s leadership, the digital group won numerous awards for both strategy and creative. This includes being recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Media Magazine, AD:Tech, The One Club, Graphis and Communication Arts.

Being a second-generation Mexican, Pete had always had a yearning to raise the bar on Hispanic marketing. Having spent the last 11 years in one of the best agencies in America. Pete and Stan Richards decided to launch Richards/Lerma in 2008. Pete is now taking the approaches he’s learned and applying them to more relevantly connect brands to their Hispanic consumers. In that capacity, Pete leads a team of 90 seasoned Hispanic marketing experts that make up Richards/Lerma with offices in Dallas, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

A few of the brands he manages include: Dr Pepper, MetroPCS, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Trucks , The Home Depot and Anheuser-Busch.

In his spare time, Pete enjoys music, wakeboarding and spending time with his wife, Amy and their kids, Trent, Christian and Allie.

Chief Creative Officer

Pierre Lipton is Chief Creative Officer at 360i. He has more than a decade of experience developing award-winning campaigns that have been recognized at major award shows and across a wide range of categories—from digital to social to experiential to television and radio. He has sat on multiple juries, including the 2015 Cannes Mobile jury and the 2013 One Show jury. Since joining 360i, he’s built up the agency’s reputation as a creative force, working with leading clients like Coca-Cola, Mondelēz, Toyota and HBO, to put digital at the center of driving bold new work and ideas.

Pierre was previously CCO and Founding Partner of M&C Saatchi New York, which he joined as employee #2. There he oversaw the agency’s creative department and worked on brands including Birchbox, Ballantine’s, Global Functional Drinks and Heritage of Pride. Prior, he was ECD at AKQA, working with Google, Jordan, Visa and more. He has also held positions at BBDO, Fallon and TBWA, where he helped launch the “In an Absolut World” campaign for Absolut Vodka.

Pierre’s work has won numerous awards in the major shows and across categories including a Gold Cannes Lion for HBO Big Love “Secrets.” He is a widely respected industry through leader who has served on multiple juries and regularly provides expert commentary to industry trades like Advertising Age and Adweek.

Pierre has had an unusual path to become Chief Creative Officer at 360i. He was a literature major at McGill and has a master’s in acting – he was the first person accepted into the Actor’s Studio MFA program as made famous by James Lipton (no relation). He held a variety of jobs – everything from managing restaurants to real estate, acting, and even selling death and dismemberment insurance – all before landing in advertising. His first print ad even got into The One Show! Pierre lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and their two children.

Vice President, Global Ad Creative Technology Group

Alex began his career as a Interactive designer working on early HTML and Flash websites such as the award winning “010101: Art in Technological Times”. In 2002, Alex joined Yahoo! as part of its Homepage Advertising product group as a Art Director working with Fortune 500 companies to develop the next generation advertising products. Over the years Alex has evolved his role at Yahoo! to include global teams encompassing a variety of technical/creative advertising groups.

In his current role, Alex oversees the Global Ad Creative Tech team responsible for Creative Production, Design/Creative Services, Technical Operations, Engineering and Sales Engineering teams designing and executing advertising across PC, Tablet, Mobile, Video and Native. As part of this role, he is continuously looking at new market innovations for implementation opportunities across Yahoo! global properties.

Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director

Tom Markham got his first modem in 1992 and after downloading a tiny, pixellated image of naked Anna Nicole Smith over four hours he found himself completely smitten. Less with Anna, more with the internet that delivered her. So he spent the next 24 years exploring the internet at increasingly fast speeds, in increasingly large cities, until finding himself as the executive creative director at BBDO New York. Along the way he’s had the fortune to work on award-winning campaigns for the likes of Kraft, Microsoft, Mars, Unilever and Visa.

Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan started his career as a graduate trainee in 1990 at McCann-Erickson (an agency he will be forever grateful to for the “wild card” bet they made on him). Over the next 15 years Jonathan rose rapidly through the ranks of the London Ad industry working at some of the world’s most respected creatively-driven agencies including BBH, Lowe Howard Spink, Howell Henry, TBWA and Mother. During this time he also worked on some of the world’s most compelling brands including Audi, Smirnoff, Alfred Dunhill, General Motvors, Guinness and Playstation.

In 2005 Jonathan spent the summer at Harvard Business School on the Advanced Management Program—an experience that was the turning point in his professional trajectory.

In 2006 Jonathan joined The Coca-Cola Company as VP, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative. In 2007 Jonathan lead the introduction of Coca-Cola’s global marketing platform “Open Happiness,” an initiative that helped contribute to the most profitable growth period in 20 years, helping increase Coke’s share price from $29 to $81. Furthermore, the ‘Open Happiness’ plat- form went on to become Coke’s most awarded marketing platform in history and helped snare the prestigious accolade of 2013’s Creative Marketer Of The Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity. This was a career highlight for Jonathan.

In 2014 Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, called Jonathan and asked him to dinner. A one hour dinner turned into two hours, then three hours, at which point Jonathan was sold on Brian’s vision to propel Airbnb into the world’s first community-driven SuperBrand.

Jonathan joined Airbnb in June 2014. He says he has never worked harder, never worked smarter, never felt more creative in his life. He says, “Airbnb has literally taken twenty years off me– I feel as energized and excited about the work that I do as I did in my late twenties.” My job is to create the preeminent 21st Century SuperBrandMarketing organization. I have no idea how I will do it. But that’s really the best part about it. We get to invent a whole new playbook.”

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Media Executive
Bank of America

Before joining Bank of America, Lou Paskalis served as the Vice President of Global Media, Content Development and Mobile Marketing for American Express.  In that role, he was responsible for driving cross channel communications innovation and engagement for the American Express brand and core US product portfolios within the company’s overall suite of offerings.  He recently led communications planning for Small Business Saturday, a groundbreaking philanthropic campaign that created the first-ever holiday dedicated to supporting small businesses which was just awarded the Grand CLIO in the “Content and Contact” category.”  “Small Business Saturday” also won the CLIO Special Award for Facebook Integrated Media and the Gold CLIO for Interactive/Social Media.

Lou has been an innovator in the media, consumer promotions and sponsorship world for more than fifteen years.  He began his professional career at the E. & J. Gallo Winery where he ultimately was responsible for crafting and implementing the US media and promotions strategy for the world’s largest winery.  Lou developed strategic partnerships with FOX, CBS, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Campbell Soup Co. and many others designed to drive demand for E. & J. Gallo Brands. He built a game changing strategic partnership with the NFL to introduce meaningful wine brand presence in stadiums throughout the league and effective point of purchase promotional programs that successfully leveraged the NFL association for key brands.

Shortly after his arrival at American Express, Lou led a cross-functional team that crafted a strategic partnership with NBC News that lead to the creation of “Your Business” a weekly news program that serves the small business community and airs weekly on MSNBC.  Lou also led the team that developed American Express’ Syndicated Content Player and first ever content management system which was recognized for its digital advertising innovation with several MIXX awards in 2009.

Managing Director, Brand Solutions

Suzie was hired as the CMO of YouTube in summer of 2006 and prior to that served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Games and Entertainment Division of CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive). Before joining CNET Networks, Suzie spent 14 years with Ziff-Davis Publishing.

In her nine + years at Google Suzie has run the YouTube sales organization, launched the BrandLab and launched Google’s Brandcast, now in its 5th year. Today, Suzie leads team at Google focused on all things Brand Solutions. Her focus (and passion) is all things digital video and the evolving implications for brands as they connect with the people who buy/fall in love with/rent/use/watch/ etc. their products and services.

Suzie is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont. A native of Cambridge MA, she lives in San Francisco with her husband and two teenage daughters. Among other things… she has been one of MediaWeek’s People to Watch, a “Working Mother of the year”, and a board member of the San Francisco Film Society.

Managing Director

As Managing Director at AKQA, Erik oversees all client relations, operations, delivery and business development for AKQA’s Washington DC and Atlanta offices.

Erik joined AKQA in 2000 and has held positions as both Director of Content and Director of Client Services utilizing his knowledge of user experience development, copywriting and account management. Under his leadership, AKQA DC and Atlanta have developed industry-changing solutions for brands to connect with their customers, such as the Cannes-winning Fly Delta suite of mobile appsfor Delta Air Lines, and WWF Together for the World Wildlife Fund which won a coveted Apple Design Award. Other notable work includes the Virtual Box Simulator for the US Postal Service, Volkswagen’s Real Racing GTI, the first ever mobile- only car campaign, and several flagship launches for triple-A video game titles like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and Skylanders.

Erik is a notable leader in the digital industry, having served on the DC Ad Club board for four years and creating the “Best of DC” marketing series. Erik has guest lectured at American University, University of Maryland and George Washington University, and he’s served on countless panels and award show juries.

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

David Roman is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lenovo responsible for driving all marketing activities for the global PC+ technology corporation.

Prior to joining Lenovo, David was vice president of worldwide marketing communications for HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG), responsible for driving advertising, media relations and marketing services. He was responsible for HP’s award winning “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign.

Before HP, David was vice president of Corporate and International Marketing at NVIDIA. He also held a number of different marketing leadership roles at Apple Computer in Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. His last Apple role was vice president of worldwide advertising and brand marketing.

David graduated in Architecture and Industrial design from the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) after starting his architectural studies at the Polytechnic of Torino (Italy). He also pursued executive MBA studies at INSEAD in Paris.

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Rosemarie is a renowned leader, brand builder and rabble-rouser in the marketing industry.

She began her career in account planning and was among the first wave of Brits to import the Account Planning discipline to the United States at Chiat Day. As president of K&B, she took it from a 30-person boutique to a 400-person strong award-winning agency. She then took on the mantle of leading the 125 year-old JWT into the 21st century. In her tenure she restructured the workplace, the teams and creative product, and doubled the profits of the agency. Not satisfied with reinventing an agency, she decided it was time to reinvent the industry.

In September of 2010, Rosemarie, along with her creative partner Ty Montague, left JWT and founded co:collective. The collective is comprised of three companies. co:, a strategy and innovation company that works with leadership teams to conceive and execute innovation in the customer experience using a proprietary methodology calledStoryDoing©. The Pub, a creator publishing agency that helps brands publish with purpose ( Doable, an innovation platform that enables companies to engage their employees to create and collaborate on ideas that align with their quest.

co:collective has been engaged by Google, YouTube, Charles Schwab Foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, E! Entertainment, Wells Fargo, The Museum of Modern Art, Infiniti, Microsoft, Macy’s, Providence Health & Services, Timberland, and GE among others.

In September 2012, Rosemarie was named as one of the ‘100 most influential Women in Advertising, by Advertising Age.

Chief Creative Officer

It takes time to master the correct pronunciation of his name—ask any Starbucks employee, ever. But, with vast experience in the Latin American, US multicultural and general market, Ciro became one of the most influential creative minds in our business. His strategic thinking has appointed him major roles in front of top-profile brands, and his work has been recognized in Cannes, Clio, Effie, One Show and Latin American award shows throughout the years.

Ciro began his career at Ogilvy & Mather Colombia and was considered one of the best creative directors in the country. In 2008 he moved back to the United States to work at LatinWorks (Austin, TX) as a Creative Director for Domino’s, Anheuser Busch, Lowe’s and Mars. In 2012, he moved to Leo Burnett in Chicago to work as a Creative Director for Procter & Gamble and Kellogg’s Multicultural. It took him two years in the Pole of Cold to realize his heart and mind were still in Texas, and in summer of 2013 he joined Dieste as Executive Creative Director in charge of all the agency’s clients. Considered as “One Latin creative you should know in the U.S.” by Digiday, Ciro and his team recently won the first 2 Cannes Lions for Dieste in 20 years and the first two Clios in the agency’s history. He is happily married and when he is not thinking about advertising, Ciro (or Sir-oh or See-row or Zero) is thinking of ways to get his children into advertising. So far, so good: D

Creative Lead
Facebook Creative Shop

For over a decade Derek has partnered with brands to push their creative into fresh and innovative territory. With a background in design and technology he works closely with product development teams to showcase the creative potential of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus.

Specializing in CPG and Automotive industries, Derek both produces and co-develops work that test new creative technologies and proves out data-driven insights. He’s shipped a few ‘firsts’, lectures around the world, and has been recognized as an innovator and industry leader.

Prior to joining the Creative Shop team at Facebook, Derek was a GCD at Organic, Inc. and lead creative teams for Hasbro, P&G, and Specialized Bicycles.

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital and Marketing Transformation

Shiv is a recognized marketer who helps brands transform with the rise of digital. At Visa he is the SVP Global Head of Digital and Marketing Transformation. He is responsible for global digital and marketing transformation across all external stakeholders from consumers and merchants to financial institutions and technology partners. This includes driving the Visa marketing digital transformation including the re-imagination of the consumer decision journey, the transformation of, the relaunch of the global Visa employee engagement platform, global capabilities and training, global media strategic partnerships and marketing innovation. Reporting directly to the EVP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Visa Inc. this role also includes guiding and supporting major Visa clients around the future of marketing. In his prior role at Visa he was responsible for defining and launching the new Visa brand strategy and platform globally.

Shiv has been recognized by Ad Age as a Media Maven and has been featured on the publication’s cover. More recently he was recognized by Adweek as a Top 50 Marketer (no. 11). The award winning work done by his teams and him have been recognized by leading industry and consumer publications from Fortune Magazine and Adweek to Forbes and The Harvard Business Review. He is also author of the book, “Social Media Marketing for Dummies” and has written for the Harvard Business Review online, Ad Age magazine, Newsweek and other publications.

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer
McCann XBC

Joyce King Thomas is Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of McCannXBC, a unit of McCann focused on leading all of MasterCard’s global marketing efforts, from advertising to digital and events.

Joyce is best known as the writer behind MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign, which runs in 100 countries and has been spoofed by everyone from Ralph Nader to Bart Simpson. During a 17-year tenure that saw her rise to Chief Creative Officer of McCann Erickson NY, the NY agency won over a billion dollars in new business from brands like the US Army, Verizon, Nikon and Weight Watchers. She led the creation of iconic ideas, such as the Staples Easy Button campaign,which went beyond an ad campaign to become Staples’ best -selling product.

During a two year hiatus from McCann, Joyce became a partner at Longreads, at twitter fueled social reading site that New York Magazine called “highbrow and brilliant.” She also joined the board of the Nurse Family Partnership, a group that teaches parenting skills to young mothers living in poverty.

Joyce has won numerous awards and served as a judge in the industry’s most prestigious award shows, including Cannes, the One Show and the Clios. She has spoken at numerous industry events, and was commencement speaker at the University of Missouri Journalism School, the renowned journalism school from which she graduated. In 2012, Advertising Age named Joyce one of the 100 most influential women in advertising.

Global Chief Creative Officer

Debbi Vandeven is the global chief creative officer at VML, a leading global marketing agency recently named to the 2016 Ad Age Agency A-List. Throughout her career at VML, Debbi has continually fostered a collaborative creative environment that delivers smart and innovative solutions to clients around the world.

Debbi’s creative philosophy is to focus on the idea, rather than a specific channel, and she encourages teams to approach any project from this perspective. It’s this approach that’s at the heart of VML’s mission to move brands forward by inspiring a human connection.

Since joining VML in 2000, she has led creative engagements for global brands such as Colgate-Palmolive, Dell, Ford, Gatorade, Kellogg, MasterCard, PepsiCo, QuikTrip, Sprint and Wendy’s.

Her creative leadership has enabled VML to become one of the top global agencies, with 26 offices on six continents and 2,500 employees worldwide.

Debbi has served on international award show juries, including ANDY Awards, Art Directors Club, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, CLIO Awards, IAB MIXX Awards, Loeries, New York Festivals and One Show Interactive.

VML’s creative teams have earned recognition from top international shows, including ANDY Awards, Art Directors Club, Cannes Lions, CLIO Awards, Effie Awards, Facebook Awards, London International Awards, New York Festivals, One Show, Spikes Asia, Tomorrow Awards and Webby Awards.

Her achievements include being recognized in Advertising Age’s Women to Watch 2014. Debbi is a strong supporter of initiatives advancing women in creative leadership and mentoring talent to help women develop the interpersonal skills it takes to succeed in today’s industry.

Partner, Chief Narratologist
The Cooke Wax Partnership

Steve Wax attended Reed College and the UCLA Film School; he received one of the first American Institute short film grants, was a member of the landmark San Francisco film collective, Cine Manifest.

Steve was also a founding board member of the Independent Feature Project. In the first phase of his career, he produced a number of independent feature films.

Steve founded Chelsea Pictures in 1987; Chelsea pioneered the use of feature and documentary directors in commercial production.

Under Chelsea’s banner Wax produced the feature film Unmade Beds. He also exec-produced the Oscar Nominated short film, Killing Joe, and the Emmy-nominated documentary Following Sean.

In 2000 Steve began working with two of the Blair Witch filmmakers, forming Campfire, the narrative ad agency. Campfire’s marketing projects include brand clients such as GM, Verizon, Dr Pepper/Snapple, Harley-Davidson, and many entertainment brands, including the launch of True Blood and Game of Thrones. Campfire is now a division of Sapient Nitro and the Publicis Groupe.

Steve is now a partner at The Cooke Wax Partnership, a three year old agency that combines brand strategy with progressive marketing. Cooke Wax’s clients have included IMAX, United Way of NYC, Libertine drinks and TmaxSoft. He’s also a member of the Agency Advisory Board of the Interactive Agency Bureau, and a longstanding board member of Issue Project Room, the landmark experimental theater in Brooklyn.


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